The Almighty Dragon General chapter 2996-2997

The Almighty Dragon General chapter 2996-2997-“Ugh.”

A bleak cry echoed in this area.

Under the gaze of all the strong, a great emperor, and still a three-day emperor, just disappeared in ashes, not even the Yuan God remained, and was completely killed.

All the strong are dumbfounded.

What is this means?

A three-day emperor, killed in just a few rounds?

Who the hell is this man, who would possess such terrifying power?

After Jiang Chen killed one of the twelve, the afterimage slowly converged into his true body, holding the Ziwei Divine Sword, with an indifferent face, and an invincible posture on his body.

Look at the remaining eleven strong men.

He smiled faintly: “Curse art, I will also, let you see, what is the orthodox curse art like.”

Jiang Chen also practiced curses, although he only practiced confinement and reincarnation.

However, now he wanted to test the true power of reincarnation.

He put away the Ziwei Divine Sword, stood in the void, and urged the curse technique, and in this instant, the black words in his body transformed into magical powers, and these powers gathered all over his body.

He waved his hand casually, and one mysterious text manifested one by one.

These words rushed forward.

These eleven people sensed the terrifying power sweeping over, their faces under the mask changed slightly, and they quickly retreated, but it was too late.

The power of the curse is pervasive.

Shrouded in the power of the curse, their aura of life quickly passed.

Even if they are emperors, they can’t break free from this cursed power, and under the shroud of cursed power, the life force passes and becomes old in an instant.


Seeing this scene, the national master could no longer sit still.

After cursing, he quickly rushed out of the black hall.

The Twelve Evils are the core of the Black Temple, the thugs of the Black Temple, and if he dies here, he will also be punished.

Instantly appeared in front of the remaining eleven, raised his hand, and a powerful force appeared in his palm, forcibly removing the curse technique cast by Jiang Chen.

After getting rid of it, these eleven powerhouses breathed a sigh of relief.

The national master stood in front of Eleven, looking at Jiang Chen in the distance, with shock and fear on his old face, pointed at him and asked: “You, who are you, why do you curse magic?”

Jiang Chen smiled lightly and said, “The curse technique was created by Fu Zu himself, this is not your patent, you will, why can’t I?”

“Boy, you’re dead.”

The national master’s face became fierce.

He opened his arms.

Just between his open arms, the curse power of the entire world converged towards him, and in an instant, he was enveloped by black curse power.

This curse power was too majestic, even Jiang Chen felt terrified.

“To die, to die.”

The national master roared out viciously.

Immediately afterwards, countless black auras transformed into mysterious words, and these words swept towards the Nine Heavens God Destroying Array composed of 400,000 troops with strange power.

Curse power, no hole drilled.

Even if the Nine Heavens God Destroying Array formed a terrifying magnetic field enchantment, under the attack of the curse power, this magnetic field enchantment was broken, and the four hundred thousand strong people instantly hit the curse power.

Curse the power to destroy their bodies madly.

At this moment, Jiang Chen sensed that the power in his body was passing wildly.

His face changed slightly, and he shouted: “Hold on, the formation cannot be broken, otherwise, everyone will die.” The

400,000-strong army immediately held their minds and began to resist the cursed power with all their strength.

The curse power continued to spread, and some creatures and some monster beasts in the distance could not resist this curse force, and their bodies directly burst open, turning into essence blood and spreading into midair.


The national teacher laughed maniacally.

In this world, he is an invincible existence, no matter what strong person comes, he must die.

At this moment, Tang Chuchu quickly appeared beside Jiang Chen.

She was also hit by the curse power, her face was ugly, and bruises appeared on her face.

“Jiang Chen, quickly think of a way, the 400,000 strong people can’t hold out for long, once the formation is broken, it’s over.”

Tang Chuchu said hurriedly.

Jiang Chen’s expression was unusually solemn.

He looked at the national master in the distance in front of him, and the national master’s whole body gathered majestic curse power, and the curse power was still converging, and his breath was constantly getting stronger.

If his aura continued to improve, at that time, he would easily be able to break the Nine Heavens God Destroying Array.

Now, the only way is to stop him from invoking the cursed power of this world.

But how to curse?

Suddenly, Jiang Chen’s spirit moved.

He instantly summoned the jade seal.

Urging the jade seal to jade seal, the jade seal appeared in the sky in an instant, and then the jade seal frantically absorbed the curse power of this world, so that even the local curse power in the national master’s body also showed signs of losing control.

When the jade seal absorbed the power of the curse, it began to seal the feedback to Jiang Chen.

This curse power is not comparable to the curse power in Tang Chuchu’s body before.

The power of this curse is too majestic, even if Jiang Chen now has the strength to surpass the emperor level, he is a little unbearable.

If it weren’t for the Nine Heavens Annihilation God Array, and the blessing of the power of 400,000 strong people, this cursed power entered his body, and he would have exploded and died in an instant.

“Chu Chu, Wuzun, Nanzun, you guys are on.”

Jiang Chen immediately ordered: “Use the power of the formation to destroy this scene and destroy the remaining eleven great emperors.”

Wu Zun nodded knowingly.

Tang Chuchu was also holding the True Evil Sword.

The two rushed over at the same time, and appeared in front of the national master in an instant。

At this moment, the national master sensed the passage of the curse power in his body, and his old face was filled with incredulity and fear, and he exclaimed: “No, this is impossible, how can you absorb the curse power in my body.”

At this moment, Tang Chuchu and Wu Zun had already killed.

At this moment, Eleven made a move and blocked the attack of Tang Chuchu and Wu Zun.

Great war, break out again.?

At the moment when the great war broke out, those emperor-level demon beasts that had been controlled before in the distance also rushed over.

They are all strong people who stand up to the heavens and the earth, but they are controlled by the black temple, and now they have temporarily lifted the control, and the anger in their hearts has soared out, and they are not watching the play, and rushed towards the national master and Eleven.

Battle escalation.

Shinto powerhouses are not eligible to fight.

Those who participated in the big war were all emperor-level powerhouses.

Even if the space here is very strong, a random blow from an emperor-level powerhouse can cause a huge spatial rift.

Eleven is very strong, but in the face of many emperor-level demon beasts, it is also a bit of a loss, and the beaten is defeated.

And the national master, he wants to take back control of the curse power, but the jade seal in the sky is too weird, he has lost control of the curse power in this world, and even the curse power in his body is passing madly.

At this moment, he knew that he had lost.

At this moment, he knew that this resurrection plan had failed.

However, he was unwilling.

“No, no one can stop me.”

He kept roaring, and the curse was pushed to the extreme, wanting to regain control.

At this moment, Jiang Chen was sitting cross-kneeled in mid-air, when the majestic curse power entered his body, even if his strength surpassed the earth now, he could not withstand it, he could only quickly suppress and refine the curse power.

The curse power that entered the body was suppressed and refined into mysterious and strange black words.

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