The Almighty Dragon General chapter 6989-6990

The Almighty Dragon General chapter 6989-6990-“You, do you all want to rebel?”

    Huo Donglai was so angry that he was shaking all over, but the moment he looked down, he was stunned.

    I saw that the 100,000 Mosha Forbidden Army that had been besieging Jiang Chen with ferocity all stopped at this moment, and all of them looked up at him in the void with murderous intent, their eyes blood red.

    “What, what’s going on?” Huo Donglai couldn’t help but blurted out: “The Mosha Divine Token is in my hands, how could it be possible…”

    “Huo Shengzun, this fake Divine Token you gave me seems to be of some use. !” Jiang Chen smiled and waved the Mosha Divine Order in his hand, and groups of Mosha warriors rushed into the void with the force of mountains and tsunamis.

    “Jiang Chen, you devil…” Huo Donglai was immediately horrified. Together with the Four Gods of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, they were immediately frantically besieged by the Mosha formation. He hurriedly defended himself while yelling curses.

    Seeing this scene, Dao Xian was shocked: “How did you do this, the supreme living being emperor?”

    Jiang Chen smiled and said nothing.

    At this moment, in the Mosha formation in the void, accompanied by the crazy strangulation attacks of tens of thousands of Mosha forbidden troops, the four great gods of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, who were unable to hold on at first, were seriously injured one after another and fell to the ruins of the temple.

    Their faces were pale, they were vomiting blood, and their bodies were already covered in flesh and blood.

    However, the moment they got up, they knelt down towards Jiang Chen in fear, kowtowed and began to beg for mercy frantically.

    “Haha, is this not going to work?” Leng Huan said with his little hands behind his back: “When the four great gods of spring, summer, autumn and winter first faced us, you did everything you could, with all kinds of tricks and arrogance.”

    Hearing this, Jiang Chen Oh, “Is there still this kind of grudge?”

    “It’s more than just grudge.” Leng Huan turned around and looked at Jiang Chen: “The hands of the four of them are stained with a lot of our blood.” “

    This is easy to handle. “Jiang Chen said lightly: “Leave them to you to deal with them.”

    As he spoke, Jiang Chen suppressed the cultivation of the four great gods of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and instantly pulled him down in front of Leng Huan.

    Leng Huan immediately chuckled and said: “Little lover, do you have to repay such a precious gift with your own body?”

    Jiang Chen: “…”

    At this moment, in the Mosha formation in the void, Huo Dong Then, with a muffled sound of popping, it suddenly fell down and made a big hole in the ruins of the temple.

    Just when tens of thousands of Mosha forbidden troops were about to rush down, they were stopped by Jiang Chen’s divine order.

    Immediately afterwards, one of the Mosha warriors ignored the orders and rushed straight into the big pit created by Huo Donglai.

    “What’s going on?” Dao Xian suddenly exclaimed.

    Jiang Chen smiled calmly: “Don’t worry, it will be over soon.”

    The next second, a loud rumbling sound was heard from the pit, and a figure flashing with strange light and full of demonic aura quickly emerged from the pit. Jumped out.

    Not only him, but he was also holding a mangled and completely deformed creature in his hand, dripping with blood.

    That was the defeated Huo Donglai. Now he was completely different from his previous arrogance.

    Seeing this scene, Dao Xian’s expression suddenly changed.

    “Demon, Demon God, he is the Demon God…”

    As he shouted, the gas-transformed spirits and powerful creatures who had just gathered from all directions felt like they were facing a formidable enemy, and they were all filled with fear.

    Under the gaze of all the gods, the demon god in the void raised his hand and tore off Huo Donglai’s right arm with a click.

    In an instant, Huo Donglai burst into horrifying screams.

    And the demon god swallowed the torn off arm alive in a rush of blood.

    Immediately afterwards, he tore off Huo Donglai’s left arm, then his legs, and finally opened Huo Donglai’s belly with one palm, pulled out all the internal organs and threw them away, like eating a roasted whole lamb, bite after bite. Eat Huo Donglai alive.

    Seeing such a cruel scene, the gods at the scene were completely stunned, and terror penetrated their souls, spirits, and even the entire golden body.

    Emperor Qingxu’s most trusted confidant, the Holy Lord Huo Donglai, who was known as the spokesman for Qingxu in all the worlds, was actually eaten alive bite by bite.

    This kind of scene happened right in front of their eyes. Such a shock was even more terrifying than having their souls driven away and unable to be reincarnated forever.

    Not long after, the demon pinched Huo Donglai’s soul and suddenly spoke.

    “Leng Huan, let’s eat this for you. It will relieve your hatred and increase your cultivation a lot!”

    Hearing this, Zhong Ling and Lin Xiao, who were in the Mosha army formation, looked at each other and were speechless at the same time.

    Jiang Chen, who was sitting in the main seat, covered his forehead and looked defeated.

    Leng Huan was startled at first, and then immediately cursed.

    “Ugly Demon God, you have a calf’s short legs, and you let me eat such disgusting things. Are you smart?” “You want to sleep with

    me, sister, but you don’t find a more elegant excuse or gift. You deserve it.” You will be single forever.”

    As soon as these words came out, the devil suddenly looked confused.

    But Jiang Chen finally couldn’t help it, raised his head and burst into laughter.

    At this time, in the Mosha army formation, Zhong Ling and Lin Xiao revealed themselves from the Mosha soldiers and turned into two rays of light and appeared beside Jiang Chen.

    “Emperor Quan, you idiot.” Zhong Ling scolded with a smile: “You don’t even know how to chase girls. You really deserve to be single.”

    Lin Xiao also sneered and said: “Hey, Senior Demon God, your confession is really enough Extraordinary!”

    “What are you farting at?” The Demon God suddenly fell in front of Jiang Chen: “Leng Huan doesn’t want it, I’ll leave it to my sister-in-law, she can also devour it.”

    After hearing this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but roll his eyes. .

    At this moment, Dao Xian, who was so frightened, spoke tentatively with a mixture of fear and fear.

    “Supreme Creature Emperor, things here have been settled now, right…”

    Jiang Chen interrupted him with a wave of his hand, and scanned Zhong Ling, Demon God and Lin Xiao: “Three of you, you can officially return to the team.”

    Hearing this, The three of them looked at each other with surprise and joy at the same time.

    “I’ve been suffocated to death.” The Demon God chuckled and said, “Now I can finally fight and show off my Demon God style.”

    “Show me a hammer hand.” Jiang Chen stood up, patted his shoulder and said, “Ceasefire. Now, your mission has been completed.”

    As he said that, he turned around and looked at the Great God Mantian and the Great Emperor Yonghui in the void.

    “You two, please guard here, we have to go to the alliance.”

    Immediately afterwards, he flew a sub-order of the Mosha Divine Order towards the Great God Mantian.

    “One hundred thousand Mosha Forbidden Army, including all the gas-transformed spirits and powerful creatures here, are completely under your and Dao Xian’s control. If anything happens, the three gods can make arbitrary decisions when the situation arises.” He grabbed

    Mosha who was flying towards him. After the divine order was issued, the Great God Mantian looked stunned.

    Emperor Yonghui opened his mouth, but stopped talking.

    At this time, Dao Xian bowed and asked: “May I ask the Supreme Creature Emperor, if the three of us have differences, who should we listen to?”

    “Will you have differences?” Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes slightly: “Then I Why don’t you just leave the Demon God to help you?”

    As soon as these words came out, Dao Xian was frightened out of his wits. He hurriedly waved his hands and shook his head and retreated decisively.

    Obviously, the Demon God’s lethality and deterrence to these gasified spirits even exceeded Qingxu and Gushen.

    After scanning the surroundings, Jiang Chen’s voice suddenly came from the void.

    “Gods, whether you are the source of all spirits, vaporized spirits, or living beings, you must abide by the unified orders in the future.” “

    Your leader is me, Jiang Chen, but for the time being, you will belong to the Great God Mantian. , Emperor Daoxian and Emperor Yonghui are restrained.”

    “Anyone who dares to disobey orders, discriminate against each other, wanton internal strife, betrayal, or gather people to make trouble will be killed without mercy!”

    These words resounded throughout the southern end of the Valley God Daoyuan world. As for the countless gods in the void, they all knelt down at the same time.

    The momentum was huge and uniform, and it had already been announced that Jiang Chen had become the new master in their minds.

    After giving some instructions to Great God Mantian, Dao Xian and Emperor Yonghui, Jiang Chen left this place with Lin Xiao, Leng Huan, Zhong Ling and Demon God.

    But the three great gods who stayed behind all showed solemn expressions.

    Jiang Chen’s words were not very clear, which also made them wonder what would happen next.

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