Tattooed Luna by Mrs Smith Chapter 174

Tattooed Luna By Mrs. Smith

Tattooed Luna by Mrs Smith Chapter 174-“Oh, those poppers?” “Yes, can we please get some of those?” Alec asked.

“And fried pickles!” Emmy said a little loud. Her face got red as she sat back.

“Of course! I’ll get that in and be right back!” As she walked off, I saw Brittany in the distance.

“Look who it is.” I said and nodded towards the kitchen area. Alec followed my eye.

“I’m surprised she still works here.” Alec frowned.

“Why?” Emmy leaned forward, ready for the gossip.

“Last time we were here, she sat beside Alec and didn’t realize who I was. Started talking a bunch of s hit before I gracefully introduced myself.” I said as I put my other hand on top of the hand that was resting on Alec’s.

“I’m sorry I missed that!” Emmy laughed. I would have loved to have seen that.” “It was great. Though, I was used to people questioning why I was around Alec in the first place.” “For the record, I was always on your side.” Jasper whispered.

“Who’s else side was there?” I asked, confused.

“Angela’s.” “Ah, that’s right. I forgot about her.” I nodded. “Which reminds me, I am sad the bar is closed. I could really go for some dancing.” “Ahh, I can’t drink can I?” Emmy frowned as Ira came back with our drinks.

“Here you all go. Appitizers will be out shortly. Do you know what you want to order?” She looked around.

“What are you going to get?” Alec asked me.

“My ususal. The pu-” “Pulled pork no bun with fried okra?” Ira finished for me.

“You’re good.” I nodded.

“I like to think so.” She smiled and laughed. “For you Mr. Alec?” “I’ll do the brisket with cheesy potatoes and beans.” “Okay, and you for you ma’am?” She looked at Emmy.

“I’ll do the special today.” It was a half slab of ribs with fries.

“Perfect and you sir?” “I’ll do the pork as well but with a bun and cheesy potatoes and beans.” “Awesome. I’ll get that right in for you.” Ira took our menus with her as she walked away.

“I like her.” Emmy said.

“I love her. She is amazing at her job.” “Are you guys still wanting to go swimming this afternoon?” Emmy asked us.

“We can. I wasn’t sure what you guys wanted to do. If you wanted to stay in, that would be okay. I know you got some big news and if you wanted alone time, we understood.” I was giving them an out. Honestly, the pond sounded more fun than the pool.

“We haven’t hung out in forever. I want to go swimming!” Emmy said with enthusiasm.

“Then we will go swimming.” I said. Something about making a pregnant girl happy was satisfying. Alec was slightly annoyed but kept it hidden.

“So, what are you guys plans all week. The only thing I know we have schedule is the school test thursday.” “Well, apparently, I need help with the design of the pool. We got approval for it to be done but I needed to finalize the plans.” Emmy frowned.

“I’ll be happy to help you tomorrow.” I said as our appetizers came out. Emmy instant put a pickle in her mouth. Ira looked alarmed as Emmy had to spit it out because it was hot. She drank half of her tea before she could talk.

“Oh no! Are you okay?” Ira looked at Emmy concerned.

“I’m good and those are hot but so good!” The relief was clear on Ira’s face. “Oh good. Be careful. I brought some ranch for you to dip them in. That should help with the tempature of them.” “Thank you, Ira!” Emmy said with a smile as she started blowing on the pickle.

“Don’t come between a pregnant woman and her food.” I mumbled as I took a pickle and gently ate it. Jasper and Alec worked on the poppers. “These are really good.” Jasper said with a mouthful.

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