The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4362

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4362-James felt like he had obtained a blessing in disguise.

After Yardos created the Blithe Omniscience and entered the Caelum Acme Rank, he used an extraordinary Supernatural Power to reconnect James’ Paths.

James instantly felt his powers being restored. At the same time, his injuries began to heal.

Soon, he had regained his Path Powers.

He urged the Life Path’s power, and his injuries were healed instantly. However, his damaged Genesis could not be repaired with Life Power and would need some time to recover.

James was no longer on the brink of death. It would be easy to pass the second trial.

After recovering from the physical traumas, James did not rush to study the strange inscriptions on the cave walls.

Instead, he sat in a lotus position, attempting to heal his injured Genesis.

James also summoned the Chaos Sacred Lotus to absorb its power to strengthen his physical body and cultivation rank.

Soon, he entered the Quasi Boundless Supreme Path Rank, which was the same as Wynton.

However, Wynston condensed his cultivation rank so he was much stronger than James.

James slowly improved his cultivation rank.

Time passed by slowly.

Soon, James’ injuries had healed unknowingly. He had also grown more potent in the Quasi Boundless Supreme Path Rank.

Theoretically, a cultivator at the Quasi Boundless Supreme Path Rank could achieve strength on par with a Caelum Acme Rank. However, it required a lot of time.

Unfortunately, James did not have the luxury of time.

For now, he could only improve his strength in the Quasi Boundless Supreme Path Rank as much as possible.

James looked at the strange inscriptions on the cave wall and murmured, “The Blithe Omniscience.”

The inscriptions formed strange patterns and seemed to have pulled his soul out of his body. He appeared in the dazzling universe and eventually ended up in the Chaos.

In a trance, a figure flashed past him and traveled throughout the Chaos.

The figure kept moving forward and transforming simultaneously.

“No distracting thoughts in the heart. Freedom to follow your heart’s desire and be totally carefree.”

The figure kept flickering in James’ mind.

Unknowingly, James entered the Omniscience Path’s Eight Stage. His aura strengthened instantly, and his body flickered throughout the cave.


The scene in James’ mind was interrupted. His body plummeted from mid-air, slamming heavily into the ground.

Saewald sensed the fluctuations far from the cave and asked, “Do you think he’ll be able to master Yardos’

Supernatural Power?”

The Boundless Master replied softly, “It’s not going to be easy. After Yardos lost to Wynton, he stayed inside the holy site to hone his mental fortitude. He was able to enter the Caelum Acme Rank and create a Supernatural Power because he was inspired by James’ words. However, James has too many worries in his heart, and it’s hard for him to have a blithe attitude.”

“I think otherwise.”

“Oh, is that so? You seem to think very highly of him.”

“Of course. He must be an extraordinary person for the Path of Heavenly Awakening to pull us into this illusion.”

The Boundles Master nodded and said, “His Paths have met the threshold for leaving the holy site. However, his mental fortitude is still lacking. If he can comprehend Yardos’ Supernatural Power, he will have fulfilled the conditions of leaving the holy site. It will be a very long process, so we’ll just have to wait patiently and see how it goes.”

“What about Yardos? With his character, he’s most likely going to cause some trouble now that he has reached the Caelum Acme Rank,” Saewald asked worriedly.

“Haha!” The Boundless Master burst out laughing and replied, “He wouldn’t be him if he doesn’t cause trouble.”

Meanwhile, James, who had fallen to the ground, noticed a shadow on the cave walls.

James murmured, “I have too many distracting thoughts. If I can’t clear my head and let go of my worries, I won’t be able to comprehend the Blithe Omniscience.”

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