The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6653

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6653-As the young girl transformed into a streak of Sword Light and charged at her once more, Faela was forced to dodge frantically.

She had already grown accustomed to offense and lacked practice in defending.

To be pushed into defense by a mere child was an utter humiliation to her.

Even more unexpectedly, James suddenly remerged before her. His arms emanated a purple-golden and a black glow, then suddenly transformed into two swords to swiftly close in on her.

Caught between the attacks of two formidable opponents, Faela was at a loss and panicked.

With Quasar Lightning crashing down from the skies, colorful flames erupting from the ground, and fierce winds raging around her, her combat effectiveness was pushed to its limits.

Faela thought about breaking free from the suffocating formation, but even when using all her Marciais Power, her attempts were to no avail. It felt like she had been sealed within another dimension with no exit, leaving her panicked and desperate.

In her moment of distress, James closed in with the Terrastride Step, thrusting his sword into her shoulder with unrelenting force.

Following closely behind, the young girl lunged forward, her sword finding its mark on Faela’s right arm.

The successive strikes left Faela severely weakened, and her combat effectiveness decreased significantly. Desperate to escape, she leaped into the air, only to be met with the oppressive force of Quasar Lightning crackling around her.

As soon as she landed on the ground, she was engulfed by the colorful flames.

Soon after, the raging winds further depleted her strength.

The young girl grinned sinisterly and asked, “You should have her, Master. She’s quite beautiful. I’m sure she’ll taste good.”

James chuckled, “You’re still so young but are already so naughty?”

The young girl retorted, “I’m asking you to devour her, not sleep with her. She’s at the Ninth Xaeclon Rank. Your Historial Power would increase significantly,”

said James.

“I’m afraid it won’t be that easy. She’s severely injured, but so am I. Don’t forget there is a powerhouse out there at the Daeclon Rank. I must have a backup plan.”

The young girl suggested, “Then force her to withdraw from the mental battlefield and consider the battle a draw.”

After speaking, she suddenly transformed into a five-coloured light and entangled Faela. In the blink of an eye, James seized Faela with a firm grip, enveloping her in a powerful aura of gray, black, and white energy.

Faela’s expression twisted with shock and fear as she struggled against the overwhelming force holding her captive. “What are you doing?”

James responded coldly, “If you refuse to yield, I’ll consume you.”

As Faela felt her Marciais Power draining, she sensed the dire situation and swiftly made a decision. With a sudden burst of movement, she detonated her own body, creating an explosive distraction.

In the outside world, Faela’s physical form jerked, and she coughed up blood.

She fell to her knees as if her strength had been completely drained.

“I can’t believe it. How can this be? I’m at the peak of the Ninth Xaeclon Rank, yet you, who is only at the Fifth Xaeclon Rank, managed to suppress me?”

Faela gasped, her voice strained and pained as blood dripped from her lips.

As James observed Faela’s struggle to accept the situation, he also felt the toll of their mental battle and coughed up blood.

James managed to suppress Faela with his Supernatural Powers while on the mental battlefield. Still, he could not achieve a decisive advantage because of the vast disparity in their ranks.

The gap between the Eighth and Ninth Xaeclon was immense, with their strengths and combat effectiveness being worlds apart.

James realized that the outcome of a real battle might be less favorable for him.

He acknowledged that facing Faela head-on would likely result in severe injuries and uncertain odds of victory.

“No, you didn’t only cultivate Marciais Power. What was that formation? Who’s that young girl you summoned? How did she penetrate my golden body with such ease?” Faela asked a series of questions, her eyes burning with frustration.

James shrugged and replied, “Are you unwilling to accept the outcome? Do you wish to engage in a real physical battle, sword to sword?”

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