The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2924

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2924-James really could not care less about becoming a Sect Elder of the Elixir Pavilion.He was only heading there to search for the Ancestral God Rank elixir.

Previously, Xandros had told him that the Ancestral God Rank elixir was located in the Elixir Pavilion.

However, James was unsure if this Elixir Pavilion was the one he was looking for.

That was why he was heading there to investigate the matter.

Meanwhile, the only way of joining the Elixir Pavilion was to pass the discipleship examination.He had no desire for authority and preferred to live a peaceful and carefree life.

Then, Yuina began conversing with James about his master.

“James, since you’re no ordinary man, your master must be a renowned figure, I assume.Maybe I might have encountered him before in the past.” Yuina said with a smile.

James, on the other hand, only returned the smile and remained silent.

Since he was not someone of this world, Yuina had no way of knowing if he remained silent.

Soon, the 5 trillion worth of Holy Stones James needed were fully prepared.

Yuina personally handed the Holy Stones to James.

James did not even bother counting them but instead put them away immediately.He stood up and clasped his fists, saying, “Farewell.”


She waved her hand.

As she watched James’ retreating figure, she knew that they would surely meet again.

As long as James was heading to the Holy Realm for the Elixir Pavilion’s discipleship examination, they would certainly meet again.

After leaving the elixir pharmacy, James immediately went straight for the Saucer shop and spent a fortune to buy a Saucer.

As he now had a fortune, he purchased a Saucer worth a trillion Holy Stones.

The Saucer was the size of a manor with five rooms and two foyers.

Its defensive capabilities were strong and could defend against the attack of a Divine Rank cultivator.

After purchasing the Saucer, James and Yevpraksiya did not linger for long and left immediately.

James smelted a trillion Holy Stones straight away as energy for the Saucer.

After making all preparations, Yevpraksiya controlled the flight of the Saucer.

James, on the other hand, entered the Celestial Abode.

The journey to the Holy Realm was long.

Even with the Saucer, they needed a few centuries to arrive at their destination.

In the meantime, James did not wish to remain idle.So, he entered a closed-door meditation to cultivate.

His current rank was at the Sage Rank’s Sixth Stage, whereas his physical strength was at the Sage Rank’s Eighth Stage.He was far too weak.

After giving Yevpraksiya his orders, he entered the Celestial Abode.

After entering the Celestial Abode, James did not enter a closed- door no.velebook meditation straight away.

That was because he had ample time.

Instead, he headed to the back of the city.

There was a training base there, housing a 400-thousand-strong army.

This army had been inside the Celestial Abode for a very long time.

Even while James was on Planet Galileo and experienced the thirty-thousand -years tribulation, they had been training continuously.

James’ arrival immediately attracted their attention.

“Dragon King.”

“Black Dragon.”

Along the way, the soldiers greeted him respectfully.

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