The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6437

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6437-James spat out blood. With bloodshot eyes, he looked furious.

The living beings portraying Yegor, Lyla and Rebella smiled evilly as if they had won.

“Go to hell.”

Suddenly, James roared. The terrifying Chaos Essence exploded again.

Once the black-and-white light spread, Yegor, Lyla and Rebella flew away. All of them spat out blood. They were severely injured as they fell to the ground.

James turned around heavily and stared at them with Murderous Energy. “It’s time for the game to end.”

“Why?” Spitting a mouthful of blood, Yegor roared, “Why do our main selves want to get rid of us? How are we affecting their cultivation? Why must they keep us in this boundless darkness and suffering?”

“That’s right.” Lyla spat out blood and snorted. “Although we are our main selves’ emotions and desires, they created us. Then, they found us annoying and kicked us away. They don’t have a conscience.”

Rebella said, “Now, we aren’t only emotions and desires. Although we can’t get out of this illusion, our cultivation has improved. We can become living beings.”

Hearing their roars, James, who was initially filled with Murderous Energy, was stunned.

At this time, the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell flew out from his Ultimate Golden Body. It turned into a terrifying lightsaber. Following three loud sounds, it shattered Yegor, Lyla and Rebella instantly.

James was astonished when he saw that.

Lesia didn’t stop controlling the lightsaber. She turned around and headed to Thea who had turned into the Heavenly Path in the sky.

In the sky, Thea was about to activate the Heavenly Path Power when Lesia pierced her body with the terrifying lightsaber.

“James, you’re ruthless. I will never forgive you,” roared Thea. Then, she exploded in the void and disappeared.

Seeing that countless people James knew were rushing toward James, Lesia didn’t hesitate at all. After shattering the fake Thea of the Heavenly Path, she turned into countless Sword Lights and went toward the group of familiar figures.

Under the loud explosions, Lesia moved like a life harvester. With only a sword, she killed all the living beings present.

James was shocked. Lesia turned into a huge sword and appeared before James.

“You are too emotional. This is your weakness. If you don’t kill all of them, you will be stuck in this illusion forever and won’t get out of it.”

James’ heart trembled. He looked up. “Lesia, aren’t they real?”

“They are formed by your Inner Demon.” Lesia said, “This is all Hador’s fault. He should give you the Xeme Supreme Sutra, yet he skipped this step, causing you to be trapped here.

“Let me tell you this. If you keep thinking about these people, they will appear immediately. They will use all kinds of methods to get close to you. Then, they will launch a critical attack on you.

“Your Ultimate Golden Body might be useful in the outside world, but in front of their ever-changing changes, it can’t defend you.”

After hearing Lesia’s words, James took a sharp breath. “Is this also a trial?”

“Of course.” Lesia explained, “The reason I asked you to learn the four Supernatural Powers in the Ying World is because of this.

“Do you still remember? When you arrived here, you used the Terrastride Step and Dawnblaze Form. After arriving on this star, you used the Chaos Yin-Yang Eyes to break the darkness and see the light.

“However, you are trapped here because you didn’t cultivate the Xeme Supreme Sutra. If you thinking of something, that thing will happen in front of you. Everyone will appear before you.”

When James heard that, his face twitched. “How do I break this illusion?”

“Meditation.” Lesia instructed, “You can’t be distracted by the outside world. You have to keep thinking that you want to cultivate the Marciais Combat Form Power to its peak. You can’t hesitate at all.”

After hearing Lesia’s words, James did as she said. He sat on the ground in a lotus position and closed his eyes.

His Zen entered the Golden Bones. Sensing the changes of the three powers, he got rid of all distracting thoughts.

Soon, three powers exuded from his Ultimate Golden Body. They floated above James’ head. It was as if they wanted to fuse into one.

At this time, Jacopo and the others appeared around James again. Dark Thea was among them.

When she saw that, Lesia sighed helplessly. “They’re here again. I’ll teach them a lesson today.”

Then, she turned the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell into a lightsaber again. Following the loud sounds, she shattered the familiar figures again.

However, as they were shattered, more and more familiar figures appeared in the void. It was neverending.

“Why do you have so many distracting thoughts?” Lesia exclaimed. Then, he pushed out Hemera and Fennec from the lightsaber made of the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell.

The three spirits attacked all the familiar figures created by James’ distracting thoughts. They carried out a massacre.

Nonetheless, they realized that the more people they killed, the number of the figures increased. It was endless.

After killing a wave of distracting thoughts, Lesia used the lightsaber to knock James’ head.

James looked up.

“Let out your pet bird. You can only get rid of your thoughts and this illusion with her around,” said Lesia.

“Pet bird?” James frowned. “Do you mean Yukha?”

Lesia urged, “Hurry up, or you’ll never get out of this illusion.”

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