The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6421

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6421-Dark Thea said solemnly, “I’m running out of time. I’ve already severed my emotions and desires. However, trust me, we’re still husband and wife in my heart. You’re the most important person to me.”

After speaking, Dark Thea’s body unleashed a purple-pink light and wrapped around them. Then, she embraced James once again.

Immediately afterward, the light shone brighter, and the two of them finally shared a sentimental moment of reunion. Words could not express their feelings or actions. Dark Thea did not know how else to express her feelings toward him other than dedicating herself to him.

As the two combined their cultivation bases, the void lit up with purple-pink light rays, forming a pink mist and an indescribably beautiful scene.

Meanwhile, Hador met with Yrian in a mysterious realm within the Ying World and recounted everything James had said.

Yrian took a deep breath and said, “I didn’t expect him to have such detailed consideration. It seems the Ying World has hope to return to the outside world again.”

Hador nodded and sighed, “He is very thoughtful, courageous, and strategic. He is a special existence. However, we have an important problem to solve.”

Yrian asked, “The Ying governor?”

Hador nodded, saying, “Yeah. Although the Ying governor has recovered her past memories, she has already severed her emotions and desires. It was inevitable she’d leave and return to the Yang World. Her desire for revenge has been suppressed for too long. Now that she has understood the Dark Heavenly Path Power, she won’t let Tai Chi go.”

Yrian frowned and said, “She’s the Chosen One’s weakness. Wherever she goes, he will go after her. If we let her go right now, then our past hard work will be in vain. He still hasn’t passed the fourth trial or cultivated the Forth Marciais Combat Form.”

Hador sighed, “So you’re saying she shouldn’t leave the Ying World? But if we force her to stay, we’ll inevitably have a conflict. The Ying governor is not weaker than us now.

“If she fights back, our relationship with the Chosen One will definitely be affected.”

Yrian said hurriedly, “There’s a way to keep her here.”

Hador asked, “The half of her Ultimate Golden Body?”

Yrian nodded and said, “Yeah. It’s the only thing in the Ying World that can temporarily put a hold on her desire for revenge.

Hador shook his head and said, ” We must help her cast a new Ultimate Golden Body. It’ll be more attractive to her.”

Yrian said surprisedly, “This…”

Before he could finish speaking, Hador interrupted him.

He had an idea about what to do with the Ying governor, but he was unsure. Hence, he came to inquire about Yrian’s opinion.

Since Yrian’s thoughts were consistent with his, he made up his mind.

At that moment, Taotie rushed over to them. He stopped in the sky above the area and repeatedly nodded at Yrian and Hador.

Yrian chuckled and said, “Look who’s willing to lower his head now.”

Hador snorted. “What’s the use? It’s your fault for wasting the chance.”

Yrian laughed. “He was already tortured enough. Didn’t you already build a relationship with the Chosen One? How about asking him to spare Taotie?”

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