The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6430

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6430-The Yang governor roared, “Do you believe his bullshit? The Law of Paths has already imprisoned Yegor and Herodias. How could they…”

Lonnie frantically explained, “They’re imprisoned in Tirta’s exotic space.”

The Yang governor, who was furious, suddenly froze. Nobody had informed him of this development.

After a brief silence, he tossed the young man aside and abruptly stood up.

“It seems I must confront them personally. Herodias and Yegor also contributed to my great humiliation.”

With that said, he turned to Lonnie and ordered, “Guard this place. When James leaves the Yin’s Void, report to me immediately.”

After leaving these words, he vanished.

Lonnie stood up with sweat pouring down his face. His expression reflected the terror of a narrow escape from a disaster.

Meanwhile, the entire Ying World was plunged into chaos. James and Hador were still locked in a fierce battle. Surrounding mountains, trees, buildings, and universes bore the brunt of their destructive clash.

Fortunately, Yrian relocated all the Ying World’s living beings to a safe space, sparing them from total devastation.

Despite the destruction, James and Hador continued their relentless duel.

They were evenly matched and refused to yield an inch.

James relied on his Pure Yang Body and the Ultimate Golden Body as the foundation while using the Dawnblaze Form and the Terrastride step as his supporting skills. His Chaos Yin-Yang Eyes were locked onto Hador, allowing him to effectively predict, intercept, and launch counterattacks.

On the other hand, Hador fought purely with the strength of his Third Xaeclon Rank. Even without using any Supernatural Powers, he handled the battle easily.


Another deafening roar echoed as James and Hador fought. Their palms met with tremendous force, sending them both hurtling backward.

However, while Hador retreated hundreds of light-years and steadied himself, James was propelled back thousands of light-years and even coughed up some blood.

Hador shook off the impact, then burst into laughter, “Haha! Amazing! That was amazing!”

James regained his composure and used the Dawnblaze Form to reappear before Hador. Then, he asked, “Let’s go again.” “No more fighting. That’s enough for me. With your Ultimate Golden Body, Pure Yang Body, and Chaos Essence, you do not need to learn the Xeme Supreme Sutra.” Hador waved dismissively, chuckling at James.

‘Tour pure and profound Marciais Power has already surpassed mine, James. I have nothing more to teach you.”

James examined his Ultimate Golden Body. There were gray, black, and white powers gently swirling on his skin’s surface, exuding an enigmatic aura and imbuing him with great strength.

After the battle, James felt he had gained greater control over the three powers, which were now more potent than his Marcials Power.

Moreover, a trace of his Historial Power, which had supposedly vanished, had resurfaced. In essence, he possessed Marcials Power, Historial Power, as well as Yin-Yang Power harmonized by the fusion of Chaos Essence.

James lifted his head happily and asked, “Does this mean I’ve passed the fourth trial?” Hador nodded and said smilingly, ‘The Xeme Supreme Sutra teaches how to harmonize powers. However, you’ve already mastered using Chaos Essence and can now control these three major forces. Hence, you no longer need to learn the sutra.”

James asked excitedly, “So what’s my cultivation rank now?”

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