The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6730

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6730-James thought, ‘Now that she’s grown up a little, her temper also got worse.’ Lesia’s grumpy face, combined with her striking beauty, was somewhat captivating. She had an extraordinary aura, striking features, and an allure that surpassed other women.

James chuckled as he rubbed his nose awkwardly. Then, he said, “Okay, fine.

You’ve indeed grown into a beautiful young lady. I think it’s time you consider marriage.”

Emperor Yarden burst into laughter.

After a brief pause, Lesia also joined in the laughter.

On the other hand, Yegor was still struggling to piece together the situation.

Even though he had known James for a long time, it was the first time seeing his Second Body, Lesia. Hence, he was astonished, mainly because of her exceptional appearance.

Lesia appeared before James, grabbed his arm, and dragged him aside. Then, she deployed a soundproof buried around them.

Sensing her hesitation, James grew increasingly concerned. He asked impatiently, “What’s wrong? You seem unsettled.”

Lesia said tremblingly, “I did something I must seek forgiveness for, Master. I was forced to make the decision. After all, the Quasar Second Body is an important part of you, and I—”

James interrupted her, saying, “Cut to the chase.”

Lesia explained how she had to leave the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell and left Morgott unattended, which may have resulted in trouble.

After hearing the full story, James did not respond. He quickly unleashed his Zen and checked the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell’s situation. With the wave of a hand, a projection appeared before him.

The scene depicted an intense battle over who could take Thea with them.

James spotted Zenda singlehandedly taking on a group of powerhouses at the Daeclon Rank.

Lesia asked surprisedly, “You can surveil the entire Great Historial Land?”

“I can check on my wife,” James responded, his eyes still glued on the projection.

James watched the battle unfold. Unfortunately, Zenda, who was outnumbered, faltered under the relentless attacks. Despite her severe injuries, she endured the pain and shielded Thea behind her.

James clenched his fists, and his face darkened with a murderous expression.

The next moment, he heard Thea’s shouting for them to stop. The powerhouses halted their attacks and stared at her.

Facing the powerhouse at the Daeclon Rank, Thea showed no fear as she revealed herself.

“I’ll come with you guys. However, you must let her go. Otherwise, I will selfdestruct, and none of you will be able to take me.”

Hearing Thea’s ultimatum, the group exchanged wary glances.

Zenda shouted, “Yin governor—!”

Thea turned around and interrupted, “Go! My husband and I will remember the kindness the Zazen Temple has shown today. We will repay you in the future.”

“No…” Zenda attempted to respond but was sent away by Thea’s Dark Heavenly Path Powers.

Thea fixed her gaze on the group and asked, “Could you at least tell me your names so I have an idea of what’s happening?”

The powerhouses frowned at her words.

After a while, an old woman with sideburns snorted, “You’re a being born from vital energy. Yet, you disgraced yourself by consorting with lowly beings.

Moreover, you bear children in the Great Historial Land. This is not only disrespectful and defilement to our land, but it’s also a grave blasphemy toward Emperor Yarden. Such crimes can’t go unpunished.”

A white-haired old man stepped forward, twirling his beard as he sneered, “You want to know our names, thinking your lowly husband will avenge you? I’m afraid you’re terribly mistaken.”

“We’re the Great Historial Land’s Ten Holy Temples. We’re existences that even Zymurgy has to regard with caution. Why should we fear a mere mortal?” said the old woman.

Upon hearing their remarks, James felt a surge of anger in his heart, and his face darkened with each passing moment.

Thea, however, remained calm. “Since you know so much about me, then state your names. You will have to take accountability for your actions sooner or later.

My husband and I stand by not killing unnamed foes. Do you have the courage to identify yourself?”

“You!” The old woman was infuriated. Just as she was about to lash out at Thea, the old man stopped her.

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