The Almighty Dragon General chapter 6114-6115

The Almighty Dragon General chapter 6114-6115-Ten Thousand Demon Prison, at the entrance.

The lonely spirit and the holy son flew to the ground one after the other.

Looking at the Devil Soul Road leading to the wasteland, colorful light filled the sky, and they showed shocked expressions at the same time.

“In this wasteland, there is actually such a vision?” The Holy Son snorted coldly with his hands on his back, “It won’t be some demons and demons crossing the calamity, right?”

Lonely Ling glanced at him with disgust: “Tianyunce, what are you doing here, don’t you have your own business?”

“Lonely Spirit, you don’t want to look like this.” Tian Yunce sighed lightly: “We are now husband and wife…”

“You shut up.” The lonely spirit immediately interrupted him: ‘I will not promise to marry you.

“You were raised by my father, and ten thousand silverfish have long been planted in your soul.” Tianyunce sneered: “Moreover, I have mastered the secret technique of urging ten thousand silverfish insects, once urged, you will not be able to survive, and you will not be able to seek death.”

Tianyunce tugged on Lonely Ling’s collar and said grimly: “I advise you to better be obedient and obedient, then I can still be kind to you, otherwise…”

“You are a vile and shameless, lowly beast.” At this moment, in the Devil Soul Road, a majestic voice suddenly came from him.

Lonely Spirit and Tianyunce looked at the same time, and saw a handsome young boy wearing a white long-distance running and slowly walking out from the colorful light, like a heavenly god.

“Are you?” The moment Tian Yunce saw this person, his face suddenly sank: “Shentian, you are sealed in the wasteland, and you are still alive?”

“Very disappointed, huh?” Shen Tian said with a cynical smile: “Tianyunce, are you looking for me all over the world after you get out of customs?” Hearing

this, Tianyunce’s face suddenly sank: “It’s good to know, the original shame should be returned at this time.”

Saying that, he looked at Shen Tian with contempt on his face: “However, looking at your current cultivation, it seems that you have just entered the Nine Tribulations of the Primordial Great Heavenly Position, it seems that you, the so-called Heavenly Proud Son, are not very talented.”

Shen Tian smiled and said, “Then what kind of cultivation are you now?”

“One hand can pinch your cultivation to death.” Tianyunce said sarcastically, “Primordial Great Heavenly Rank Nine Realms peak.

“It’s terrible.” Shen Tian touched his arm with a pretentious trepidation: “It was piled up by pills, right?”

These words seemed to poke Tian Yunce’s soft underbelly, making him suddenly furious, and raised his hand to slap Shen Tian.

With the terrifying origin power sweeping away, Shen Tian stood in place without dodging or dodging, and also showed a strange smile at Tian Yunce.

In the next second, the majestic origin power that Tianyun Ce struck, when it first arrived in front of Shen Tian, it seemed to hit a huge prohibition, and it exploded with a bang, but Shen Tian was unharmed.

Seeing this scene, Tianyunce showed a shocked expression: “This, this is impossible, you are just a primordial Great Heavenly Rank Nine Tribulation subordinate, how can you block my sharp blow?”

Shen Tian ignored Tianyunce’s roar and dropped his gaze on Lonely Spirit: “Lonely Spirit Elder, do you want to intervene too?”

“It’s between you.” Lonely Ling said in a deep voice, “It has nothing to do with me.

“That’s easy to do.” Shen Tian smiled and looked at Tianyun Ce, whose face was full of livid blue: “Tianyun Ce, when the Primordial Great Heavenly Position Five Tribulations, I could abolish you, and I can now.”

Saying that, his figure suddenly shook, and a powerful gray light erupted from his whole body, and his momentum instantly increased sharply.

“Martial Dao Battle Realm Second Realm.” Tianyunce showed a shocked expression: “I really didn’t expect that you would even comprehend the Martial Dao Battle Realm in the wasteland, it seems that you must die today.”
that, he stepped on his feet and rushed towards Shentian with lightning speed.

With a snort, Shen Tian also did not retreat, but advanced, rising up into the sky, and fighting with Tianyunce in the void.

The golden sword light roared, coupled with the strength of the second realm of the Martial Dao Battle Realm, although Shen Tian at this moment only had the lower grade of the Nine Tribulations of the Primordial Great Heavenly Position, he was the first to strike.

Suddenly smashing the golden sword light from Shen Tian with a punch, Tianyunce was furious.

But at the moment when he was about to rush towards Shen Tian, he saw Shen Tian’s figure flash, and suddenly rushed towards the Devil Soul Road.

“Coward, still want to run.”

With a big curse, Tianyunce jumped in and chased directly into the Devil Soul Road.

Seeing this scene, Lonely Ling seemed to realize something, and hurriedly shouted: “Don’t chase inside…”

It’s a pity that she shouted late.

As Tianyunce chased into the Devil Soul Road, the intersection of the Devil Soul Road flashed with a colorful light, and it was suddenly completely closed.

“Impossible, this can’t be.” When Lonely Spirit saw this scene, he showed a shocked expression.

You know, this Devil Soul Road is the first two ancestors in the world, and the strength is not up to the half-step extreme cultivation, and it is impossible to close this place.

However, now the entrance to this Devil Soul Road has obviously been sealed to death.

With horror, Lonely Spirit backhanded a golden dragon towards the entrance of the seal, and with a loud bang, the golden dragon shattered, but the entrance of the Devil Soul Road did not move.

“Has the wasteland confessed its Lord?” As if realizing something, Lonely Ling glared sharply at her beautiful eyes: “Jiang Sijiu, he got the control of the wasteland?”

Therefore, he sent Shen Tian to lure Tianyun Ce into it, just to seal the Holy Son of the first gate under the world?

But now, the Holy Son of the First Gate in the world already has the strength of the peak of the Nine Tribulations of the Primordial Great Heavenly Position, relying on Jiang Sijiu, can they be his opponents?

As it turned out, Lonely Spirit was right.

When Yun Ce chased Shen Tian all the way into the Devil Soul Road, he also felt bad.

But Shen Tian, who was fleeing quickly in front of him, after rushing into the wasteland, stood at the exit and showed him a mocking smile.

This once again aroused his anger, making him rush forward at great speed, but with a bang, he crashed into a terrifying enchantment and immediately bounced back.

“Impossible, how is this possible?” Tianyunce shouted with a shocked expression: “I am a powerhouse at the peak of the Nine Realms of the Primordial Great Heavenly Position, how can a ban stop me?”
that, he put both palms out in unison, and two majestic Origin Powers hit the prohibition, but the prohibition still did not move.

“God, you are despicable and shameless.” Tianyunce roared, and once again threw ten thousand punches towards the ban, but it was still useless.

The fist clenched and crunched, Tianyunce looked at Shen Tianchong on the other side of the prohibition and raised his middle finger, anger climbed to his soul, and he couldn’t wait to explode on the spot.

At this moment, several creatures suddenly appeared behind Shen Tian, led by Jiang Chen.

Looking at Tianyun Ce, who was locked up in the Devil Soul Road, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but pout.

With such a big formation, I originally wanted to attract a few better opponents in and train my brothers, but noJust get one when you think of it.

Thinking of this, Jiang Chen asked, “What about Lonely Spirit?” ”

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