The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6645

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6645-Yegor clenched his fists and said, “This is unfair. Both of them are at the Eighth Xaeclon Rank, but are teaming up against someone at the Fifth Xaeclon Rank?

Do they not have any honor?”

Just as he was about to intervene, Herodias stopped him.

“What are you doing?” Yegor’s face darkened.

Meanwhile, Yared crossed his arms and commented excitedly, “These two old men haven’t had a good and enjoyable fight for a long time. They should experience it themselves, or else they’d think I’m exaggerating.”

Surprised, Yegor asked, “Did you do this on purpose?”

Yared replied with a grin, “You fail to grasp the situation. If I were to tell them this youngster defeated me, they’d surely mock me and think they’re better than me.

Wouldn’t that be a blow to my reputation?

“Let them join forces against him and personally experience the might of Yianni’s Marcials Soul.

“But there’s no need to fret. It’s for his benefit. Through this battle, he’ll gain insight, and his future path will become smoother.

After hearing Yared’s words, he felt a twinge of anxiety. However, he understood it was best not to intervene in the battle.

Concurrently, James continued fighting against the two old men. His Terrastride Step and Dawnblade Form seamlessly complemented each other. With the addition of his Chaos Yin-Yang Eyes and Marciais Power, the two old men were unable to use their Supernatural Powers effectively.

James anticipated their moves, preemptively countering and nullifying their Supernatural Powers.

The two old men felt a growing sense of helplessness, and the escalating anxiety compounded as the battle continued.

In contests between powerhouses, victory could be decided with just a mistake.

Hence, any lapse in focus can lead to unpredictable outcomes. Such was the case in this battle. The first to falter was the chubby old man. Just as he was about to unleash his Supernatural Power, the Eternal Blade Formation, James’ Chaos Yin-Yang Eyes discerned his intent.

Then, James swiftly used the Dawnblaze Form to get close and swung hundreds of thousands of punches at the chubby old man, instantly overwhelming him and knocking him away.

The chubby old man crashed into the mountain with a loud thud, causing it to collapse instantly.

With the mountain destroyed, Yegor, Herodias, and Yared immediately took off into the air.

The chubby old man stood up from the ruins, disheveled and vomiting blood.

At that moment, James found himself besieged by countless iIIusionary palms unleashed by the tall old man. If not for his Ultimate Golden Body, he would have been obliterated and his soul was obliterated by the Marciais Power.

James was severely injured and vomited blood. Even so, he forcibly cast the Supernatural Power he had inherited from Yianni to command his clones, dealing a lethal blow to the tall old man.

As the countless clones charged at him, the tall old man knew it was impossible to evade thus, he braced himself to defend against the attack. His golden body was penetrated, and he crashed into the ruin, causing another resounding impact.

The tall old man coughed up a mouthful of blood. He clutched his chest with a shocked expression.

James hovered in the void, his crimson hair dancing in the wind as he slowly descended. At that moment, he looked like a sinister entity.

Witnessing the spectacle, the chubby old man shouted, “Are you the Demon, Morgott?!!”

“It can’t be Morgott. How could he be here? Nobody can access this place,” the tall old man exclaimed.

James descended upon the ruins. Unable to suppress his injuries, he coughed up a mouthful of blood. Then, he hastily took out a jar of Chaos Absinthe and consumed it.

Instantly, a surge of Chaos Essence flowed through his body, swiftly healing his injuries.

“That was a good fight. Thanks for going easy on me,” James spoke, then discarded Chaos Absinthe and offered his hands at the two old men.

After a momentarily stunned, the pair slowly rose with James’ assistance.

At that moment, Yared, Herodias, and Yegor descended from the void and landed next to James.

The tall old man bellowed, “Yared? Did you purposely bring a powerhouse and orchestrate this fight to humiliate US?!”

“Despicable! You must’ve caused trouble again, huh? Did you offend a Grand Supernatural and break into the Great Historial Land to request assistance from higher powers?” the chubby man interjected, expressing his anger.

Faced with the barrage of angry accusations from the two old men, Yared shrugged helplessly and said, “Don’t pin this on me. He already beat me up just now. We’re old friends, right? We should go through thick and thin together.”

The two old men were visibly taken aback by Yared’s reply. They pondered how strong the young man before them had to be if even Yared was defeated.

“Wait a minute,” the tall old man exclaimed, “the technique you just used was Yianni’s Dawnblaze Form and Terrastride Step.”

The chubby man chimed in, saying, “He was even able to anticipate our movements and suppress our Supernatural Powers. Could it be that he has mastered Yianni’s Chaos Yin-Yang Eyes?”

James put his hands behind his back, answering calmly, “You two are indeed knowledgeable.” The tall old man erupted in disbelief. “No way! That’s impossible! It has been countless eons, but a second powerhouse like Yianni had never emerged from the Ying World. How…”

“It’s been a while, seniors,” Herodias interjected with a gentle smile.

Seeing Herodias, the two old men’s expressions were full of shock. Their eyes widened as they exclaimed simultaneously, “Herodias?”

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