The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4925

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4925-Henrik was amazed by James’ strength.

At that moment, Waleria and Sedris also approached them.

James glanced at Sedris and asked, ‘You’re the Theos District’s Leader, right? Have you ever exchanged sacred scrolls with the other district leaders?”

Sedris nodded and said, “I did.”

He had read the other nine sacred scrolls except the one belonging to the Chaos District. However, reading it was one thing, whereas successfully comprehending and cultivating it was another.

James stretched his hand and said, “Pass me the sacred scrolls you’ve read.”

Sedris did not dare to disobey. He quickly transformed his memories into inscriptions and gave them to James.

James used his Zen to analyze them, cross-checking them with the sacred scrolls he had already mastered. After ensuring the contents matched, he put the inscriptions away.

He had finally obtained ten of the sacred scrolls. All that was left was to find the time to comprehend the remaining three sacred scrolls. Then, he would have Ten Path Techniques and would be able to merge them into the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Art. At the same time, he could unlock the Boundless Pagoda’s tenth form and obtain the Endlos Heart.

Sedris glanced at James. He desperately wanted James to teach him how to cultivate the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra and sacred scrolls. However, it was already a blessing that he had survived after the past ordeal. He did not dare to ask for too much, so he quickly suppressed his greedy thoughts.

Waleria looked at James and asked, “What’s next for you, James?”

James replied, “The greatest boon within the Chaos Battlefield is the Herstellen Art. It’s not inferior to the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra and the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Art. Naturally, I’d like to compete for it. However, there is one more person I need to take care of -Teresa.”

James gritted his teeth at the mention of Teresa. He never expected the dainty, ethereal-looking woman to have secretly schemed so much.

Teresa’s goal was to release the Extraterrestrial Demons underneath the Chaos Tablet. Then, she wanted to move the battlefield to the Chaos Battlefield. Therefore, her father could absorb the energy of those who die in battle and come back to life.

“Alright,” Waleria answered softly, “I’ll leave the Chaos Battlefield and return to the Theos Sect. After you acquire the Herstellen Art, remember to see me. I’ll be waiting for you.” Waleria looked at James expectantly, waiting for his reply.

James looked at her and said, “I’ll definitely come see you if I have the chance.”

Waleria lit up with a smile. She raised her hand and waved goodbye to James. Then, she split apart the void and left the Chaos Battlefield.

Sedris cast a last glance at James and left without saying a word. He did not leave the Chaos Battlefield, as countless boons were scattered around. He was a powerhouse at the Chaos Rank. Therefore, the possibility of him acquiring the boons was much higher than the others.

James and Henrik found a place in the Chaos Battlefield and sat on a large boulder.

They began to exchange their recent experiences. James recounted everything that happened to him in the Endlos, whereas Henrik shared how he was trapped within Zeno’s dojo and that he had learned the Grand Purge Formation.

“Zeno?” James exclaimed after hearing the familiar name.

Henrik replied, ‘Yup, it’s that old guy. He’s so powerful. He created the third strongest Purging Formation during Emperor Raiah’s era. He forcefully carved the Grand Purge Formation into my body.”

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