Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 651

Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 651

Hayden had arrived. Since he knew Nicole would come, he kept staring at the entrance, and when he finally saw her, he waved his hand. “Here.” Nicole sat down across from him, smiling. Hayden looked at her curiously. “You look happy.”

Nicole smiled gently. “Really?” Hayden said, “Yeah. You sounded like you were dead when I called you.”. Nicole smiled. “My aunt’s sick, but now her son found Skye. That’s why.”

Hayden was shocked. “He found Skye? Is he sure? This might be a scam.” Nicole said, “No idea. I’ll be going tomorrow. If I can see him, I can ask him to treat Eugene’s grandfather.”

Hayden paused for a moment. “But I thought he’s healed. I went to see him, and he’s in the pink of health. Not even sick at all.” “He has to be checked. We don’t know if Olivia’s really skilled. What if it’s just temporary?”

Hayden got a bit angry hearing her talk about Eugene so many times. “Olivia is Eugene’s girlfriend. She can’t have made a mistake: Didn’t you see the statement?”

Nicole realized that she might have brought Eugene up too much, so she smiled gently. “I did. I was just saying, that’s all. It’s not every day you get to see Skye.” Hayden said, “True. He’s a genius doctor. Hel must have some skills.”

He called the waiter over. “What do you want?” “Anything. Just order away. He ordered the food they usually had and tried to get some booze, but Nicole stopped him. “Hold the alcohol off. I promised Mom I would go back in a bit. I have to see my aunt tomorrow.”

Hayden handed the menu to the waiter. “Fine. We’ll hold off the alcohol tonight.” The food was served quickly, and Hayden kept filling Nicole’s bowl with food. She was used to his service, so she took it for granted. “Eugene’s busy lately, and even Alex is being. really secretive. What are they doing?”

“I think he found Jean.” “Jean is back?” “Yes, but I think she lost her memories. She doesn’t even know him anymore.” Nicole popped a piece of meat into her mouth. “They’re going through some tough spots.”

Hayden answered, “Same goes for Eugene and Olivia. They wasted seven years.” He smiled and said on purpose, “Never thought she’d be the woman Eugene was looking for. Fate is a funny thing.”

Nicole lost her mood. Yeah. So what if I can get close to him? He already has someone he loves. Unless she disappears, he would never even look at me. But how can I make her disappear? When she wasn’t around, Eugene would look at me, even if it was just for a moment. But now he blocks me out entirely. He even stays away from me too. Why can’t a man like him be mine? She took a deep breath and put her cutlery down.

Hayden wanted her to wake up and smell the coffee, so he added, “I also heard that Eugene’s grandfather gave Olivia ten percent of the company’s shares.”

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