Tattooed Luna by Mrs Smith Chapter 548

Tattooed Luna By Mrs. Smith

Tattooed Luna by Mrs Smith Chapter 548-A knock on my office door interrupted Emmy and I laughing. “It’s open!” I yelled. Colt and Alec were both standing at the doorway as we were wiping the tears of laughter away.

“How’s it going?” I asked as we stepped out since my office was too small for the four of us. Thankfully, the last of my employees left to go on their lunch break so we were alone.

“Just came to check on you. Why are you girls crying?” Colt looked at us like we were crazy.

I shook my head. To an outsider, it would seem stupid. “Do you really want to know what Emmy and I talk about in private?” Putting my food down, I didn’t

miss Alec frowning at the little amount I ate.

“No. I’don’t. I just wanted to checkon { you and see how you were feeling.” Colt checked his watch.

“Sore but I am getting there. I am actually finishing up lunch and then I am going to go home and spend the say with my girl.” Colt looked surprised but smiled.

“Good. Rest will do you some good.” “So they say.” “I got to go. I’ll text you later.” Emmy tossed her food away and started walking out. “See you boys later!” “Thank you for lunch!” I’yelled as she walked out the door. She waved goodbye to let me know she heard me.

“Really, Kristen. How are you?” Colt leaned forward and got closer.

“Wow, full name and everything.” Sighing, I tossed my food away and stood up.

“I’m not going to figure it out in twelve hours. You are going to have to give me some time to figure it out. However, I thought I was fine and didn’t have an issue so I’m still not sure what to say. I’m going to have to do a lot of self reflection and thinking.” I raised my shoulders and dropped them.

“I’m just worried about you.” “1 understand that. I really do but you are acting like I caused yesterday to happen to myself. I didn’t seek outa fight. I was literally driving home and they pushed me over the edge. I was hit from the side and we fell down the hill, landed in the water. I didn’t jump on the ice to break it. I was just keeping us alive until you guys came for me. I’m-a little annoyed that you are acting like I did this to myself. It wasn’t like last time where I asked them to take me so he didn’t kill Alec.” I gave him a look and walked over to make sure the sterilization was going and all the lights were off. Satisfied the shop was good to go, I went back to the boys. “I’m just…. you have been so happy. If this turns out to be something…” Colt shook his head not sure of what to say. “I don’t want to see you go back to how you were before.” “All things considered, I thought held it together nicely.” “you held it together by pushing all your feelings down and ignoring them.

That isn’t healthy.” Colt shot back at me.

“I’m not the same person as I was before. I know it was six months ago but damn, give me some credit. Tam a highly intelligent person.” “That can’t admit when she needs emotional help.” Colt leaned back and whispered.

“you got the heart and I got the brains.” Patting him on the shoulder, I went and grabbed my coat and purse.

“Whatever.” Colt sighed but smiled at me. “Love you.” He said as he grabbed my shoulders.

“I love you too.” I said easily. “See? I can say it now!” Giving him a toldyou-so look, he just rolled his eyes and pulled me into a hug.

Letting me go, he walked to the door.

“Talk to you guys later.” Only after he was gone did Alec say anything. “Your color looks better.” “Does it? I still can’t shake this cold feeling.” I shivered a little and put on my coat.

“I’m all done for the day. I was thinking we could go for a drive before we go home?” I was a little surprised. The roads weren’t the best but I did want the alone time with him. “Sounds good.” Neither of us spoke as he drove us.

After we passed the turn off to Colt’s pack, I had an idea of where we were going. It’s where everything started.

“We had our first date here.” Alec said as he pulled into the empty drive in movie theater.

“We did. You were all pissy when we left. I thought you were mad at me.”!

looked at him andlaughed. Alec pärked the car but let it idle for the heat.

«wasn’t mad at you.” Alec looked out the window but didn’t say anything else.

There was this uncomfortable silence as I tried to get the courage to talk. I knew Alec was waiting because his eyes kept looking at my fidgeting fingers.

“Half of it wasn’t my fault. I didn’t decide to fall into the water, Them wolves attacked me when Twas driving home. I couldn’t help being kidnapped.

“Emmy told me to put myself in your shoes. If I watched you get hurt like | have been, how would I feel.” Alec nodded. “And?” “I understand why you feel that way.” “But?” Alec didn’t try to touch me, just looked out the window.

I know once I told them to take me but they were going to kill you. Fuck, he killed your dad. I’m not going out of my way to get hurt and to m struggling trying to figure out what.

you wanted me to do in those situations. I fought back to stay alive.

The only thing going through my mind during those times was what I needed to do to stay alive till you came for me. It was your face that I kept thinking of to keep me

| motivated to live.”

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