The Almighty Dragon General chapter 5202-5203

The Almighty Dragon General chapter 5202-5203–There are ten cities in the arena world.

Each city is marked, which represents the top ten powerhouses of the Heavenly God Academy.

In addition, there are some spirit mountains, and the representatives of the spirit mountains are some elders, peak masters, mentors and other strong people of the academy.

The scramble began.

Many living beings moved to find the spirit mountain that suited them.

As for the city, they didn’t think about it at all, because this was a competition between Xiao Tianzun, and if they didn’t reach the Xiao Tianzun realm, they couldn’t compete for the city.

“Brother Four Nine?” Fu Zhen looked at Jiang Chen.

The others also looked at Jiang Chen.

Zhang Taichu asked, “What should I do now, is it to seize the Spirit Mountain or the city?”

“Don’t rush yet.” Jiang Chen spoke: “The battle will last for a while, you first comprehend the formation I gave you, I want to think.”


The others didn’t say anything more, and continued to comprehend the formation.

Jiang Chen sat cross-kneeled on the side.

He was thinking, thinking about this way forward.

In his previous life, he didn’t have these troubles.

In this life, he must think carefully about every step he takes.

Because, if you are a little careless, everything will be doomed.

He has always wanted to keep a low profile, develop in the Heavenly God Academy, and cultivate in the Heavenly God Academy.

However, low-key cannot obtain cultivation resources.

If he wanted to get enough cultivation resources, he had to make the Heavenly God Academy feel that he had enough potential to cultivate.

In the ring world, the fight is very intense.

Many weak planes have poured out, and the top powerhouses in the entire plane have all set out, the purpose is to compete for a spirit mountain and worship under the powerhouses of the Heavenly God Academy.

Jiang Chen, on the other hand, did not act rashly.

Jiang Chen sat cross-kneeled, thinking.

The other four were carefully comprehending the formation given by Jiang Chen.

Even though the formation was relatively simple for them who had cultivated and comprehended the Origin Daolu, after all, this was a powerful formation, and it still took a little time to comprehend it.

Time passes day by day.

In the blink of an eye, three thousand years have passed.

Three thousand years have passed, and some of the Spirit Mountain lands have been occupied, while those who have not occupied the Spirit Mountain are trying to attack the Spirit Mountain, wanting to occupy a Spirit Mountain before it is over.

Three thousand years have passed, Pangu, Fu Zhen, Xing Gan, and Zhang Taichu also comprehended the formation given by Jiang Chen in the time formation, and they went out one after another.

After seeing the last Zhang Taichu out of the customs, Jiang Chen stood up and looked into the distance, with an unparalleled momentum on his body.

“Play something big this time.”

Hearing this, several people became interested.

Fu Zhen was the first to ask: “How big is playing, how to play?”

Jiang Chen pursed his lips and smiled, and said: “How big and how big it is, let this assessment become an unsurpassable history, let this assessment stay famous for eternity, and let this assessment shock thousands of faces.” Hearing

this, several people became excited.

A simple sentence ignited the blood in their hearts.

Pangu asked, “How to play?”

Jiang Chen said: “Occupy all the spirit mountains and cities in the ring world, and destroy all the creatures in the ring world. ”


Several people were dumbfounded.

“Playing big, huh?”

“Do we have this strength?”

“That’s right, I thought I was going to grab a city, but I didn’t expect to play so big?”

“It’s unimaginable.”

Several people were stunned.

Jiang Chen said with a smile: “You guys are too underestimating the Five Elements Extinction Formation. The

Five Elements Extinction Formation was the formation created by Jiang Chen this time.

This formation is extremely profound, and the power that bursts out is not as simple as one plus one.


Fu Zhen was the first to speak, “Then do a big job.” “


Jiang Chen spoke, and then stepped on the void and moved forward.

Several others followed.

It didn’t take long to come across a spirit mountain, and in the sky of the spirit mountain, there were several big characters, which were the names of the academy elders.

This spirit mountain is relatively large, and it can be seen from here that this elder’s strength is very strong.

At the foot of the Spirit Mountain, there are still some creatures gathered, and these creatures are thinking of ways to attack the creatures that occupy this Spirit Mountain.

Jiang Chen glanced at it and found that the spiritual cultivation around this spirit mountain was not very strong, that is, it was only the primary realm, and the highest was only the third realm.

“It’s all gone.” Jiang Chen directly opened his mouth and said: “Anyway, they died in the ring world, not real death, their remnant souls cannot be completely destroyed, they will be teleported out, and the powerhouses of the Heavenly God Academy can resurrect them.”

“I haven’t shot in a long time.” Fu Zhen was about to move, he rubbed his fists and said: “Don’t move, these creatures, let me solve them.”

In an instant, he entered the state of martial arts.

Martial realm, reborn from the ashes.

In this state, the spirit energy in the body fused together, forming an extremely terrifying aura, which leaked out, forming a fiery red aperture.

The aperture rises more than a meter high, which looks very dazzling, and from a distance, it looks like a burning man.

Martial realm, rebirth from the ashes, this is equivalent to the domination of the three realms of the cultivation realm.

Moreover, martial arts is pure power, stronger than dominating the three realms, and in the early stage of rebirth, it is equivalent to dominating the cultivation realm in the late stage of the three realms.

Coupled with his own cultivation realm, even if the Martial Emperor dominates the early stage of the three realms, then he can fight with the powerhouses who dominate the four realms.


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