The Almighty Dragon General chapter 6703-6704

The Almighty Dragon General chapter 6703-6704-It’s so easy to play, it’s just crazy!

    You must know that since the formation of the heavens and worlds, no one has dared to challenge this head of the gods. Even Wuji Dao was respectful when he was alive.

    This is not only because Taiyi’s status is transcendent and lofty, but also because his dragon never shows up easily in the world of tomorrow. It is difficult for even the Five Great Dao Emperors to meet him.

    What’s more important is that Taiyi’s disciples are as strong as clouds, with hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Their strength is unfathomable, and they never easily interfere in the affairs of the Forty-ninth Heaven, so the outside world knows very little about them.

    However, in the forty-nine heavens, side sects suddenly emerged, and one hundred and eight transcendent powerful men appeared. Their strength overwhelmed all the great gods, and even the five great emperors were no match for them.

    Wuji Dao was furious. Due to his status, it was inconvenient to intervene. The invitation was too easy to resolve the matter.

    Tai Yi did not show up, but simply sent the three major disciples who were sitting down to attack, and killed all one hundred and eight detached powerful men.

    Afterwards, the three major disciples returned to the Taoyuan world of Taiyi without accepting any rewards or even showing their true colors.

    It was also after this battle that the Taiyi Sect established supreme prestige in all the worlds and even the entire acquired world, and became more mysterious.

    Later, the Wuji Dao suddenly escaped, and all forces in the acquired world were ready to move. The Taiyi clan got involved in the affairs of the acquired world for the second time.

    Taiyi’s sect dispatched nine top Haotian Taoist saints in succession. In addition to frightening the eight Taoist worlds in the forty-nine heavens, they also guarded the gate of innateness.

    At the same time, with the 30,000 top experts under his command, he monitors the demons, demons, evils, ferocious beasts, side sects, heretical ways, and even various gods in the acquired world, ensuring a smooth transition to the acquired world after the Wuji Dao escapes. He faithfully carried out the final edict of Wuji Dao.

    In the end, five great emperors emerged from the sky to take charge of the world.

    It can be said that Taiyi has always been the most mysterious and powerful man under Wuji Dao. He is also the most terrifying force that faithfully implements and supervises Wuji Dao in the world after Wuji escapes.

    She is the true core of all heavens and worlds now, and the anchor of the entire acquired world.

    In the words of several Tao Emperors, as long as it is within the framework of Wuji Taoism, Taiyi does not care how the heavens and worlds fight, life and death, and it does not matter who is the second Taoist after Wuji Taoism.

    However, as long as anyone dares to subvert Wuji Taoism and violate Wuji Taoism and its laws, she will not hesitate to take action and eradicate them.

    After getting all the news about Taiyi from Taichu and several Tao Emperors, Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes slightly and fell silent like a mountain.

    I originally thought that the strongest people in the world were just the five great emperors, but later I found out that several great emperors were nothing more than that under Qingxu’s toy.

    Then, I thought Qingxu was the real strong opponent, but now after hearing the news about Taiyi, I felt that Qingxu was just the second child.

    Thinking of this, Jiang Chen suddenly said: “According to your statement, even if Qingxu seizes the Wuji Temple and obtains the Dingdao God-Sealing Bead, he can only rule the heavens and worlds under the Taoism of Wuji Dao?” What are these

    words ? As soon as they came out, Taichu and several Tao Emperors looked at each other, and then nodded.

    At this moment, Zhong Ling’s voice came from Jiang Chen’s mind.

    “Master, what they know, Qingxu also knows. With Qingxu’s character and ambition, he clearly knows that the catastrophe is coming, why do he insist on doing that? Is he that stupid?”

    Hearing this, Jiang Chen frowned.

    Then there is only one explanation for the matter, which is that Qingxu wants to seize the Wuji Temple and the Dingdao God Bead first, and then have the strength of the Dao, and then compete with Taiyi.

    Thinking of this, Jiang Chen suddenly called Zhong Ling: “Is Tai Yi really that powerful?”

    “You’ll know if you try it.” Zhong Ling smiled and said, “She is the enemy anyway. If you don’t defeat her, how will you control this situation?” How can a group of great divine and Taoist emperors gather together the five innate divine beads and return the five qi to their origin?”

    Jiang Chen did not say anything, still falling into silence.

    He is not afraid of whether Tai Yi is strong or not, but between the two detached opponents Qingxu and Tai Yi, who should be chosen first.

    If the attack is too easy, regardless of victory or defeat, it is actually an opportunity to help Qing Xuqi seize the Wuji Temple and the Dingdao God-Sealing Pearl.

    But if Qingxu is to be the main opponent, this old guy has already entered the Nine Paths Sacred Realm, and there is no chance to deal with him.

    If the Taoist sects of the Five Great Dao Emperors, Taichu and Taiyi’s divine beads could not be gathered together, it would be impossible to directly enter the Wuji Gate and intercept Hu Qingxu.

    This is a dilemma, but this dilemma is obviously left by the old guy Qingxu. He may have planned this step long ago, otherwise he would not have tried every means to get himself out of his Xuanfei door.

    Fortunately, there is another deity left in Xuan Ni’s Gate, but it is impossible to find out Qingxu’s itinerary and actions, so he cannot choose the most suitable opportunity to rush out of Xuan Ni’s Gate and intercept Hu Qingxu.

    Seeing Jiang Chen become silent and slowly walking back and forth with his hands behind his back, Tai Chu, Chu Chu and the Four Great Dao Emperors looked at each other, a little at a loss.

    But the demon gods, Lin Xiao and Leng Huan, frowned, their hearts in their throats.

    In their impression, Jiang Chen has always been decisive in doing things, taking one step at a time and looking at ten steps, which can be described as wise and transcendent.

    This was the first time they had seen such hesitation or even hesitation.

    After a moment of silence, Jiang Chen suddenly spoke: “All the forces of our alliance have gathered at the edge of the Taiyi Daoyuan world, making preparations for a massive attack at any time.” As soon as

    these words came out, Taichu was the first to be anxious.

    “Supreme Creature Emperor, do you still want to start a war against Taiyi Daoyuan World?”

    “Can we fight? Can we afford it?” Chongde Dao Emperor also looked worried: “If we can’t fight, then aren’t we just throwing an egg against a stone? “

    Gu Shen stared at Jiang Chen and said leisurely: “Little friend Jiang, can you be polite before fighting? After all, Tai Yi is the leader of the gods, and I have no deep hatred or conflict with you.” “

    And, in essence, you are The identity of the son of Daoxuan is something she approved of.”

    “As for her relationship with Qingxu, as long as we tell the truth about the Great Master Yuanyin, she must…” “

    No.” Jiang Chen replied decisively: “If If you are not willing, then I can only deal with you all first, and then send troops to the Taoyuan World.”

    After saying that, Jiang Chen turned around and scanned them.

    “Of course, you can also surrender and take advantage of the opportunity to attack Taiyi Daoyuan world and choose to defect before the battle and join Taiyi.” “

    But I have to say something ugly up front. I, Jiang Chen, can accept the fight between any opponent and enemy. We don’t know each other without fighting, but we can’t accept betrayal.”

    “If anyone betrays me, he will fight until death without a second chance.”

    After leaving these words, Jiang Chen turned around and walked towards the inner hall of the main hall. Go and leave a group of great gods staring at you.

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