The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6335

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6335-“We need to hold him still first.” Yegor sighed. “It’ll be over if he destroys the soul fragments before I can imbue them into his body.

“We need to be extra cautious for this step.” i’ll do it.” Clayton extended his arms and unleashed the Sylverstar Power, the powers of the Four Symbols.

In a flash, the four mythical beasts materialized around the superformation and began rotating around it. A powerful force was created by the beasts.

Unfortunately, the crazed James did not seem to be affected in the slightest. He was still moving freely within the superformation.

Yegor, Herodias, and Clayton had run out of ideas for what to do at that point.

Suddenly, a beam of light came down from the sky and shone over James.

The serene, ethereal light seemed to be able to calm James down. James appeared to enjoy basking in that light as he slowly got into a seated position.

The three cultivators on the ground lifted their gazes. They saw two Heavenly Paths, each emanating a sacred glow, appear below the Tirta Grand Formation.

The two Heavenly Paths, a man and a woman, unleashed the Heavenly Path Power and made the entire space warm.

“The Light Heavenly Path.” Yegor frowned slightly. “Who’s the other Heavenly Path?” “He’s the Livius Heavenly Path.” Herodias said, “Who knew James was acquainted with these two Heavenly Paths? They are even willing to help James even though this violates the Law of Tai Chi.”

Just then, a golden rat-shaped pattern materialized above James’ head and spun slowly. Coupled with the pure Heavenly Path Power, it made James calmer.

“Yegor, hurry!” Clayton turned his attention back to their biggest priority now, incorporating the soul fragments into James’ body.

While James remained still, Yegor cast seven soul fragments toward James’ head one by one.

James’ eyes flew open as soon as the soul fragments fused into his body.

Quasar Light flashed across his orbs. Then, James seemed to become violent again.

Simultaneously, the two Heavenly Paths cast their powers on James again to hold him still.

Yegor quickly seized the opportunity and cast another three soul fragments into James’ head.

When it was done, James began emanating a blinding black and white light from his body.

As the lights spread out to his surroundings, they shattered the Heavenly Path Power and the Sylverstar Power holding James down.

Yegor shouted to alert the others, “We need to reinforce the formation!

Otherwise, he’ll escape from here!”

Clayton was the first to act as he raised both hands and channeled his powers toward the formation placed around James.

Herodias immediately cast the Tirta Power toward the formation as well.

For a moment, the black and white lights surrounded James’ body as he spun quickly mid-air.

Suddenly, malicious energy flowed out of James’ body. In a matter of seconds, the energy transformed into a purplish-red light and engulfed the black and white lights.

James was soon glowing with a red light from head to feet. Even his hair color turned into an eerie shade of red.

“Shit! He’s experiencing demonization!” Yegor exclaimed.

“What do we do now?” Herodias asked anxiously.

“We can’t do anything.” Yegor said with resignation, “We can only watch and wait now.” “Demonization?” Clayton furrowed his brows. “Isn’t that the indication of having a Pure Yang Body?” “If one fails to stabilize the Pure Yang Body, the person may end up suffering demonization without the help of the Yin Energy.”

Yegor sounded agitated as he continued, in the best-case scenario, James will lose control and destroy everything in his path. In the worst case, his body will explode due to an excess of Pure Yang Energy.”

Clayton asked, “What if we have the Yin governor’s help?” “Right! The Yin governor!” Yegor nodded. “Let’s get her to come here.”

Clayton conjured a gigantic hand that reached up to the sky. However, before the hand could move out of the area of the sacred lights, the Light Heavenly Path destroyed the hand with a blast.

Clayton was about to yell at the lady when he saw her descend from the sky.

The Light Heavenly Path entered the superformation and stopped before James.

“All of you should leave first.” The Light Heavenly Path waved her hand and surrounded James and herself with a thick layer of Heavenly Path Power.

Upon hearing her words, Herodias, Yegor, and Clayton exited the hall. Then, they set up another formation around the building.

“The Light Heavenly Path was in a relationship with James previously.” Herodias frowned.

“However, she’s become the Light Heavenly Path and lost all mortal emotions and desires. How come she showed up here to help James?” “She’s different from the other Heavenly Paths.” Clayton responded, “She was forced by Tai Chi to become the Heavenly Path. Therefore, she didn’t lose her emotions completely.”

Yegor looked at Clayton and Herodias. “The Light Heavenly Path was the Timaeus Sect’s priestess in the past.

“I’ve witnessed how much the two of them love each other. Even the Law of Tai Chi could not e rase her feelings for him completely.

“It would be wonderful if she could help James activate the Pure Yang Body.”

“Can she, though?” Clayton asked worriedly.

Herodias scrunched her nose slightly. “I’m feeling a little doubtful too.” “Uh… I think anyone can help James through this situation now as long as they are a woman?” Yegor replied with a shrug.

Herodias and Clayton were rendered speechless by his reply.

Just then, they could hear a lady’s cry coming from inside the hall. It was the Light Heavenly Path’s voice.

“Oh no!” Herodias rushed toward the hall’s entrance, but Yegor quickly stood in her way.

Herodias shouted at him, “What are you doing?!”

Yegor let out a soft sigh. “You gave birth to a son before. Yet, you didn’t notice what the noise was about?”

Herodias paused briefly. Then, she blushed scarlet and stepped aside.

Meanwhile, Clayton curled his lips. “That guy is really lucky, huh? I told him to court the most beautiful lady in the world. Yet, he managed to bed the Light Heavenly Path.”

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