The Almighty Dragon General chapter 6991-6992

The Almighty Dragon General chapter 6991-6992-The world of Ceres Daoyuan, inside the Ceres Temple.

    The God of Ceres paced back and forth on the high jade platform with his hands behind his back.

    Standing beside him were his most caring confidants, including Fu Piao, Fufeng and Fu Yu, as well as Cai Yi.

    On the left and right sides below the jade platform, there were several recalled Dao Kings and War Saints standing respectively.

    Only half of the original Nine Avenue Kings and Seven War Saints are left, which also shows that the vitality of the Gushen sect has been severely damaged.

    However, at this moment, the God of Ceres remained silent, and all the God-killers present could only stare. Even though they desperately wanted to know the answer to the truce, they still did not dare to offend.

    After a while, Gushen suddenly turned around and asked, “Fuyu, haven’t they arrived yet?”

    Fuyu was stunned for a moment, then shook his head.

    He is one of the insiders, and he also understands what the Gushen lineage has encountered and what they will face.

    “Master.” Fufeng suddenly stood up and shouted: “Why should we give that lowly creature so much respect? Who is he? How dare he…” Before he could

    finish his words, he was immediately pulled away by Fupiao next to him. live.

    But Gushen slowly turned around with a cold expression.

    Facing this sharp look, Fufeng twitched his cheeks: “Master, we are originally…”


    There was a sudden crisp sound, and Gu Shen flicked his hand, and an illusory slap in the face directly knocked the armrest to the ground.

    “Come here.” Gu Shen suddenly shouted: “Open the God-killing platform, pull down this traitor and kill him.”

    As soon as these words came out, Fu Piao and Fu Yu were so frightened that they fell to their knees with a pop.

    Fu Piao: “Master, the third junior brother has an impatient temper and speaks uncontrollably. Please spare him once.” “

    Master.” Fu Yu also spoke hastily: “The third junior brother has always had this temper. You must not… “

    You two are still begging for mercy for him.” Ceres God yelled angrily: “But do you know that just because of his bad mouth, our Ceres God lineage is likely to bleed into a river, or even cease to exist?” “

    After hearing this, Fu Yu and Fu Piao were startled at the same time.

    Immediately afterwards, Fu Feng slowly got up from the ground, staring at Gushen with blood oozing from the corner of his mouth.

    “Master, with your majesty and prestige, we Qi Transformed Spirits don’t need to negotiate any terms with these humble creatures, let alone respect him as the chosen son.” “

    Anyway, all the forces in the forty-ninth level are now We have already broken up with each other. At worst, we will form our own and all go to Dao Training Mountain. When the Wuji Dao returns, that will be the end of them…”


    Before he could finish his words, a sword flashed by Gushen, piercing through his body, and his golden body suddenly collapsed and exploded.

    Seeing this scene, not only the kneeling Fuyu and Fupiao looked shocked, but also the Taoist kings and war saints on the left and right below were also shocked at the same time.

    A mouthful of blood spurted out. Fufeng looked at the big blood hole on his body with disbelief, and then stared at Gushen in even more disbelief.

    With a flash of his body, Gu Shen was instantly close to Fufeng, with a flash of extreme pain and reluctance on his face.

    Then, he leaned close to Fufeng’s ear and spoke softly.

    “Fufeng, you are too childish, and your mouth is too troublesome. No wonder Master is cruel and ruthless. You should go and be reincarnated first.” “Don’t

    worry, we will one day turn around again, and you will definitely be able to see it, but now, Your blood must be used to make my Gushen lineage bear the humiliation and stick to the path of Wuji.”

    After saying that, he didn’t wait for Fufeng to speak, and slapped his palm again. Fufeng exploded in response, and blood and flesh flew everywhere.

    “Fu Feng!!” Fu Yu shouted in pain.

    Fu Piao burst into tears.

    The Dao King and War Saints below were also completely frightened by this scene.

    Because they all knew that among the Gushen lineage, the Taoist leader’s favorite was this third disciple, Fufeng.

    But now, just because Fufeng said a few words, he was killed by the Taoist leader himself. What happened? Why can’t we mention those lowly creatures?

    Looking at the blood mist in the sky, Gu Shen clenched his fists, and when he turned around, his expression changed again.

    “You all must remember to be polite to all living beings, especially Jiang Chen, the Lord of All Worlds. You must obey my words.” “You must

    always understand that he is not only the Lord of All Worlds, but also the Lord of All Worlds. The son of Daoxuan of all realms is an existence that can control the destiny of all our gods.”

    As soon as these words came out, all the great gods at the scene took a breath of air-conditioning at the same time, and they all looked in disbelief.

    The extremely noble and lofty Taoist Valley God actually made such a statement in public. Does this mean that from now on, all the gas-transformed spirits in the heavens and the world will truly give way to the creatures of the world, and will never be able to do so again? Maybe he is as high and mighty as before, with supreme dignity?

    Seeing the silence at the scene, Ceres took a deep, trembling breath.

    “Once upon a time, I thought about our Qi Transformed Spirits’ exit with dignity, but now, the best dignity we can do is to support Jiang Chen, the son of Daoxuan, to annihilate Qingxu’s rebellion together, and support him to ascend to the throne of Dao .”

    As soon as these words came out, there was an uproar on the scene.

    One of the Taoist kings with red beards immediately stood up: “Taoist leader, does this mean that from now on, we gas-transformed spirits will all surrender to their souls?”

    His words immediately aroused the attention of other Taoists. Resonating with the king and the war saint, they all stood up and spoke.

    “Taoist leader, if you want us to surrender to the lowly creatures, we might as well kill us.”

    “Hmph, we have suppressed the creatures for so many years, and now we have to be dominated by them. Who are they?”

    “I would rather die. Dao disappears, returns to Qi, and will never associate with lowly creatures.”

    “Dao leader, what’s wrong with you? The war between the gods in the forty-nine heavens is not over yet. Are we going to admit defeat like this? “

    It’s impossible to surrender to humble creatures. The worst is to fight. Although we don’t have much possibility of reincarnation, not everyone can be enslaved.” Listening to the angry and angry comments,

    Gu Shen slowly closed his mouth . On the eyes.

    These gas-transformed spirits are really stupid. Maybe they have been aloof for too long, and they are really blind and cannot see clearly the situation in front of them.

    In all the heavens and all the worlds, and even in the entire acquired world, whether it is the qi-transformed spirit that is respected, or the living beings from all the worlds, it all depends on strength.

    Once upon a time, the power of gas-transformed spirits was far greater than that of all living beings in the world, and it was natural to enslave and control their destinies.

    But now, with Qingxu’s rebellion, the lineage of creatures he represents is enough to compete with the Qi Transformation Spirit.

    Coupled with Jiang Chen, who is unfathomable and whose strength dominates all the worlds and the entire acquired world, it is simply a dream for the Qi Transformed Spirit to continue to maintain its dominance.

    Unless Wuji Dao’s spiritual character can really return on time, everything will be in vain.

    Now, the only way is to endure the humiliation, kneel down and seek peace.

    Perhaps with Jiang Chen’s personality, for the sake of helping him exterminate the Qingxu lineage and help him ascend to the great road, he can preserve the last bit of dignity for the Qi Transformed Spirit and leave a decent living space. .

    If we can really wait until Wuji Dao’s spiritual pattern returns and the catastrophe of the sky officially breaks out, the situation will completely change.

    This is Ceres God’s overall plan and a last-ditch effort to retain the Qi Spirit.

    But now, it is obvious that the most difficult thing to convince is the transcendent strong men and great gods among this group of gasified spirits.

    They are too stubborn and too stupid, and in the end they may lose everything.

    The Dao King and the War Saints were still chattering, insulting Jiang Chen and even all living beings in the world, and even shouted to fight and kill them all before they all died together.

    But Gushen suddenly broke out after being silent for a long time.

    “Shut up!”

    shouted angrily, and the chattering Dao King and War Saints suddenly became inundated with elegant birds.

    “Let them speak.” At this moment, a peaceful voice suddenly came from outside the main hall: “Let me, a humble creature, listen to the truth and the inner thoughts of the Qi Transformation Spirits.”

    Hearing this , Gushen’s expression suddenly changed.

    The angry Dao King and War Saints also turned around one by one with strange expressions.

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