The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6428

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6428-Tears rolled down Lucille’s cheeks after she saw the truth. She swung her sleeves and left sorrowfully.

At that moment, Dark Thea opened her eyes and looked at James sitting before her.

James immediately said, “Don’t speak. I’ll deal with you after getting through this.” Thea stayed silent. She knew he would refuse another woman. However, she was willing to allow it since his safety was the priority.

At that moment, James connected his palms with Thea’s delicate palms.

Immediately afterward, countless black-and-white powers connected through their bodies.

Dark Thea exclaimed, “Again? You’re too much!”

James’ black-and-white powers wrapped around her. Then, a mysterious pink light surrounded the area once again.

Meanwhile, Hador looked at Lucille, who had returned with tears and sighed.

“I miscalculated. It’s my fault you were humiliated.”

Lucille took a deep breath and said, “We’re from two different worlds.

Ultimately, both parties have to be willing.”

After speaking, Lucille wiped away her tears. Then, she smiled and said, “I also don’t think it was a humiliation. I merely learned about my position.

“I’d like to follow you and learn my father’s Supernatural Powers. After I take my revenge, my cultivation journey will end, and I’d like to recover from the heartbreak.”

Hador frowned and said, “You…”

Lucille said slowly, “I’m just telling the truth. Love is too bitter, and justice is too hard to prevail. I can deal with neither. I-“

Before she could finish speaking, James rose from the forbidden land. He hovered in the sky with a Tai Chi diagram below his feet and countless powers surrounding his body. “Let’s fight, Sir Hador!”

Startled, Hador quickly shielded Lucille.

The next moment, James rushed over and attacked.

The surroundings immediately dimmed. His terrifying power shattered Hador’s barrier and headed straight for his body.

Seeing James rushing through the sky, Hador’s expression changed. He quickly grabbed Lucille and dodged the attack. “He became so strong in just a short while?” Just when he finished speaking, James cast the Terrastride step and approached again.

Hador pushed Lucille away and summoned his Marciais Power to engage in a close-quarter battle with James.

The two exchanged countless moves in the blink of an eye. Their images flashed across the sky, and their powerful forces clashed, then spread in all directions.

Terrifying shock waves permeated and destroyed countless universes and planets.

Their sudden battle was intense and caused the Yin’s Void to tremble.

Everyone within it watched in shock.

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