The Almighty Dragon General chapter 6999-6700

The Almighty Dragon General chapter 6999-6700-“This Taiyi is Qingxu’s backer.” Gu Shen said coldly: “Without her protection, we Tao Emperors would have torn Qingxu into pieces long ago. How could we allow him to bring harm to all the heavens and worlds? Show off your power in the forty-ninth heaven?”

    Gu Shen’s words immediately resonated with the crowd.

    The Taoist Emperor of Shengyue frowned: “One pole, two Yi, three grain gods, four tai, five chu and six vowels, seven o’clock, eight virtues and nine spaces, ten directions and directions of creation.” “

    Originally, according to the ranking of the top powerhouses in the acquired world, Qingxu couldn’t even get into the top fifty. Only because he married a good wife, he was able to rise through the ranks and become one of the seven masters of the world.” “

    Yes.” Emperor Chongde also said with emotion: “The cultivation level of hundreds of millions of years is not as good as someone else’s rhetoric. He got the position of Dao Emperor by relying on nepotism. On the contrary, it puts us Qi Transformation Dao Emperors to shame.” After hearing these

    words, Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes slightly He raised his eyes and said, “One pole, two gods, and three valleys. I know who it is, but what about the one behind it?”

    Several great gods looked at each other, and then it was Shengyue Dao Emperor who opened his mouth to explain.

    “The Six Vowels of the Four Tai, Five Chu and Sixth Vowels refer to the Taiyue Emperor who created the source of all spirits, the Innate Taichu Great God who created the forty-nine heavens, and the Haotian Vowels Great God who created the sounds of the acquired world.”

    “The Seven Hours and Eight Virtues .” The Nine Spaces refer to the three great gods who created time, morality and space. They are the great god of time, Zhong Miao, the great god of morals, the great god of justice, and the great god of space, vastness.”

    “As for the ten-fate orientation creation god, they also refer to the creation of destiny. Direction, the three great gods of creation, namely Su Lun, the great god of destiny, Xiangju, the great god of orientation, and Yu, the great god of creation.”

    After hearing this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but take a breath of air.

    These remarks also solved his long-standing confusion. The world is so colorful the day after tomorrow, and one must trace it back to its origins.

    Now, all spirits, realms of heaven, sounds, time, morality, space, destiny and even creation have their roots.

    With spirit and earth, sound and time, morality and space laws, theory of destiny, and the power of creation, nature can gradually evolve into a colorful acquired world.

    From the nothingness of Taiyi and Taishi, to the crossing of the two realms of nothingness and existence in Taishi, to the consolidation of existence in Taisu, and even the innate Taiji derivation of the two yin and yang, heaven and earth began to exist, and then all spirits were born, and the rich world gradually formed.

    Seeing Jiang Chen’s sudden enlightenment, Shengyue Dao Emperor felt a little satisfied in his heart. It seemed to be saying – no matter how powerful Jiang Chen is, no matter how high your cultivation level is, you are just a newcomer on the road to enlightenment. Compared with my extensive knowledge, you are still far behind.

    But at this time, Taichu suddenly said: “We should focus on the Great God of Vowels here. Without her, there would be no sound in the world, and there would be no conversation, let alone the sound of all spirits. “

    Hearing this, Jiang Chen said slowly: “The founder of sound has made great contributions and deserves to be praised and worshiped by all worlds. Otherwise, you and I would have to use writing and hand gestures to communicate, which would be more terrifying than being deaf and mute.

    ” When the scene came out, the gods on the scene burst into laughter at the same time, which also relieved the awkward tension.

    After a while, Taichu said with a smile: “Actually, ranking the Great Yuanyin in sixth place is a huge underestimate of her strength and status. She should be above me, and even above Emperor Taiyue.”

    As he said, She looked at the gods: “Everyone, please think about it. We can live without the realm of the heavens and the source of all spirits, but we cannot live without sound.”

    “The biggest difference between our acquired world and the innate world is the creation of shapes and sounds. In this regard, the contribution of the great vowel god to the acquired world cannot be overestimated.” “Don’t talk nonsense.

    ” Gu The god said word by word: “If you don’t want to say it, let me say it. With the power of the Great God of Vowels, I should be ranked among the top three in the world, and I am just a vain name.” As soon as

    these words came out, all the gods on the scene At the same time, he was startled.

    Gu Shen has also learned to be humble. It seems that he was beaten by Jiang Chen, and he really no longer has the arrogance and condescension of the past.

    “I’m telling the truth.” Gu Shen sighed and said: “Wuji Dao created the acquired world, and created the human form as the spirit of Dao. Based on the forty-nine Dao theory, the fiftieth Dao theory was opened, ranking first The first is understandable.”

    “Tai Yi is derived from the Wuji Dao, and is the greatest god in the acquired world. He is the first among all the gods, and it is natural to be ranked second.” “

    On the contrary, I, the God of Grain, although I am a branch of the Wuji Dao, He has not made any contribution to the heavens and the world. Instead, he has entrusted the world to the hands of the treacherous gods, causing the gods to suffer and cannot be punished.”

    At this point, he saw that no one expressed their stance, so he spoke again.

    “The Great God of Vowels is ranked third, which

    is understandable.” “You are so humble.” Jiang Chen said with a smile: “You are in charge of the affairs of all heavens and worlds for the Wuji Dao. You are the spokesperson of the Wuji Dao, similar to the prime minister of us humans. But the position is high and powerful.”

    These words were full of teasing, which made Gu Shen a little angry.

    So, he smiled and said: “Little friend Jiang, do you know the origin of this vowel, as well as the past and present life?”

    Jiang Chen shouted: “I’m all ears!”

    Gu Shen seemed to have regained a little face, and then smiled slightly and said: ” Yuan Yin is the unfertilized spirit in human form derived from the Taichu period after the birth of Taiyi. She is also the only daughter after her human form.” After

    making a sound, Jiang Chen exclaimed: “In other words, she is pregnant without a man. So the vowels were born.”

    As soon as these words came out, Gushen was stunned.

    The other Zhushen looked at each other in embarrassment.

    “Why, am I wrong?” Jiang Chen frowned.

    “Yes, you are both right.” Chu Chu called Jiang Chen and said angrily: “You are a pervert who thinks about making babies all day long, but our Qi transformed spirits can still have children without men.”

    Jiang Chen was startled and raised his head . When he started to look at Chu Chu, he found that his wife gave him a big look.

    After coughing twice, Shengyue Dao Emperor suddenly took over the words: “The Supreme Creature Emperor is right. At least in the terms of you creatures, it is true that pregnancy occurs without a male spirit.” After

    a snort, Jiang Chen curled his lips. : “Is there anything hard to say about this? Don’t you think any of you are married or in love?”

    As he said, he pointed to Taichu: “Great God Taichu, aren’t you and Er Yue…”

    “The Supreme Emperor of Creatures. Taichu suddenly said with a red face: “We are talking about business.”

    Jiang Chen spread his hands with an innocent look on his face.

    When a man loves a woman, what can’t be said?

    Each and every one of them has taken on a human form, and they have also learned the seven emotions and six desires of human beings, and they are still hiding them here, as if they cannot be said to be taboo, which is simply hypocritical.

    After a while of embarrassment, Chu Chu suddenly looked at Gushen.

    “Is this vowel also the wife of Mr. Qingxu?”

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