The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3520

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3520-James had many tricks up his sleeves—Macrocosm Power brought about by Elemental Inversion and the amalgamation of the Five Great Paths, Karma Path, and One for All. However, since there was only a single opponent for now, there was no need to use everything at his disposal. For now, he would only use the Infinity Steles.

As the Infinity Steles appeared, there was a commotion. Everyone had heard of the Boundless Road. This was a magical road. Rumors say that once you appear on the Boundless Road and reach the end of the road, you would arrive at the moment when heaven and earth were created. Some Grand Emperors possessed the strength to open the Boundless Door and enter the Boundless Road. However, normally, few would do such a thing. This was because one needed to suffer great Karma by traveling back in time.

As James stood in mid-air, 108 Infinity Steles hovered around him. Each of them radiated an ancient and primordial power.

In the distance, Xesus’ expression was grim. As a genius on the Martial Ranking, how would he not have heard of the Infinity Steles? Rumors say that this was a treasure that had existed since the creation of heaven and earth and contained supreme power.

Holding his golden broadsword, he pointed at James and said coldly, “Today, I shall fight against your Infinity Steles with my supreme Sword Path. Let us see if the Infinity Steles are truly as terrifying as the rumors say.”

As Xesus’ voice boomed, he exuded unparalleled confidence.

James smiled faintly.

Then, as his mind stirred, an Infinity Stele crashed toward Xesus while carrying immense power. As Xesus slashed with his broadsword, a Broadsword Light appeared and struck the Infinity Stele. His Sword Path was terrifying, and his Broadsword Light had surpassed the limitations of time. However, the Infinity Stele was unaffected.

As James’ rank increased, the power the Infinity Stele exuded grew increasingly Then, the Infinity Steles kept crashing toward Xesus while carrying destructive power.


As the Infinity Steles struck the earth, the ground cracked, and a profound fissure emerged, bringing about a sandstorm. At that moment, 108 Infinity Steles came crashing toward Xesus. As Xesus performed his terrifying cultivation method, a Broadsword Light appeared and formed a Broadsword Light Formation to protect him. Even though the Infinity Steles possessed immense power, they could not harm him.

“Not bad…”

James smiled faintly. As expected of a powerful figure in the Martial Ranking, he had tricks up his sleeves.

Then, he made his move.

His body flashed, and he appeared before the Broadsword Light Formation. With the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword in hand, he slashed the Formation, seeking to destroy the defensive formation using the power of his Sword Path. However, the power of his Sword Path was insufficient.


As waves of Sword Energy struck the Formation, the surrounding space began to disintegrate. However, the Formation was unscathed. At that moment, the Broadsword Light of the Formation disintegrated and gathered to form a 10,000-meter broadsword, which descended from the sky and charged toward James.

The Infinity Steles returned to James and appeared above his head, shielding him from the attack.


As the Infinity Steles were knocked away, the power generated crashed toward James. Instantly, cracks began appearing on his body.

He swiftly dodged the attacks.

Before the broadsword touched the ground, everything on the surface of the earth disintegrated into nothingness.

James appeared in the distance and spurted out a mouthful of blood. Wiping the blood trace off his lips, he catalyzed the Life Path to heal his injuries.

“Not bad.”

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