The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6683

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6683-The red-haired man and the others instinctively looked up. They saw a magnificent bell shimmering with holy light in the void descending until it hung directly above their heads, then slowly stopped rotating. The colorful light emanating from it immediately enveloped them completely.

Under the terrifying colorful light, even they, as strong as the Ninth Xaeclon Rank, had their faces drastically changed. They hurriedly shielded their eyes with their hands.

“W-what is that?” “l-it looks like a giant bell?” “This power is terrifying. I feel like my strength is being suppressed.” “It can’t be. There couldn’t possibly be such a terrifying power in this world.” “Hurry, grab the Yin governor! Don’t let her escape with her tricks.” With the cries and clamor of Xian and the others, they attacked the woman surrounded in the circle. What shocked them even more was that the woman was enveloped in the colorful light of the bell. A transparent ovalshaped aura formed around her periphery, causing the force of their attacks to rebound immediately.

Amid the booming explosions, Xian and the others, who were hit by the backlash, were simultaneously sent flying back thousands of meters. They were panicked and confused after stabilizing themselves.

“H-how is this possible?” The refined man was shocked and his eyes widened.

“A bell blocked our combined attack?” “Let’s not worry about the bell for now,”

the leading red-haired man snapped. “Everyone, let’s use all our strength to kill the Yin governor first.”

With that, he led the charge with a majestic golden-purple power, swiftly attacking the woman. The other powerhouses in different positions immediately launched attacks on the woman at the same time. Just as they converged and launched their attacks, a figure surrounded by colorful light descended from the void at the moment they landed. The figure carried terrifying power and crashed down like lightning.

Boom! Countless majestic black powers suddenly spread out under the thunderous roar that shook the realm, causing Xian and the others, who had just rushed up, to be quickly shaken away.

Sheamus and Simeon crashed into the mountain behind them from the impact of this terrifying force. Then, they fell to the ground with a thud, spewing out large amounts of blood while sprawled out.

“W-what terrifying strength is this?” Simeon exclaimed with horror. Then, his head drooped, and he showed no sign of life.

Sheamus also spat out blood from his mouth and trembled all over. “We can’t afford to provoke this woman. She is too ruthless… ack!”

As he spoke, his head drooped as well and he immediately lost consciousness.

On the other side, Javier and the refined man joined forces to barely withstand the spread of the terrifying black power during their retreat. However, they also spat out blood, their hair disheveled, and they suffered severe injuries.

The red-haired man was the strongest. Although he was also sent flying, he relied on the vigorous Amethyst-Gold Power to protect himself, retreating into the void and stabilizing his figure.

In shock, they looked again at the place where the woman was, only to find that there was an additional figure. A handsome young man with long flowing hair, dressed in black robes, surrounded by a shining purple-black light appeared.

The terrifying black power that had sent them flying just now came from this person.

“Who is he, and why does he have such powerful strength? He doesn’t seem like a Daeclon Rank powerhouse.” The refined man hurriedly transmitted his voice to several other powerhouses, “He seems to be at the Ninth Xaeclon Rank, just like US.” “No, the power he just displayed is very familiar,” Javier’s voice trembled as he transmitted his voice, “Yes, that’s right. It’s Yianni’s Marciais Power.”

Hearing the words “Marciais Power”, Xian and the others were instantly shocked.

Looking at James on the ground, the tightly clenched fists contained the Marcials Power. At this moment, his anger had risen to its peak.

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