The Almighty Dragon General chapter 6701-6702

The Almighty Dragon General chapter 6701-6702-As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen immediately looked at Gushen.

    “How can that guy Qingxu actually take the daughter of Taiyi?” The Demon God suddenly said: “What kind of person is he, and dares to slander the founder of the voice?”

    Gu Shen sighed softly, stood up with a smile: “Yes, this is it. Qingxu, a high-ranking person, married the daughter of Taiyi, the founder of sound, Yuan Yin.” “

    It is precisely because of this that we Qi Transformation Spirits have extreme disgust and disgust towards Qingxu’s identity as a living being. As for the irreconcilable situation that has developed to this point.”

    He defended the Qi Transformation Spirits all the time, and there was a reason why they suppressed all creatures in the world.

    But just because a living being snatched away love, their gas-transformed spirits held a grudge, which was really too much for them.

    At this time, Emperor Shengyue also stood up and said: “Qingxu married the Great God Yuan Yin. He is indeed capable, but his ability was obtained by relying on sweet words and conspiracies.

    ” With Taiyi, my mother-in-law, as a living being, I became a disciple of Wuji Taoism, and from then on I rose to prominence.”

    After hearing this, Jiang Chen returned to the main seat on the jade platform and sat down with his hands behind his back.

    “I probably understand what you mean. The reason why Taiyi followed Qingxu was because of the son-in-law relationship.” “

    But as far as I know, Qingxu had an illegitimate daughter, and later he blatantly became his second wife. Tai Chi, his name is Yuanyi.”

    “Don’t the great gods Yuanyin and Taiyi know about this?”

    “It’s weird if they don’t know.” Emperor Chongde snorted and said, “In all the worlds, this matter is Who doesn’t know?”

    “It’s just that Wuji Dao has escaped, and Qingxu has become the actual controller of all heavens and worlds after Gu Shen. With the Xuanfei Gate, who can do anything to him?”

    “Not even Tai Yi?” Jiang Chen looked at Chongde Dao Emperor.

    “Master Taiyi should be able to do it.” Taichu took over the conversation and said, “But for some reason, it has never been pursued.”

    Hearing this, Jiang Chen suddenly fell into silence.

    With Taiyi’s strength and status, it should be easy to crush Qingxu to death, but why didn’t she do it?

    The more he thought about it, the more Jiang Chen became curious and found it more interesting.

    At this moment, Chu Chu suddenly asked: “What if Taiyi knew that Qingxu had killed her daughter?”

    As soon as these words came out, the gods at the scene were shocked at the same time, and stood up one after another, showing extremely surprised expressions. look.

    “Qingxu killed the Great God Yuanyin, how is this possible?” Shengyue Dao Emperor exclaimed.

    “No, this is impossible.” Chongde Dao Emperor also shook his head hurriedly: “Even if Qingxu has obtained part of the inheritance and strength of Wuji Dao, he cannot be the opponent of Yuanyin.” “

    Qingxu dares to do this?” Taichu Also with suspicion.

    Gu Shen frowned and remained silent.

    “Wife.” Jiang Chen looked at Chu Chu: “Where did you get this news?”

    “Mu Yong.” Chu Chu said in a deep voice: “He should be the only son of Qingxu and Yuanyin, but I saw it with my own eyes Qingxu wants to destroy his soul and that of his mother.”

    “Although he has never said his mother’s identity, but I heard you talk about it, the mother he defended to the death should be the vowel god.”

    Gushen turned around suddenly, widened his eyes and said: “No Wrong, Qingxu and the Great God Yuan Yin have a son, Mu Yong, who is also one of the five chosen sons of the world.” “

    I have always been curious, since Qingxu has all the strong men under his command, why is his rising star? The son with extraordinary strength has disappeared. It turns out there is such a layer in this.”

    “How is this possible?” The expression of Emperor Shengyue changed greatly: “Qingxu killed the Great God Yuanyin, and we don’t even know about it?”

    Taichu folded his arms and muttered: “Calculating carefully, there have been 600,000 epochs since the last time I visited the Great Master of Vowels.” “

    We have almost 300,000 epochs and have not seen Yuan. The great master of music.” Chongde Dao Emperor added.

    “This is fatal news.” Gu Shen said, looking at Jiang Chen: “Jiang Xiaoyou, how do you want to use it?”

    Hearing this, all the great gods looked at Jiang Chen, waiting for his decision.

    But at this moment, Jiang Chen slowly took out a jar of Chaos Alcohol and took a big gulp.

    Immediately afterwards, he raised his eyes slightly and said: “Everyone, are you capable of challenging Tai Yi?”

    As soon as these words came out, all the gods present were shocked at the same time.

    The challenge is too easy. Dao emperors and innate gods like them have never thought about it, or even dare to think about it.

    You must know that Taiyi is the first great god derived from the Wuji Dao, and is the head of the gods in the heavens and the world. No matter how high his status is, they can’t even imagine how terrifying his power is.

    With a hum, Jiang Chen scanned the gods: “Why, you haven’t fought against Tai Yi?”

    “Are you kidding me?” Gu Shen took a deep breath: “That’s Tai Yi, the head of the gods. , even our Five Great Dao Emperors have to pay homage to her, who of us dares to fight her?”

    Jiang Chen curled his lips, and then looked at the Demon God.

    “Brother Demon, what about you?”

    The Demon God frowned and immediately raised his head: “Brother Jiang, you are deliberately embarrassing me.”

    “Stop talking nonsense, is there anything?” Jiang Chen asked angrily.

    The Demon God rolled his eyes at Jiang Chen and muttered: “I was tricked by old man Qingxu. How could I have the chance to see Tai Yi.”

    This was his aggrieved experience, but in fact the hidden meaning behind it was that he, the Demon God, even Even a Dao Emperor can’t do it, let alone a terrifying existence like Tai Yi.

    Standing up slowly, Jiang Chen showed a strange smile.

    “Since we haven’t fought before, let’s try the true strength of the leader of the gods.”

    As he spoke, he raised his voice and shouted.

    “Everyone, our next mission is to send troops to Taoyi Daoyuan World. The fiercer the fight, the better. It is best to force Taiyi to show up in person.” As soon as

    these words came out, all the great gods at the scene were shocked at the same time. He looked at Jiang Chen like he was crazy.

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