The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 471

Chapter 471

James reached around his back and retrieved a needle. With a swipe of his hand, the needle flew through the air at a high speed.


The man was hit by the needle, causing his gun to fall to the floor. “Boss, our men are here,” Ronn said.


James nodded and said, “Pass the order. We’re going to surround the factory, nobody can leave. The rest of the men follow me into the factory.” Ronn relayed the order instantly,

At the same time, outside the factory.

Hundreds of vans lined up in an ordered manner. Armed men in black suits emerged from those vans. The men swiftly moved to every exit of the factory, while some of them entered the building


A few hundred men assembled themselves into neat rows, stood upright, and responded in sync.

The factory men were shocked by this scene. James led the way forward, leading the huge pack of men. He knew his way around the place. With ease, he located a hidden door.

Before James gave his order, the men behind him raised their guns and shot the guards by the door.

A few men marched forward to open up a path for James. The group walked along the tunnel, venturing deeper into the underground. Along their way, they encountered many fully armed mercenaries. However, none of them was a match for the Black Dragon Army, especially when the men James selected were the elites in the army The soldiers cleared every single opponent in their way. Soon, they arrived at a lavishly decorated secret room.

All of Jake’s subordinates kneeled on the floor, guns pointed at their heads. James sat on the couch, smoking a cigarette, appearing nonchalant about the massacre that had just taken place. “Where is Jake? Bring him here right now.” Jake had another identity – Jay Fallon, the medical genius in Cansington.

Normally, he would not be here.

One of his subordinates called him immediately.

Right at that moment, Jake was discussing the annual medical competition with a few other well-respected doctors.

He did not expect his private phone to ring, and expressed his slight annoyance. He stood up and apologized, “Gentlemen, please excuse me.” He walked to one of the backrooms and called back “Boss, bad news. Our base got raided.”


Jake’s heart sank

James took over the phone and said, “Jake, meet me right now. Or else, I’m going to ruin the underground intelligence network that you spent decades building.”

“James…” Jay grunted before he warned, “Do not attempt to do anything stupid. I’ll make you regret it if you do.”

“I’ll give you an hour. Let’s just say, it won’t be pretty if you arrive late…”

With that, James hung up.


Jake smashed his phone on the ground out of anger.

He invested decades of time, money, and effort to develop his underground intelligence network The last thing he would want is for James to destroy it.

“Get my car ready, now…”

He was not about to take any chances. At the same time, he ordered, “Assemble the men to provide back up to headquarters.”

He had connections to many people as the person in charge of the underground intelligence network

Many of those people were murderous and psychopathic killers.

James was walking into the tiger’s den by raiding his base.

He knew James used to be a Black Dragon, but since his resignation, many people had wanted him dead. If he managed to kill James, he would be doing those big shots a huge favor.

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