Task NO 1 How To Pursue Miss CEO Chapter 738

Task NO 1 How To Pursue Miss CEO Chapter 738-After hanging up the phone, Selena had a splitting headache. Taking a moment to relax, she finally realized that something big had happened—Juniper had been kidnapped. She didn’t know if the other party was grabbing at the right time and opportunity or if it was just a coincidence.

After taking a deep breath, she settled matters at hand, then returned home. No matter what, the other party wanted 50 million, so she still had to prepare the money. When the money was ready, Selena soon received a phone call from the other side once again. Nervously, she answered the other party’s call. “Hello.” “Is the money ready?”

“It’s ready. Where’s my daughter?” “She’s fine! I’m warning you! Don’t call the police and don’t play tricks. I’m a desperate man, so I don’t mind killing another person!”

The other party was still using a voice changer. “Don’t worry! As long as my daughter is well, I will not call the police.” Selena’s hands were all sweaty. “Don’t hurt my daughter, or I won’t let you go either!”

“Hahahaha, I just want money. I’ll send you the address later, so you come alone!”

Then the other party hung up the phone once again. Next, a message came in on Selena’s phone—it was an address. She took a deep breath and ordered someone to load the money into the car. It was already the next morning, and Selena hadn’t slept the whole night.

Joaquin woke up to see a haggard-looking Selena and came over to her. “Mommy, is there something wrong with Juniper? She didn’t come back the whole night.”

Selena stroked Joaquin’s little head, then took him into her arms, “Juniper… She was kidnapped.” Joaquin frowned. “Okay, I will go and bring Juniper back now. You watch over Jamie at home. I’m going out now.”

Selena planted a kiss on Joaquin’s forehead, but Joaquin hurriedly followed her. “I’ll go with you!” “You are still too young. Be good and wait for me at home.”

“Daddy’s not here, so maybe I can help you,” said Joaquin, then he quickly ran upstairs and grabbed his computer to bring with him. Looking at Joaquin’s determined face, Selena nodded her head gratefully. “Okay, I will take you.”

So, Selena took Joaquin on the road, but the other party was very cunning. First, they made her go to a location, and when she arrived, they then told her to change to another place. After running around several places, it was already 3.00 PM. Finally, the other party called once again.

“Exactly how many more places do you want me to go?” This time, Selena was furious. “Hahahaha, don’t you even have that much patience? You still want to save your daughter?”

Joaquin used his computer to connect to Selena’s phone and nodded his head to signal to his mother. “I’m really running out of patience. Tell me where the real location is.”

“Okay, I’ll send you the address right away.” “Wait!” Selena had to buy some time for Joaquin. “I want to hear my daughter’s voice. I want to make sure she’s okay!”

“She’s fine! When we meet, you can naturally see her!” Beep, beep, beep…

The line disconnected. Then, Selena quickly looked at Joaquin. “How about it, Jojo? Can you find out where they are?”

However, Joaquin wrinkled his tiny face. “Sorry, Mommy. The time was too short, and I haven’t found out their location.”

He hated himself for not being able to help his mother; his skills were not that superb yet. “It’s okay. I don’t blame you. The other party is too cunning. Jojo, are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?”

For most of the day, the two of them had been tricked and brought to many places by the other party, so other than a few sips of water, they hadn’t eaten anything.

“I’m not hungry. Let’s go.”

When night finally fell, Selena and Joaquin arrived at the place where the final deal would take place.

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