The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1276

Chapter 1276
Before they knew it, they had arrived in the Cansington Military Region.

When James boarded the plane, the Capital Military Region had already contacted and notified them of James‘ arrival.

Before the plane landed, the Blithe King was already ready, waiting with a group of people.

The plane landed, the cabin door opened, and James‘ party walked out.

The Blithe King and his subordinates walked over.


James heard the Blithe King’s voice upon alighting the plane.

The Blithe King approached James and said with a bright smile, “Welcome back to Cansington, James!”

The Blithe King had also heard about the situation at the Mount Thunder Conference.

The situation was dire, and he thought James was in danger, but here he was, returning in one piece. “Yadiel, come quickly and meet Mr. Caden,” the Blithe King called a young man behind him.

Behind him, a young man in his early twenties stepped forward and greeted respectfully, “Hello, Mr. Caden.”

The young man, who was dressed in a military uniform, seemed about twenty years old. He was thin and pale as if he was ill.

The Blithe King introduced, “James, this is my son, Yadiel Blithe.”

“Mhm.” James nodded.

“The thing I mentioned to you last time…” the Blithe King looked at James eagerly.

Of course, James understood what was going on.

He glanced at Yadiel and then back at the Blithe King, and then he said, “Blithe King, I got injured during the Mount Thunder Conference and haven’t completely recovered. I need to quickly recuperate and head back to the Capital to solve some issues. I’m afraid I won’t be able to teach him for the time being.”

“It’s okay. There’s no rush,” the Blithe King said with a smile.

The Blithe King did not mind waiting a little longer.

As long as James was willing to teach his son martial arts and a cultivation method, it did not matter if they had to wait a little more.

“By the way, where’s Henry?” asked James.

The Blithe Army was also sent on the rescue mission, but the Blithe King and Daniel had already returned. Yet, Henry was nowhere to be seen.

The Blithe King looked at Daniel standing behind him.

Daniel immediately stepped forward and said, “Dragon King, the General got slightly injured while in the Mount Thunder Sect.”

“What? He was injured? What happened?” James‘ expression changed as he inquired further.

“Umm…” Daniel looked at Thea.

Thea was confused and asked, “Why are you looking at me?“.

Daniel thought for a while and said, “Thea injured him.”

“Impossible! When did I hurt him?” Thea retorted.

James asked calmly, “What happened?”

Daniel explained, “While in the Mount Thunder Sect, Thea suddenly erupted with terrifying energy, and the General was close to her. Thus, he was hurt by the sudden shock wave.”

Thea panicked and tugged James‘ hand, explaining, “Honey, I don’t know. I really don’t know what happened.”

James waved his hand and comforted Thea.

He turned to Daniel again and asked, “How is he now? Where is he?”

Daniel replied, “His injuries were quite bad. He was taken to the Medical Valley by someone called Medical Saint to be treated. When I left, I asked the person who treated the General, and he said that Henry’s injuries were not light, but they weren’t fatal.”

James heaved a sigh of relief and said, “As long as he’s fine.”

“James, I’ve prepared a banquet for you,” the Blithe King said with a smile.

James slightly waved his hand and said, “There’s no need for a welcoming. We’ll talk some other time. I’ve some other things to deal with right now and won’t linger around for long.”

“Alright.” the Blithe King did not force it.

James did not stay long and left with Thea and Callan.

Yadiel did not speak until James left. Then, he asked, “Dad, is this James, the one that pretended to be the old man in Mount Littleroot and hurt our family head?”

James‘ identity had been exposed.

Now, almost every martial artist knew that James was the old man that defeated Donovan on Mount Littleroot.

“Yeah. He’s a once–in-a–thousand–year martial art genius. He just keeps improving, and at a great pace. When I transferred to Cansington, he was only a physically strong man with good combat skills. He had not even cultivated his True Energy yet. Now, after less than six months, he’s already reached a terrifying level,” the Blithe King nodded and said with admiration.

Yadiel’s pale face was also full of admiration as he said, “It’s rumored that he entered the seventh rank and even the head of the Mount Thunder Sect, Simon, was defeated by him. It’s only been less than half a year. He’s indeed very overpowering.”

Outside the military region, James, Thea, and Callan walked outside.

Thea asked, “Honey, should we return to the Callahans‘ or head to Cynthia’s place?”

James said, “Cynthia’s place first.”


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