The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6644

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6644-Following another series of thunderous explosions, James’ eight clones shattered the constraint, knocking the chubby old man tens of thousands of meters away.

He regained his balance and said surprisedly, “Who is this man? How does he wield such an extraordinary Supernatural Power?” “Let me have a go at them,” The tall old man declared, immediately positioning himself above the eight clones. He waved his hand, unleashing a gush of Historial Power. Instantly, countless palms materialized across the sky and descended like meteors.

Simultaneously, the chubby old man raised his palms and summoned countless Sword Lights infused with Historial Power. The Sword Lights quickly encircled James’ clones, rapidly constricting and exerting pressure on them.

Seeing James’ clones in imminent danger, Yegot hurriedly warned, “Those are your mental projections, James. You’ll suffer any harm inflicted upon them.

James abruptly opened his eyes, which flashed with gray, black, and white lights.

“Two powerhouses at the Xaeclon Rank? This will be fun,” he remarked with a smile.

The next moment, James transformed into a light beam and appeared in the void. His clones swiftly fused with him. Suddenly, James’ body erupted with a potent force in the shades of gray, black and white.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

James’ gray, black, and white forces clashed with the palms and Sword Lights in the void. A series of staggering explosions ensued, resulting in massive rifts in the void.

“At last, he has revealed himself. It’s rare to find such a powerful opponent here.

Let’s conclude the battle before figuring things out,” the tall man remarked with a boisterous laugh as he peered down at James.

“Fine by me,” the chubby man concurred, then morphed into a spherical ball.

Enveloped in terrifying Historial Power, he commanded the clustered planets to charge at James.

“That’s an amazing Supernatural Power,” James growled, cast the Terrastride Step, and immediately flew into the sky.

Seconds later, the spherical ball and the countless planets shot past James ‘ previous location, stirring up a violent gush of wind.

Suddenly, James appeared behind the tall old man. With a quick raise of his hand, he thrust out his Marcials Power.


Amidst a resounding cacophony, the tall old man swiftly veered sideways, narrowly avoiding the Marciais Power. The force whizzed past him, leaving him visibly shaken.

“Wynneth is the one who attacked you! Why are you coming for me instead?”

the tall old man shouted, then instantly engaged James in close combat.

Their Historial Power and James’ Marcials Power, as well as his tripletoned force, intertwined.

James and the tall old man fought fiercely, each delivering relentless punches and kicks. Their skirmish carried them from the heights of the sky down to the summit of a mountain.

“Impressive skills! Let me show mine!” The chubby old man joined the battle, quickly turning the tides against James.

The three figures flickered across the area rapidly, their powers constantly clashing and destroying everything around them.

In just a short moment, countless mountains were reduced to rubble.

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