The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6442

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6442-In the restricted area of the Ying World, Dark Thea looked at Hador. “How long will he need for this journey, and can he succeed?”

“I have no idea.” Hador shook his head helplessly. “I haven’t even set foot in that mysterious place before being driven out.”

“You’re the one who sent him there,” Dark Thea said coldly. “If he doesn’t return, I’ll turn your entire Ying World upside down.”

Faced with Dark Thea’s threat, Hador was taken aback. He opened his mouth as if to speak but hesitating.

At that moment, a dragon’s roar echoed through the void, and Yrian shimmered into view with radiant light.

“Sir Hador, on the edge of the Yin’s Void, Lonnie Curtis arrogantly declared that he wants to challenge the entire Ying World.”

Hador frowned slightly. “Lonnie wants to challenge the Ying World?”

Yrian raised his head immediately. “He requests entry into the Yin’s Void to fairly challenge all the powerhouses in the Ying World.”

Hador could not help but sneer. “Lonnie, as the leader of the Four Symbols, when did he become so audacious?”

“After all, he’s already at the Second Xaeclon Rank,” Yrian said slowly. “In his view, our Ying World has long been in decline, perhaps not even harboring a Daeclon Rank powerhouse.”

With that, Yrian looked at Hador. “Sir Hador, may I take on this fight?”

“No.” Hador shook his head and sighed softly, “The Chosen One is right. You’re a talent and shouldn’t be placed in such circumstances.”

Turning to Dark Thea, he asked, “Yin governor, didn’t you want to practice? What are your thoughts on Lonnie?”

Dark Thea shouted, “Just say it outright if you want to use me to kill for your Ying World. There’s no need for such grandiose speech.”

Hador felt embarrassed, scratching his nose and chuckling, “So, do you want to fight this battle?”

Dark Thea smirked mischievously and suddenly waved her sleeves, instantly transforming into a pink light shooting straight up into the sky.

Hador and Yrian exchanged glances, both shaking their heads with wry smiles.

They both knew that as long as she intervened, not even Lonnie, let alone the Yang governor, would necessarily emerge unscathed.

Their speculation proved correct. Dark Thea flashed, appearing at the edge of the Yin’s Void exit. With one hand behind her back, she looked at the situation outside the mysterious formation.

The army gathered outside, and living beings surged forward. Their frenzied shouts created a fiery atmosphere.

“Cowardly Ying World dogs, come out and fight!

“Dark Demons, you’ve done wrong, and now you cower in a corner in fright!”

Listening to the uniform chants and clamor, Dark Thea exclaimed, “You even came up with rhymes, but they’re so cheesy.”

With that, two evil red lights flashed in her eyes, piercing through the mysterious formation and directly hitting the living beings outside.

With a thunderous roar, those clamoring living beings exploded one after another, their souls scattering on the spot.

Immediately afterward, the multitude of living beings outside fell into chaos, scattering and fleeing in all directions.

“Tsk, small fry!” Dark Thea waved her hand, her face contorted with disdain.

Just then, in the chaotic void outside the Yin’s Void, an incomparably huge azure dragon surged forward with a shocking roar. Wherever it passed, all fleeing living beings were shattered, and their souls scattered.

Suddenly, the dragon flashed and transformed into a middle-aged man in a green robe instantly. He appeared in front of Dark Thea.

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