The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6416

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6416-“You’ve been wise all your life, so why are you being reckless now?” Hador said, then summoned his Marciais Power to surround James.

At that moment, Dark Thea suddenly moved.

An overwhelming evil power burst out from her body, manifesting into numerous purple-pink light rays and charged at James.

Sensing the danger, James immediately cast the Dawnblaze Form and soared into the sky.

The purple-pink light rays clashed with the Marciais Power, causing a loud explosion.

James, who had already dodged into the distance, was shocked by the sight. He never expected Thea not to recognize him. Moreover, her powers were potent and violent.

Before he could think about his next step, Dark Thea had rushed toward him.

Hador shouted hurriedly, “Be careful, James. She’s trying to devour you.”

James did not dodge but instead showed a determined expression.

“Move!” Hador shouted and sped over.

The evil power swept toward him rapidly and gradually permeated the area. At that moment, James felt an overwhelming suppression.

The Dark Heavenly Path Power instantly imprisoned everything in the area. Even Hador was blocked out from it.

The next moment, thousands of illusory hands burst out from Thea and grabbed James.

“Are you serious?” James frowned and immediately cast the Dawnblaze Form to disappear from the spot again.

Dark Thea’s attacks missed the target. She quickly turned around but collided with James, who was already behind her.

James had already prepared the memory inscription and quickly thrust it at Dark Thea’s forehead. However, she reached out and knocked him away.

“I was reckless,” James exclaimed as he was sent flying tens of thousands of light-years away. When he stabilized himself, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

James lowered his head and saw a purple-pink palm print on his Ultimate Golden Body. He was surprised Dark Thea was so powerful. It seemed that he would have to risk his life to return the memory inscription to her body.

At that moment, Dark Thea charged at him with a potent evil power again.

Hador quickly intercepted her.

Dark Thea and Hador cast Supernatural Powers, resulting in an intense battle. They were evenly matched, and the countless universes around them began to rotate rapidly. Their raging powers destroyed several planets.

The shock waves caused by their confrontation would wipe out ordinary living beings. As it spread throughout the universes, many areas were destroyed.

Hador used a mysterious Supernatural Power to attack at various speeds. Faced with Dark Thea’s attacks, he was able to neutralize them. However, he could not get close to her.

Dark Thea was like a ferocious beast, and her power was explosive.

James clenched his fist while he watched them fight.

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