The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6422

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6422-Hador sighed softly and shook his head helplessly. Yrian most likely had a better relationship with James. For him to make the request now would be disrespectful and inappropriate.

“Sir Hador-” Yrian began.

Hador waved his hand and interrupted him, saying, “We’ll help the Chosen One with all our resources, and we won’t interfere with Taotie’s punishment.”

Yrian fell silent.

Taotie let out a despairful groan, then rushed over to the area where James and Dark Thea were. When he saw the purple-pink light in the air, he stopped in his tracks.

Suddenly, Lesia’s voice resounded. “If you dare to go near them right now, I’ll widen your mouth.”

Taotie growled helplessly, “What do you want?” Lesia sneered, “Just wait. You’re so lazy but arrogant. Who allowed your bad habits to form?”

Taotie was speechless.

Lesia shouted, “Hemera, Fennec! Can you two calm down a little? You’re already so stuffed!”

At that moment, a beautiful red-haired woman flew out of the purple-pink light and appeared before Taotie.

Dark Thea said solemnly, “How dare you bully my man? In this life, you’ll only be worthy of being a mount!” After speaking, she raised her hand, and a huge black lotus appeared behind her. Tens of thousands of little black lotuses emerged from it and quickly surrounded Taotie.

Then, a purple-pink light surrounded Taotie’s massive body, causing him to let out a miserable roar.

“Woah! Master’s wife is so cool!” Lesia swayed her feet inside the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell while admiring Dark Thea.

Meanwhile, Hemera muttered, “Does this mean we have one more companion?”

Fennec shook his head, saying, “I don’t like this smelly guy.”

Lesia immediately retorted, “Idiot. He is a mount and not even qualified to be a pet. He isn’t on the same level as US.”

Fennec giggled after hearing her reply.

The next moment, Taotie let out a muffled groan, and his body began to shrink.

Dark Thea gently tapped at the purple-pink mist, extracted a trace of James ‘ blood, and inserted it into Taotie’s body.

The miniature Taotie was instantly enveloped with black-and-white light rays.

Afterward, Dark Thea turned to James with longing eyes.

She wanted to leave but was reluctant to leave him. After all, he had gone through a lot to help her regain her memories and reunite.

However, her hatred toward Tai Chi was irreconcilable. She could not bear the thought of James fighting for her sake again. However…

Just while she was contemplating, a black figure flashed over from the void.

Yrian immediately appeared before them.

Dark Thea asked murderously, “Are you going to stop me again?”

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