The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6443

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6443-The two stood facing each other across a mysterious formation, like archenemies born of countless epochs of grudges and vendettas.

Dark Thea sized him up with a sinister smirk and a look of disdain on her face, while Lonnie stared back, his expression a mixture of vigilance and unease.

“Lonnie Curtis, why don’t you kneel when you see me?” Dark Thea asked.

Lonnie hesitated for a moment, then was about to kneel but immediately straightened up. “Yin governor, you’re no longer a God under the Law of Tai Chi. You…”

“Fine.” Dark Thea nodded with a wicked grin. “Looks like your backbone has hardened. You’ve completely forgotten our past camaraderie.”

Lonnie’s face twitched, then he lowered his head in embarrassment. “No… it’s not, Yin governor. I-I just…”

“It’s okay.” Dark Thea beckoned to Lonnie with a crooked finger. “Come here, I’ll tell you a secret.”

Lonnie was stunned for a moment, then furrowed his brows in hesitation.

“Don’t you want to know who caused you to lose your wife back then?” Dark Thea said.

Lonnie’s face immediately paled, then his eyes darted around, and cautiously he approached.

Dark Thea suddenly let out a sinister laugh as soon as Lonnie took a few steps forward. A huge black lotus bloomed behind her, morphing into countless evil illusory hands that broke through the mysterious formation and grabbed Lonnie directly.

Lonnie was startled. “You deceived me…”

Before he could finish his words, he was enveloped by Dark Thea’s Dark Heavenly Path Power and forcibly pulled into the Yin’s Void formation.

In the next moment, the suppression formation quickly activated, and the immense Marciais Power rushed towards Lonnie, completely suppressing him.

As the Marciais Power grew stronger, Lonnie’s body began to contort, ensnared by Dark Thea’s illusory hands. His face twisted in agony.

However, Dark Thea did not give Lonnie much chance to scream. Countless illusory hands from the Dark Lotus behind her were thrown out and swiftly engulfed him.

Lonnie roared repeatedly. With each agonizing roar, Lonnie quickly manifested into a giant dragon, but he could only swing his massive head and tail in a frantic attack against Dark Thea, all while entangled by countless illusory hands.

Dark Thea’s current power could easily match that of Hador at the Third Xaeclon Rank. Even in a head- on confrontation, she could defeat Lonnie.

However, Dark Thea’s Dark Heavenly Path Power was not only enhanced but also virtually invincible within the Yin’s Void. Coupled with Lonnie being suppressed by the countless Marciais Power of the mysterious formation, his strength was greatly diminished in an instant.

Just as Dark Thea was about to kill Lonnie, Hador and Yrian rushed over into the void.

“Don’t kill him, Yin governor. He’s still useful,” said Hador.

“Spare him, Yin governor,” Yrian added.

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