Tattooed Luna by Mrs Smith Chapter 436

Tattooed Luna By Mrs. Smith

Tattooed Luna by Mrs Smith Chapter 436-As the footsteps pasted, my body 3 relaxed. Instant relief flooded me. Not that the danger was over but the key was to take one obstacle at a time. I was relying so heavily on our men that it was a little anxiety ridden.

“Not detected. Hold position.” I heard in my ear. Shifting over, I stayed below the bush but moved more on my legs so I was in a better position if was discovered.

More than once, I just keep telling myself to stay calm. Calm heart, calm of the bush and attack everyone. However, I kept pushing that down and taking things slow. Slow and steady wins the races.

“In ten seconds, reach up and check if the window is unlocked.” | Looking up, the window was only about five feet off the ground.

However, I was still going to have to jump to get over it. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue but I was judging my time frame was incredibly limited.

“Now!” I was ready. Quickly standing up, I barely lifted it and shut it again before going back down under the bush.

“It’s unlocked.” I heard someone say.

“What’s inside that room?” Alec asked.

I couldn’t judge his tone but he sounded calm. “Appears to be a storage room. I can see shelves and boxes.” “So, stuff that can fall and create » . ~~ noise.” Alec summarized with annoyance.

“It’s either that, find another window or walk through the front door.” “There appears to be a cellar door in the back.” Another guy side, unsure.

“No visual inside.” “That’s too risky. There could be prisoners or fuck who knows what.” Alec sighed.

“He has about a fifteen second window to stand up, open the window and close it before the thermal will catch him.” Well fuck me. I couldn’t give him them my input as I kept hearing footsteps walk past me. One small whisper and I am found. Fuck, breathing too loudly and I am found. = “Colt, you are going to have to make a quick judgement call. Open the window and assess what it looks like. If you need to close it and wait for the next window, do so.” Alec was being very direct. He didn’t like this plan but we didn’t have many options.

“Your window is in five….four…three…

two… NOW!” Standing up, my fingers grabbed the frame and pushed up. The way it slid up was easy but my eyes immediately saw a sensor. Slamming it shut, I got low and ran along the castle walls.

“BREECH!” I heard people yell as they ran past me as I continued to run in the opposite direction. “Shit! There was a sensor!” I heard in my ear. £1 “The window! Look around!” The guards shouted. More footsteps filled around me. As I snuck up to the front of the castle, there was a small crawl space under the stairs that led to the front door. As quickly as I could, my body flattened on the earth before snaking in.

Trying to cover my tracks, I pushed my hand back out and smoothed the dirt around. Dust fell on my face as more men ran down the front and began to look around.

“Look in the bushes!” I heard. My breathing wanted to start panting but I kept my body steady. Flattening my body against the wall, I tried to blend in.

“The fuck! Colt! Where are you?” My ear was blowing up but between them and the guards, I couldn’t hear | anything really well. Just catching bits and pieces of it.

“Stairs.” I whispered as I looked around.

“Can you get to the other side of the castle? Most everyone is looking around the window. The door is open if you can slip out on the other side and get inside.

Move quickly as they could see you at any point. No one is guarding the front right now.” Trying not to think, I just moved.

Crawling to the other side, the opening was blocked by a wooden barrier. It was nailed in. If this wasn’t a sign to bail, I wasn’t sure what was but I didn’t have an option at this point. Slowly, I pushed against the wood. Inch by inch, the nails groaned as they came out.

Thankfully, the bushes were full, thick” and completely covered me as I slipped out from the stairs. Pushing the wood back against the stairs, so if anyone looked, it looked normal. “Time.” I whispered as I got ready.

“Hold….hold…hold…. get ready………

Thankfully, it was still completely black out and only the guards had flashlights out. Opening the front door, I tried to make myself as small as possible and slipped in.

“Everything normal. False alarm.” 1 | heard the guard yelled. ) Looking around, the foyer was as what you would expect from a castle.

Massive ceilings that echoed everything. Marble and velvet lined the floors with a huge chandelier. There was a door to my immediate left.

Jumping over, I took a chance and opened it. The only relief I had so far was looking into a broom closet at this point.

Looking at my boots, they were covered in dirt. If I was going to be successful, I needed to get ride of my dirty clothes.

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