Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 711

Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 711

Angered to the point where his ears were bloodshot, he became teary-eyed and could not hold off his tears from rolling down eventually.

“Who did this?” North was asking Eugene.

Somewhat guilty, Eugene replied, “It was Penny!”

Frowning, North questioned, “How are you planning on dealing with this?”

Olivia pulled on her son’s hands. “Alright now. Your daddy has already punished her. She just left.”

Not letting the matter go. North looked at Eugene with puffed cheeks. “How badly did you punish her? Was it to the same degree as Mommy’s wounds?” Eugene became guilty as well upon hearing this. Even though she slapped Penny and kicked her, it was nothing compared to what Olivia went through.

Frowning, Olivia tugged on North’s hands once again while calling out to him. “North…”

Penny was Eugene’s sister after all, what else could he have done?

This was basically forcing his hands. Besides, Eugene had already done as much as he could. Since Penny was not the one that injured Olivia, this was enough to teach her a lesson.

Yet, North was not to be persuaded so easily. Seeing that Olivia kept on tugging on him, he angrily redrew his hands and kept his glare on Eugene. “Say it!”

Eugene could only reply, “Not as serious as your mommy.”

This made Olivia feel a migraine coming on. He’s still so young, but why is he so hard to deal with?

Like a puma, North had a tinge of hatred in his gaze. “Why didn’t you hit her more? Is it because she’s your sister, so you were reluctant to do so?”

Eugene had no choice but to respond, “It’s not.”

North rebuked, “Then, find someone to beat her until she gets admitted to hospital. Let her be as wounded as Mommy is!”

Saying that, a drop of tear fell from his face as he wiped the tear stain away.

Nathan, who stayed silent throughout, watched the little guy who was arguing with Eugene in shock, for he admired him very much.

As expected from them, they’d given birth to an extraordinary child. Even when he’s so young, he already knows how to protect his Mommy.

In that little brat’s eyes, his Mommy is number one.

Nobody can hurt her!

Like a little puma, he does not care about anything or anyone on this matter! So what if it’s his father? So what if it’s Eugene Nolan he’s talking to? He still did not concede!

For some reason, he had an urge to see how this would unfold, as he wanted to know who would win in the end-father or son?

Pained, Eugene could not give him an answer. After all, he understood his son’s emotions. It was the same as when he saw Penny. He wanted to rip anyone who hurt Olivia to shreds right there and then.

Walking over, he intended to hug his son and comfort him.

Yet, North took a step back and looked at him like he was an enemy. He was hinting that if Eugene did not take revenge for his mother, he would stop acknowledging him as his father.

“Even though Penny was the mastermind, she did not participate in it. I already punished her earlier, although not as severely as Mommy. As for the person that hit Mommy, I beat him to the point where he can’t stand up anymore. He’s at the police station now.”

However, North rebuked, “If she’s the mastermind, that means that her crimes are even worse! What are you waiting for and not avenging Mommy? Are you waiting for me to do it?”

Eugene closed in and persuaded him, “You don’t have to be in such a hurry, North. I’m as hurt as you are over Mommy. I will take revenge for her. So, how about we hand Penny over to the police?”

Finally, North glared at Eugene as an indication to let him off the hook for now. Then, he turned to face Olivia and held her hands.

“Does it hurt, Mommy?”

Feeling a pang in her heart, she reached out and gently touched his face. “No, it doesn’t. You don’t have to be so worried anymore.

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