The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6445

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6445-Hador wanted to speak but then stopped himself.

He understood that what Dark Thea did was right. Whether as a mother or a wife, there was no reason or excuse to retreat. However, this had fatal consequences for the overall situation of the Ying World.

At the origin of the Marciais Combat Form in the unnamed universe, after two epochs of effort and with Yianni’s Supernatural Power assistance, James not only cleansed his soul and cultivated his mind but also finally strengthened the three merged forces to a more thorough level. He purified them of all impurities, making them more refined, and their power multiplied accordingly.

James looked at the slowly surging tri-colored power in the palm of his hand and suddenly asked, “Mr. Yianni, what should I call this power?”

“It’s up to you.” Yianni drank the Chaos Absinthe given by James. “At least when I reached the Fourth Marciais Combat Form, I derived nothing else other than the Marciais Power.”

James frowned. “It’s clear this merged power of mine is stronger than the Marciais Power.”

“Of course,” Yianni said lightly. “The Marciais Power was originally created to restrain the Historial Power. Now, you can merge two opposing forces with Chaos Essence and even infuse them with the power of Yin and Yang. What’s more surprising is that you can control them at will. This exceeds my expectations.”

Yianni raised his empty glass and sighed, “It seems that the conflict of the Yin and Yang Worlds caused by the Marciais Power and the Historial Power will finally be resolved in this way.”

James was puzzled as he looked at Yianni. “It sounds like you’re not happy with this?”

“Of course, I’m happy. It’s just that I suddenly understood something,” Yianni replied slowly. “What have we been fighting for all these years, to the extent of causing suffering to countless living beings and creating chaos in the Yin and Yang Worlds, ultimately benefiting Tai Chi?”

Listening to Yianni’s reflection, James was full of doubt. “Isn’t Tai Chi on the side of the Historial Power? Naturally, she also respects the Historial Power, right?”

“It’s not like that.” Yianni shook his head. Then, he calmly recounted the situation.

Essentially, the Marciais Power and the Historial Power were both suitable for all living beings to cultivate.

However, the Marciais Power focused more on physical training, from the outside to the inside, deriving powerful Martial Path Power. With close combat strength as its advantage, it was capable of displaying transcendent strength in battle.

On the other hand, the Historial Power mainly focused on cultivating energy, absorbing the powerful aura from various worlds for its own use, primarily using energy to transform Supernatural Power, with long-range attacks as its main focus.

Between the two, cultivation in the Marciais Combat Form was long and arduous, with slow progress in enhancing the cultivation base, but it could cross realms in battle and had tremendous potential.

The Historial Power was based on the Empyrean Spiritual Energy, relatively easy to cultivate, with relatively low requirements for talent, but it had the suspicion of being superficially strong.

What Tai Chi comprehended was the Tai Chi Power, which was not classified under the Historial Power or the Marciais Combat Form. Hence, this was the reason she could ascend to the position of Tai Chi.

After listening to his explanation, James finally understood.

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