The Almighty Dragon General chapter 5236-5237

The Almighty Dragon General chapter 5236-5237-Now Jiang Chen couldn’t take the Supreme Cloud Sword for the time being, and he didn’t pay attention to it, just let the Supreme Cloud Sword float in midair.

He walked towards the Spirit Mountain in front of him and sat cross-kneeled on the top of the Spirit Mountain.

In this battle, he was wounded.

He sat down cross-kneeled and healed his injuries first.

At this moment, in the arena world, there are still nine spirit mountains left, and these nine spirit mountains all have a small Tianzun sitting down, these little Tianzun have real skills, and they all have real treasures in their hands.

Even if it is not comparable to the Supreme Cloud Sword, it will not be too weak.

At this moment, many Xiao Tianzun were thinking, they were all thinking, if Jiang Chen came to attack them next, what should they do?

They were wondering if they should take this opportunity to take advantage of Jiang Chen’s injury to kill him and eliminate him.

Although they had such an idea, no one made a move, and they just waited in the city.

They believed that they were not Yunlang’s opponents with the Supreme Cloud Sword.

However, for Jiang Chen, they all wanted to fight with Jiang Chen, because Jiang Chen’s absolute learning was very strong, and they all wanted to learn Jiang Chen’s absolute learning.

Although it is said that Jiang Chen defeated Yun Lang, but Jiang Chen was a trick, so that Yun Lang automatically gave up the Origin Protection Enchantment, Jiang Chen took this opportunity to kill Yun Lang, if Yun Lang did not take the initiative to give up the Origin Protection Enchantment, Jiang Chen would not be able to defeat it at all.

Therefore, these little Tianzuns thought that they could fight Jiang Chen.

Time passes day by day.

Jiang Chen’s injuries recovered, and he also got the inscription of the city, and once again the inscription of partial ascension.

It’s just that it is difficult to ascend to the fifth and sixth levels, even if he gets the inscription and wants to comprehend it in a short time, it is impossible.

Jiang Chen stood up slowly and glanced at the surrounding cities.

“Jiang Sijiu, here.”

A voice came.

Jiang Chen heard the sound and looked at it, and found that it was Ao Hui who called him.

Ao Hui waved at him in the sky of the city and shouted, “Come here.”

Jiang Chen’s body flashed, disappeared in place, and the next moment he had already appeared in the city where Ao Hui was.

Ao Hui said with a smile: “Let’s avoid the battle between us, I don’t think I’m your opponent, you occupy the Spirit Mountain, the city, don’t you just want to get the inscription of the ascension, I occupy the city, you can observe casually, comprehend it casually.”

Jiang Chen glanced at him, and then didn’t say much, he found a place, sat cross-kneeled on the ground, and began to comprehend it seriously.

His divine thoughts were integrated into the city.

Under the induction of his divine thoughts, he found that everything in the city was inscriptions, every scene and thing, even the ground on the city streets, were inscriptions, these inscriptions were very deep, very profound, and complex.

Even Jiang Chen was difficult to comprehend in a short period of time.

However, now he does not need to comprehend it, he only needs to sense the existence of these inscriptions and remember them.

Soon, he sensed the inscription of the city and wrote it all down.

He got up again and headed for the next city.

And Aohui made a start.

Xiao Tianzun, who occupied other cities, although he really wanted to fight with Jiang Chen, but they were not sure that they could win, they did not choose to fight, but let Jiang Chen feel the Ascension Inscription in the city.

Outside, the main peak hall of the Heavenly God Academy.

“No more fighting.”

“It’s already very good, Jiang Sijiu has brought us wonderful.”

Many strong people communicate.

Dean Qi Xiaotian left the hall of the Heavenly God Academy.

He went to the so-called endless plane to inquire about Jiang Chen’s details.

However, when he came to the area where the Endless Plane was located, he found that there was nothing in this area.

No matter how he sensed, he couldn’t sense any breath of the endless plane.

This made him frown.

Without sensing the existence of the endless plane, he could not enter the endless plane to inquire about Jiang Chen’s details, and he could only turn back.

“Dean, how’s it going, what did you find?”

As soon as Qi Xiaotian returned, Great Elder Baili Jiangshan asked.

Qi Xiaotian shook his head slightly and said: “I went to the location where the endless plane was located according to the location provided by Lin Zi, but I did not find the endless plane, did not sense the existence of the endless plane, it should be that there is a strong person hiding the endless plane, and I don’t want other creatures to enter the endless plane.”

For these, Qi Xiaotian didn’t think much about it.

In his opinion, this may be the legendary Tianyi Saint Venerable hiding endlessly.

And Tianyi Saint Venerable is hidden in the endless plane.

In the ring world.

After Jiang Chen defeated Yun Lang using his stratagem, he didn’t fight again.

Xiao Tianzun in the city behind did not choose to fight him, but let him watch and feel the ascension inscription.

Jiang Chen also got a complete ascension as he wished.

However, if you want to cultivate to the fifth level, or even the sixth level, it will be difficult.

Heavenly God Academy, main peak hall.

Qi Xiaotian stood up and said, “This assessment can be over.”

An elder asked, “Jiang Sijiu killed and eliminated so many creatures, and now only a few Xiao Tianzun remain at the end, the result of this assessment is so calculated?”

Qi Xiaotian said with a smile: “Whoever the elders fancy, go and accept them as disciples, as for those strong people from the Great Gate Sect and the Great Plane, let them choose.” This

time the Innate Academy recruited disciple assessment, and this is the end.

Lingshan in the arena world, the city disappears.

And the creatures who were still staying in the secret realm were all teleported out of the ring.

All the genius powerhouses who completed the nine levels and entered the arena world appeared in the empty area outside the main peak hall of the Heavenly God Academy.

Jiang Chen, Pangu, Xinggan, Fuzhen, Zhang Taichu and others stood in the front, followed by those Xiao Tianzun.

At the entrance of the main hall, many strong people from the Heavenly God Academy gathered.

The gaze of these strong people all stayed on Jiang Chen, this time the disciple assessment, Jiang Chen’s performance, surprised all the strong people, these strong people of the Heavenly God Academy, all wanted to include Jiang Chen under the door.

However, there is one tricky thing now.

That is the Supreme Cloud Sword.

Dean Qi Xiaotian’s heart moved, and the Supreme Cloud Sword in the secret realm manifested and floated in front of the hall.

He looked at the Supreme Cloud Sword, softening his temples, with a touch of solemnity in his expression.

According to the bet, this sword should belong to Jiang Chen, but the owner of this sword has a great background, and he can’t afford to offend the Heavenly God Academy.

Seeing the Supreme Cloud Sword, Jiang Chen stood up in time and said, “Dean, this sword is now mine, and I also ask the Dean to erase the breath of the owner of the Supreme Cloud Sword.”

“You boy.”

Qi Xiaotian had helplessness on his face and said, “Do you know whose this sword is? This is the top of the clouds.

“So what?”

Jiang Chen didn’t care and said: “The disciple of Supreme Cloud Peak lost a bet with me, he was killed by me, eliminated by me, this sword belongs to me, besides, what about Supreme Cloud Peak, it’s because my master doesn’t walk around the outside world, if my master walks around in the outside world, he will destroy the Supreme Cloud Peak, that is, in a thought.”

Jiang Chen came out again and moved Tianyi Saint Venerable out.

As for whether he was a disciple of Tianyi Saint Venerable, no one in the outside world knew at all, and the creatures in the outside world did not know Tianyi Saint Venerable, and they could not verify it.

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