The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6735

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6735-Then, two dazzling towers were left behind on the spot Yarden sat in moments ago. It shone divinely.

“It’s the Wisdom Tower and Perceiver Tower.” Immediately, Lesia held the two towers. She was shocked.

Right then, Yegor hurriedly walked over from the distance. He looked at the spot where Yarden disappeared, then slowly knelt on the ground and bowed thrice.

“Thank you for your guidance. I’ll be forever grateful.”

“What did he guide you?” Lesia suddenly asked.

Feeling grateful, Yegor said, “Cleansing the Tirta Power He showed me the path to the Daeclon Mahayana Rank, so I bowed thrice to represent my respect for him.”

Without asking anything else, Lesia nodded. “You have a conscience. You deserve the providence.”

Then, thunder roared in the red gas in the void. In the next second, the red gas dispersed following the loud sound. The color of blood filled the sky.

After that, from the red light, a handsome man with red hair walked out.

He was surrounded by Decachrome Holy Light. Outside the red light, two huge cyclones formed.

At that instant, there was a terrifying pressure. Instantly, Lesia and Yegor could sense the pressure. They hurriedly stepped backward and used all their power to resist it.

“Is this the legendary Daeclon Mahayana Rank?” With a trembling voice, Yegor asked.

“He can no longer be measured using cultivation ranks.” Lesia sighed and said, “He isn’t an average living being. It’s impossible for him to follow the Law of Paths.”

James slowly landed on the ground. At this time, James, who had red hair, engulfed by decachrome light and red light, opened his eyes. Two rays of frightening Hongrome Divine Light shot out from his eyes.

Following two loud sounds, wherever the Hongrome Divine Light passed, the cave collapsed and turned into ruins.

Slowly raising his hands, James said coldly, “Teacher has fallen. I will clean the Bloodshade Sect.”

Seeing that James had withdrawn the light and Holy Light around him, Lesia and Yegor approached him.

“Your teacher left you these.” Lesia handed over the two towers to James. “With these two towers and the Courageous Tower, you will be the true Great Historial Land’s Lord. You will be on the same level as Yehria.”

James was taken aback. With a stern expression, he took the two towers.

Before he could take a closer look, the two towers erupted into a dazzling decachrome light. In the blink of an eye, the towers became one with his body.

He frowned as he shook his body. “Since they are gifts from Teacher, it’s time to clean the Great Historial Land.”

Then, he waved his hand. The Decachrome Holy Light held Lesia and Yegor.

The three disappeared.

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