Tattooed Luna by Mrs Smith Chapter 550

Tattooed Luna By Mrs. Smith

Tattooed Luna by Mrs Smith Chapter 550-“How’s my little girl?” I said as we walked up the stairs to the loft.

Adalynn clapped her hands together and reached for me. As soon as I picked her up, she gave me a hug before her eyes landed on Alec. Almost immediatly, she ditched me and reached out to him.

“My little girl.” Alec said with a laugh.

“Fucking bullshit.” I said under my breath. “Thank you for watching her.

We just got a call and another Alpha is having a luna ceremony tomorrow.

Would you be able to watch her tomorrow and stay tomorrow night? I’m not sure when we will get home.”

“Of course!” Vivian stood up and smiled at me. “I’ll get out of your hair so you guys can spend the evening asa family but I’ll be back first thing tomorrow!” “You are truly a life saver.” I told her as she walked down the stairs.

“Just add it to my Christmas bonus!” Vivian laughed as she went to the front door.

“She deserves a big bonus.” Alec said in a baby voice as he sat down with Adalynn to keep playing with her toys.

The front door opened and closed so 1 knew Vivian had left. “She really does.” Laying down on the other side, I could feel Alec looking at me. “Yes?” I asked without looking at him.

“When are we going to have another one?” “As soon as you figure out who these attacks are from.” “It could be nothing, let’s have another.” Alec looked at Adalynn and started tickling her.

“Once you turn down the difficulty setting on my life, then we can.” It was hard to not roll my eyes and smile at the same time.

“you’re so good at multitasking though. I’m sure we can handle it.

Vivian is amazing.” Alec picked Adalynn up and held her against his face so I could see both of them stick their lips out. Alec was pleading and Adalynn was crying.

“I am great a multitasking. Look at me.

I am chilling and not losing my mind right now! Why change that?” “TI know, mommy is no fun.” Alec turned Adalynn around and comforted her.

Laying on my back, I was struggling with the boot. “I can’t decide if I need an XL coffee, snuggles, eight shots of vodka, 842 chicken nuggets or two months of sleep.” “That is quite the list.” Alec laughed at me but he laid down with me on the floor. Adalynn was standing on his stomach. She was using him as a trampoline.

“My mind is an amazing thing.” I couldn’t help but laugh.

“It truly is.” “How many kids do you want? We are getting old.” Tlooked over at him. He was making faces at Adalynn, making her laugh.

“We aren’t old!” “I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m never going to have a midlife crisis because I have fit any and all crisis in this last year.” “You’re not wrong.

That’s why we can have half a dozen kids.” Alec took Adalynn and rolled over so she fell on my stomach. “Get mommy!” Adalynn kept trying to bounce but she was on my tits and that hurt.

“Too bad we didn’t have triplets like Colt and Penny.” Rolling to the side, Adalynn was sandwiched between us as she chewed on her toys.

3/10 “As much as I want more kids, [ am good with some spaces between them.” Adalynn tossed down her toy and started patting her belly. “Is my baby girl hungry?” I asked as I tried to give her a hug but she went to her dad.

“My daddy’s girl.” Alec scooped her up as he stood up in the process.

“Next one needs to be a boy so he wants me, not you.” Alec reached out her hand so I could have some help up. “No kid will ever want you as much as I do.” Alec muttered in my ear as we walked down the stairs.

“Eat’cha heart out.” Looking back, I bit my lip. His eyes went straight there and he had to adjust himself as he put Adalynn in her highchair.

“Just might.” I was bent over, looking in the fridge so it was too easy for him to graze the inside of my thighs.

“Keep that up and Adalynn will have an early bedtime.” “She is six months old, she won’t know” Alec, puthis hands oh my hips as l laid out some fruit and pieces of chicken to cut up.

“Someone is horny.” On purpose, I shoved my ass back into him.

His claws dug into my hips as I purposely twisted my body as I cut up.

The arousal was filling him up as he put his head on my shoulder. His tongue traced down my neck.

Right as my head rolled back, Adalynn started screaming because I was taking too long to get her room. At the same time, the door bell rang. SS “Fucking bullshit.” Alec muttered.

Wanting to make things worse for him, I turned around and put myn arms on hig shoulders, forcing him to Idoklat me. Reaching down, I grabbed his dick.

“What I wouldn’t give to feel you inside me.” Tossing my head back, the door bell rang again.

“Fucking tease.” Alec grabbed my tit and squeezed before he walked off, adjusting himself.

I couldn’t contain my laughter as I put the bananas on Adalynn’s tray.

Hey bro, what’s up.” | “Just wanted to tell you we are leaving | tomorrow at eight. Pack a bag as we might be staying the night. Penny wanted me to give you this dress ig weard M Apparentle Emmy called and said you needed one?” “Well, Emmy knows everything in my closet and if she believes I don’t have a dress for a luna ceremony, I must need one.”

“Good. I didn’t waste a trip over here then.” Colt let the dress down on the table. “I got to go but be at the helicopter pad by 7:45am. I don’t know what is happening but I don’t want to be late.”

“Hey, Ice.” Colt walked in with dress and a sexually frustrated Alec walking behind him.

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