The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6426

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6426-Meanwhile, Lucille, who was in the Zvecha Temple, opened her eyes.

After staying in seclusion for an entrapoch, she had completely transformed and was reborn.

“Not bad. You have a Six-Star Combat Power now.”

At that moment, a gentle, elderly voice came from the entrance.

Lucille immediately descended to the ground in shock. Hador smiled and walked over with his hands behind his back.

She asked, “Who are you?”

Hador twirled his white beard and said smilingly, ‘You should be calling me your Great Grandfather.”

Lucille hurriedly knelt and said, it’s an honor to meet you.”

Hador smiled and supported her up, saying, “That’s enough. You look very much like your mother.”

Lucille lowered her head awkwardly.

Hador said, ‘Your heart is troubled.”

She shook her head and said, “I’m not. My only goal is to avenge my parents.”

Hador asked, ‘Then what about James?”

Lucille’s heart pounded after hearing his name. After she had escaped from Xachary’s control, James was the first person she thought of seeking shelter from.

She searched all of the Genesis Worlds but could not find him. Tai Chi had issued a death order, and he became the biggest public enemy. He either escaped to the Forladtt Land or the Dark Genesis World.

Since she could not enter the Forladtt Land, her only choice was to visit the Dark World to try her luck. Unexpectedly, she bumped into Quattro and learned about James’ whereabouts.

She chased after his footsteps but was almost killed when she entered the Jaert Region. If it had not been for Clayton, she would not have survived until now.

James was someone she could rely on. After hearing Hador mention his name, she knew he was trying to hint at something.

Lucille looked at him and asked, is he under you now?”

Hador said smilingly, “How would I dare have him serve under me? He’s the Chosen One, the hope of the Ying World.”

Lucille asked, “Where is here right now? Can I see him?”

Hador said lightly, “Perhaps it is only at a time like this he will need you the most, and you’ll have a place in his heart.”

Lucille looked at him confusedly and asked, “I don’t understand.”

Hador stared at her and asked, “Do you like him?”

Lucille lowered her head and replied, “We met by chance and fought together in a life-and-death battle in the Timaeus Sect. Our relationship isn’t love, though. We’re just like-minded friends.”

Hador frowned and said, “But he needs you to sleep with him, and it’s most likely you won’t be given a status. Even so, will you help him?”

Lucille looked at him in complete disbelief.

Hador said calmly, “I’m sorry for being abrupt, but I had no other choice. If you’re unwilling, then I won’t force you. I’ll look for someone else.” Lucille asked eagerly, “What kind of trouble did he get into? Why do you need me to…to do that with him?”

Hador explained how James had consumed the Supreme Thousand and its consequences and benefits. Naturally, he also mentioned Dark Thea. However, in his opinion, she was not enough to help James absorb and refine the force.

If James failed to overcome this obstacle, it would be hard for him to cultivate the Xeme Supreme Sutra and reach the peak of the Marciais Combat Form.

Hador did not hide anything from Lucille and was very frank.

Lucille fell silent and pouted after hearing everything.

For powerhouses at their level, they had gone through reincarnation multiple times. Hence, chastity and innocence were not that important to them. Even so, Lucille was a woman and still felt embarrassed about physical intimacy. It was difficult for her to decide, and she was in a dilemma.

Moreover, Lucille was not sure if she liked James.

Hador sighed, ‘Time is running out. If you continue to hesitate, I’ll pretend I never asked. I’ll look for someone else. I can’t just watch him die.”

Seeing Hadorturn around, Lucille shouted, “Wait.”

Hador turned around and asked, “Are you willing to do it?”

Lucille nodded gently with a flushed face.

Hador reminded her, “Remember, I was the one who took you there by force. You were utterly clueless.

“As for whatever happens next, it’ll be up to fate.”

After speaking, Hador raised his hand, and a power wrapped around Lucille. The next moment, they disappeared from the Zvecha Temple.

Shortly after, a black shadow appeared and took Yrian’s form. He looked at the empty hall, and his heart suddenly tensed. “Sir Hador was here. Could it be he is trying to use Franciscus’ daughter…”

At that moment, Clayton walked over with a wine gourd and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Stunned, Yrian turned around and asked, “Have you seen Sir Hador?” “I didn’t see a green bull. What’s wrong? I heard you mention Lucille just now. Where is she?” Clayton frowned.

Yrian rubbed his nose embarrassedly and said with a bitter smile, “Perhaps Sir Hador has created an opportunity for her.”

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