The Almighty Dragon General chapter 6993-6994

The Almighty Dragon General chapter 6993-6994-At the entrance of the main hall, Jiang Chen slowly walked in with four powerful men: Zhong Ling, Lin Xiao, Leng Huan and Demon God.

    The difference is that both Demon God and Zhong Ling wore black gauze hats.

    One of them is Daofu Shenglingge, the leader of the nine creation gods of nothingness, and the other is the terrifying demon god who once slaughtered all gods.

    Zhong Ling hid his true identity in order to avoid the Valley God, while the Demon God hid his true identity in order not to cause too much of a sensation, and became the target of public criticism even before the fight started.

    Of course, there were ten thousand unwillingnesses in their hearts, but because Jiang Chen personally arranged it, they had to comply.

    But even so, Jiang Chen and his group caused quite a stir when they stepped into the hall.

    Especially the Taoist kings and war saints who were clamoring to fight and kill just now were all watching with eager eyes, wishing to eat Jiang Chen and the others alive.

    The aloof superiority and arrogance of the Qi Transformation Spirit filled the scene.

    Feeling this scene, Jiang Chen smiled calmly with his hands behind his back, leading his subordinates to step onto the red carpet and walk towards the jade platform step by step.

    However, just as they took a few steps, they were suddenly pressured by multiple powerful auras from the left and right sides, which were getting stronger and stronger.

    Jiang Chen’s strength was terrifying, and he had the nameless aura and the Three Flowers Gathering to protect his body, so he didn’t feel anything at all.

    But behind him, Lin Xiao, Leng Huan, Zhong Ling and Demon God could really feel the malice and obstruction, so they slowed down their pace, and also expanded their momentum, colliding with them.

    In an instant, in the originally quiet Ceres God Temple, various objects, even pillars and roofs, began to rattle under the momentum of the strong collision, and the sounds became more and more violent, and eventually the entire Ceres God Temple was shaken. Trembling violently.

    But at this moment, the God of Grain, who was standing on the jade platform, was watching everything indifferently with his hands behind his back.

    He also wanted to kill Jiang Chen’s arrogance, maybe gain some more status and dignity for the Qi Transformation Spirit.

    However, he couldn’t openly quarrel with Jiang Chen directly, especially now that he had several Dao Kings and War Saints under his command do it for him.

    Gradually, several Dao Kings and War Saints discovered that showing off their momentum would not make Jiang Chen and others look embarrassed or defeated.

    Therefore, the previous red-bearded Taoist king first sacrificed a pagoda and directly launched a Qi level attack.

    In an instant, purple-gold light flashed, and tens of thousands of pagodas suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Chen and others, and then manifested into tens of thousands of transcendent powerful men holding various weapons, rushing towards Jiang Chen and others with an overwhelming force. Come.

    Seeing this scene, the Demon God was about to counterattack, but was stopped by Jiang Chen with a wave of his hand.

    At the same time, a stream of nameless energy was shot out from the waving hand, instantly forming a huge transparent energy shield that enveloped Lin Xiao, Leng Huan, Demon God and Zhong Ling.

    The next second, countless transcendental strong men swarmed in front of them, and they collided with the transparent air shield. They were immediately absorbed and backfired, and they all let out painful wails.

    Seeing this scene, the red-bearded Dao King was shocked: “Let’s take action together.”

    As he spoke, he flipped his palms, and thousands of palm prints shot straight into the air shield formed by Jiang Chen from the void.

    At the same time, several Dao Kings and War Saints around them also started fighting together, using various magical powers and launching ferocious attacks on Jiang Chen’s air shield.

    Seeing that the suppressed momentum was released in secret, and now the siege was launched with real swords and guns, Fu Yu, who was standing behind Gu Shen, hurriedly came up.

    “Master, this…”

    “Don’t worry about it.” Gu Shenxu narrowed his eyes and sneered: “If Jiang Chen can’t even pass their level, how can he convince our huge Qi Spirit?”

    Hearing this, Fu Yu took a breath of air.

    Several Dao Kings and War Saints attack with all their strength at the same time. Their power and danger are greater than those of three Dao Emperors attacking at the same time. I am afraid that even the cultivation strength of Qingxu and Master will be difficult to resist. Jiang Chen and several creatures, really Can you pass the test?

    Just when he was stunned, several Taoist kings and war saints who were besieging Jiang Chen and others below the jade platform rose into the air at the same time, forming a black and white air mass formation in the void, spinning rapidly, and once again attacked Jiang Chen. Chen’s air shield launched a more rapid and terrifying series of attacks.

    In an instant, the entire Ceres God Temple was shaken, Qi levels were flying around, all kinds of sword Qi, fist shadows, palm prints, magic weapons and swords and guns were flying everywhere. The Taoist king and the war saints seemed to be fighting to the death.

    Looking at Jiang Chen and others in the air shield, they seemed not to be affected at all and arrived at the foot of the jade platform calmly and calmly.

    Several Taoist kings and war saints joined forces to besiege him, and used their magical powers to do their best, but they were unable to hurt him at all, and even the air shield was not broken.

    This is not prowess, it is self-inflicted, and it is also a great shame and humiliation.

    Seeing this, Fuyu couldn’t help it anymore and shouted loudly: “Dear Taoist kings and warrior saints, this is Master’s Qingxiu dojo. It’s not a battlefield for you to fight bravely. Why don’t you stop?” Unfortunately, there was

    no such thing. People listen to him.

    The Tao Kings and War Saints became angrier the more they attacked, and the more they attacked, the more deeply offended and humiliated they felt. Therefore, they became angry and used their last special skills one after another.

    “Ten thousand feet silver light bell!”

    “Tianri Drunken Singing Bowl!”

    “Purple Lightning Soul-destroying

    Sword!” “Wuyi Destroying Divine Sword!”

    “Brilliant Dragon Demon-Slaying Blade!”


    accompanied by the Tao King and the War Saints. With a terrifying blow, the nameless energy shield that Jiang Chen wrapped around his subordinates was suddenly hit by various magic weapons, lightsabers, sound waves, and sword lights from all directions at the same time.

    In an instant, there was a violent rumbling explosion, and the moment the shock wave collided with the air shield, it suddenly exploded.

    Seeing that something was not going well, Ceres God immediately turned his palms, and a terrifying purple-gold light completely enveloped the Ceres God Temple.

    The next second, a powerful shock wave spread rapidly, so that all the pillars, objects, and even treasures in the Ceres Temple were shattered.

    Facing the spreading terrifying shock wave, Fu Yu and Fu Piao used light shields to protect themselves.

    When the powerful and terrifying shock wave spread to the purple-gold energy barrier laid by Ceres God, there was an endless stream of explosions again.

    For a long time, the entire scene was quiet. The expected ruins did not appear, and even the top of the Ceres Temple was not destroyed or collapsed.

    But after the smoke and dust passed, the Dao King and War Saints in the void kept looking down at Jiang Chen and others, and found that the air shields surrounding them were still there, and each of them suddenly seemed to have been struck by a soul attack.

    “This, how is this possible?” The red-bearded Taoist king suddenly shouted angrily: “Even Qingxu may not be able to catch the full blow of the several of us. Illusion, this must be an illusion.”

    Several other Taoist kings He Zhansheng also looked angry, obviously very dissatisfied with the result.

    “Your three-axe game is over.” Jiang Chen said calmly: “Now it’s my people’s turn to show off their power, right?”

    Upon hearing this, Gu Shen immediately dodged and appeared in front of Jiang Chen, and immediately bowed and handed over his hand. .

    “Little friend Jiang, my subordinates are ignorant and always want to compete with a strong person like you. I hope you’ll forgive me and don’t be as knowledgeable as them.”

    After hearing this, Jiang Chen stared at him and smiled without saying a word.

    But behind Jiang Chen, Leng Huan immediately stood up: “Senior Gushen, we have always respected your prestige and virtue, but we didn’t expect you to be no different from old Qingxu?” “

    That’s right.” Lin Xiao also snorted coldly. Then he said: “What they called sparring just now, they obviously wanted to fight to the death.”

    “Since we want to fight, we will accompany you to the end.” The Demon God suddenly pulled off his black gauze hat and shouted loudly: “Grandpa, I have been impatient for a long time. .”

    As soon as the Demon God appeared, not only the Dao Kings and War Saints in the void showed fear, but even the God of Grain suddenly showed a look of shock.

    Fuyu and Fupiao, who were on the jade platform, changed their expressions at this moment, as if they were facing a formidable enemy.

    “Gushen, did you hear what my brothers said?” Jiang Chen stared at Gushen with a smile and said, “Your subordinates like to compete, and my brothers also like it.” “

    Since it’s your business and mine. Son, let them just go and mess around?”

    Gushen twitched his cheeks and was about to speak when Jiang Chen shouted loudly.

    “Leng Huan, seniors Lin Xiao, you and Brother Demon, please discuss whether to fight alone or to deal with it together, it’s up to you!” As soon as

    these words came out, all the gods on the scene were startled at the same time.

    Immediately afterwards, Leng Huan, Lin Xiao and the Demon God immediately rose into the sky and immediately released their murderous aura, covering the entire Ceres God Temple.

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