The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6723

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6723-On the other hand, James was still merging the Chaos and Hongrome Essence.

Suddenly, he sensed the disturbances from the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell and immediately panicked. The two energy balls in his hands quivered intensely in response to his unstable emotions.

Sensing the abnormalities, Emperor Yarden quickly rushed behind him. He extended his arms and began transferring energy into his body to stabilize the volatile energy.

After a few moments, the energy balls in James’ palms burst with sevencolored lights. The light gradually spread throughout the cave, eventually permeating every area of the Forbidden Bloodshade.



Another tremendous burst of lightning and thunder erupted, sending countless electricity bolts cascading toward James.

The seven-colored energy balls in James’ hands grew increasingly radiant. After emitting a sudden flash, they returned to a state of tranquility.

James took a deep breath and slowly opened his eyes. Two vibrant rays of light shot forth from his gaze, swiftly shattering the two boulders before him.

The force of this action was so potent that it caused the entire cave to tremble again, and even Emperor Yarden was forcibly knocked away. He crashed into a wall with a loud thud and coughed up blood. Even so, he laughed amusedly.

it’s done, the Wuia Essence! I never imagined I would witness the creation of the Wuia Essence with my own eyes. Even if I were to perish now, I would have no regrets.

Hearing Emperor Yarden’s laughs, James raised his hands in astonishment and observed the seven-colored divine light in his palms. They flowered through his meridians, emitting terrifying powers.

Emperor Yarden reminded, “Now that you have Wuia Essence, you can merge anything! It’s incredible! You’re standing at the pinnacle of the Great Historial Land!”

Startled by the claims, James turned to Emperor Yarden and saw him still coughing up blood. “Are you okay, sir?”

“It’s okay,” Emperor Yarden replied as he picked himself up. Then, he chuckled, “You don’t need to worry about the troubles in your heart. After all, there are some things beyond your help.”

James quickly moved forward to assist Emperor Yarden. However, as his hands made contact, Emperor Yarden began to tremble violently.

Emperor Yarden exclaimed urgently, “Let go of me! I’m just a remnant soul and can’t withstand these powers!”

James quickly released Emperor Yarden. He stepped back and watched the remnant soul fall to the ground with a thud.

“Is the Wuia Essence really that powerful?” James marveled, watching the seven-colored energy pulsate through his meridians in awe.

Emperor Yaden picked himself up and said, “You cultivated Quasar Lightning before. The Wuia Essence is much more powerful. It has an intense, electric current that combines the wind, fire, thunder, lightning, metal, wood, water, and earth.”

James’ eyes lit up. ‘Is it really that strong? It would be great to use it on Yehria and watch her suffer.’ Emperor Yarden said smilingly, “Okay, that’s enough. Hurry up and fuse the soul pearls. I don’t think Tirta’s daughter and the Yin governor can hold up much longer. We can’t let the Ten Holy Temples acquire Morgott’s Spirit, or it would be a disaster.”

James nodded solemnly and sat down again.

Emperor Yarden tossed the soul pearls toward him, which James caught swiftly.

Following the instructions of the Bloodshade Fusion Art taught by Emperor Yarden, James began to rapidly fuse the Marciais and Historial Powers embedded within the pearls.

In the Forbidden Bloodshade, atop a secluded mountain, Morgott and Herodias faced each other with the tension of foes.

Just then, Thea, who had been in pursuit, materialized beside Herodias. Her eyes, alight with urgency, fixed intently on the Morgott.

Thea growled, “What are you doing, Morgott?!! Don’t you know we’re at risk of perishing in the Forbidden Bloodshade?”

Morgott scoffed disdainfully, “Those fools from the Ten Holy Temples? I would’ve been quite worried if we had not ventured into the Forbidden Bloodshade. But now, ha.”

He suddenly spread his arms, and his spectral body gradually became physical.

His original imposing appearance had also returned.

Thea and Herodias looked extremely shocked.

Morgott had recovered his physical body, which marked the beginning of a catastrophe for the various worlds.

Amid the cold waves of laughter, Morgott looked at Herodias and Thea with a strange expression and said, “Now that I’m here, do you still think I’d be afraid of that rubbish?”

Herodias retorted, “You…”

Morgott interrupted, saying, “Don’t talk. Listen to me. I know we’ll never be on the same side, and you wish I am obliterated without a chance to reincarnate.”

Herodias was about to speak but was stopped by Thea.

Staring at Morgott, Thea said arrogantly, “What do you want?”

Morgott said smilingly, “I want to chat. If it goes well, we’ll live in peace. If it doesn’t, I’ll have no choice but to deal with you two.” After speaking, he turned around with his hands behind his back.

“I know that James has already grown significantly. Even so, I’m not willing to give up the chance to work with him. After all, I do really admire and respect him.

“Hence, I have no choice but to use his weakness, which is the two of you.”

Morgott turned around and smiled arrogantly.

Thea frowned and asked, “You did it on purpose? You were wary because of my children. So you kidnapped Herodias, knowing full well I would chase after her at all costs?”

Morgott chuckled, “Exactly, Yin governor. Wait, I should call you the Dark Heavenly Path instead. After all, you’re only half of the Yin governor now.

“Let’s make a deal. You help persuade James to work with me, and I’ll get your other half back. You’ll be able to resume your position as the Yin governor. How does that sound?”

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