The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6431

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6431-“Cultivation?” Hador laughed and asked, “Is cultivation still important to you right now?”

James was taken aback.

“Let me phrase it in this way.” Hador sighed. “Another great nine-star powerhouse has appeared in Ying World again. The disciple has surpassed his teacher.”

A great nine-star powerhouse?

James was shocked. Had he become stronger than Hador, the Grand Patriarch of Ying World? How was that possible?

After the fight against Hador, although they were evenly matched, James couldn’t defeat him. He flew back from the impact and spat out blood in the end.

He wanted to speak up, but Hador beat him to it. “James, it’s time for me to let you meet someone you should meet. That’s your final fortune.”

Upon hearing that, James frowned. “I still need to meet someone? It’s never-ending.” “Don’t you want to know about the secret of the Fourth Marciais Combat Form?” Hador asked.

Hearing that, James widened his eyes. “Mr. Hador, do you mean the person I’m going to meet is the powerhouse in Daeclon Rank who created the Marciais Combat Form?”

Hador smiled but kept silent. He stared at James meaningfully.

“Say something,” urged James anxiously.

“I’ll give you some time to talk to your wife.” With his hands behind his back, Hador smiled and said, ‘Then, we’ll meet the person that you want to meet the most.”

Now, James knew for sure that he was going to meet Yianni, the person who created Marciais Combat Form. He couldn’t suppress his excitement. Hurriedly, he flashed to the mysterious sanctuary of Ying World.

When he appeared in the mysterious sanctuary of Ying World, Dark Thea was sitting in a lotus position on a mountain peak. She was surrounded by evil energy. The power was intimidating.

She was already enchanting, but now, she looked even more charming. She was probably the most beautiful person in the world.

“Darling,” shouted James.

Thea’s eyelids moved. She shuddered but didn’t speak.

“Why aren’t you speaking?” James walked toward her.

“Don’t come near me.” Dark Thea waved her hand and stopped him. “I’m scared of you. stop troubling me.”

James felt awkward. “It has been a long time. Haven’t you recovered…”

With her eyes shut, Thea snorted and said, “You’re evil. If you dare to come over, I will consume you.”

James was at a loss for words. He didn’t expect his wife would dislike him for being strong in that aspect.

Feeling helpless, he could only find a place to sit near her. He gazed at Dark Thea, spaced out. His expression was full of love.

When Dark Thea felt awkward about being stared at for a long time, she said, “I’m on the verge of becoming a demon. I won’t recognize anyone by then. I will consume anyone. Then, you will no longer like me!” “Nonsense!” James rolled his eyes. “I will follow you everywhere. If you become a demon, can’t I become the Demon Lord?”

Upon hearing that, Dark Thea opened her eyes. Looking at James, who had a smug expression, she laughed.

Her laugh sounded beautiful.

It was the first time she laughed ever since she got rid of her emotions and desires.

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