Standing Before Love Chapter 238

Standing Before Love Chapter 238-On the surface, he sounds like he is asking me a question, but there is a hint of certainty in his words.

Inside the backlit office, the sunlight shone on Tony’s back and bathed his whole body with the golden light. It was clearly a warm color, but at that moment, his expression was a little chilly.

“Would you be happy if Myra and I argued?” He pressed his thin lips while speaking in an icy cold tone.

“Why would I be happy? I’m your grandpa. Of course I’m hoping for the best for both of you!” Sebastian’s tone was particularly exaggerated, making Tony feel a little upset after thinking about what happened last night.

As he leaned against the armchair, he threw his pen aside with one hand and took out a cigarette before lighting it up. Beside him, there was an ashtray with a dozen cigarette butts which he smoked this morning.

“Don’t tell me that… you actually got into an argument with Myra last night?” Sebastian wasn’t able to hold back the tiny excitement in his voice.

Tony smiled coldly as he stuck a cigarette between his thin lips before roughly loosening his tie. As his gaze landed on the dark red tie and the light blue shirt that he specifically wore today, his mood improved a little, but his words were still filled with sarcasm. “I’m afraid that you’ll be disappointed.”

“Oh…” Obviously, Sebastian was disappointed that he couldn’t fiddle with his grandson. I can’t believe Myra is now fully in my grandson’s grasp. She doesn’t even quarrel with him after meeting her rival in love. This is so boring!

Yesterday, the girl from the Walton Family came to see him, asking about Tony’s recent address. Of course, he knew about it and seeing that the girl refused to leave without an answer, he told her right away.

Besides, he knew about his grandson’s temperament, so he was certain that he could protect Myra while also getting rid of the girl once and for all. Initially, he thought that there would be some drama, but in the end, nothing happened.

“Grandpa, is the Walton Family recently transferring their assets to… Bradfort City?”

Just when Sebastian felt a little pity, Tony’s deep voice was suddenly heard on the other side, but this time, it sounded slightly more serious.

Sebastian raised his brows and spoke in a casual tone, “You finally realize it too.”

Tony furrowed his narrow brows slightly.

Ever since he was preparing to transfer the Hartwell Group to the country and merge it with the Hart Group, he actually noticed the Walton Group taking action. However, at that time, the Walton’s Group’s finances weren’t running smoothly, so he didn’t put much thought into it. He didn’t feel that something was happening, but Shawn sent a message to him earlier that the Walton Group had applied for the Central Square project in Bradfort City, which was the city council’s final project for this year. Even though it wasn’t a huge project, not many companies would be able to apply for it because it was valued highly by the government. What is the Walton Group trying to do?

“Yesterday, Old Master Walton made a long-distance call to greet me,” Sebastian uttered casually. “Can you guess what he said?”

“He is probably asking you for a marriage,” Tony sneered.

“You are right. He said that his granddaughter is in love with you. Since the two of you have been together for so long, why don’t we move on with marriage?” Sebastian said gleefully.

“In his dreams.” Tony took a mouthful of smoke and squinted his eyes before blowing all the smoke. “The Walton Family isn’t what they seem to be and this is why I decided to split the Hartwell Group. Grandpa, you should be more careful from now on and stop answering these bullsh*t calls. If you get yourself in trouble, nobody will be able to clean your *ss.”

“Tony, does Myra know how rude you are with your words?!” Sebastian furrowed his brows instinctively.

“What does that have to do with you?” Tony asked.

Instantly, Sebastian was rendered speechless as he grunted. After a while, he couldn’t help but ask, “Your grandma wants to know when the two of you are getting married. Don’t tell me that you plan on getting married after impregnating Myra?”

For a moment, Tony was startled.

As for the marriage, he felt that the sooner the better, but he had an agreement with Conan and given the sudden appearance of the Walton Group…

“It’ll happen soon.” Tony extinguished his cigarette and pressed his thin lips. “If you want to look into our wedding, but you don’t know what Myra likes, you can try calling her.”

“What do you mean if I want to look into your wedding?” The moment Sebastian heard Tony’s words, he almost jumped up immediately as he refuted, but in his heart, he was feeling something else. It has been too boring for me lately. In fact… I do want to know what kind of weddings Myra likes… Cough…

“If you don’t want to, then don’t call her.” With that, Tony hung up the phone straight away.

Listening to the ‘beep’ sound on the other end, Sebastian was infuriated! This b*stard grandson! Why is he always this impatient toward me?

“No worries. I have Myra’s Facebook account, so I can just ask her on Facebook. I don’t even need to call her.” Sebastian stroked his beard and hummed before looking for his old partner.

After hanging up the phone, Tony grabbed his suit immediately and walked out of his office.

As soon as he went out, he happened to meet Leo, who was coming in.

Upon seeing Tony, who obviously looked different today, Leo quickly smiled. “Director Hart, this shirt really suits you.”

Tony raised his brows as his mood clearly improved a little. “I have something to attend to this afternoon, but the meeting this evening remains the same.”

“Alright.” Leo nodded while watching his boss going out to look for his wife.

After coming back from the washroom, Myra calmed down a lot.

However, her discussion with the Parker Group about the project was still in a stalemate.

The Parker Group was much larger than the Stark Group, so when they discussed the project, the former always tried to put themselves on a higher ground compared to the latter.

Upon noticing that Myra was back, Tilly gave her a resigned look.

There were five people on both sides of the companies and they had been discussing for almost two hours from 11:00AM. However, the Parker Group refused to back down from the conditions they offered, especially the manager of the Project Department of the Parker Group who was a shrewd old man. Whatever benefits that didn’t reach his standard, he would not listen to it one bit, no matter how beneficial it would be to them in the future.

As Myra furrowed her brows, someone knocked on the door of the private room right at this moment, so she shouted, “Come in.”

The door was opened from the outside again and a dashing man in a leather suit showed up at the door.

The room was a little noisy because everyone was quietly discussing the project, so not many people noticed the man who entered the door since they thought he was just a waiter.

As soon as the manager in the Project Department of the Parker Group noticed the man, he immediately squinted his eyes, but he seemed to remember who the person was. Instantly, his expression changed slightly as he quickly stood up with a smile on his face before walking toward the door. “Director Hart… Welcome. I’m sorry that I couldn’t welcome you personally just now. Please come in!”

The name ‘Hart’ was quite sensitive in Bradfort City, especially when the manager politely shouted the name ‘Director Hart’, which meant that it could only be one person.

Suddenly, everyone in the room followed the manager’s eyes and saw the emotionless man standing tall at the door with a cold expression. His dashing face had traces of fierceness that accentuated his imposing aura, which made everyone afraid of ignoring his presence.

His gaze scanned through the private room and landed on someone. After nodding his head faintly toward the manager, the man walked straight toward the person.

Mr. Smith’s face was filled with shock as he looked at the direction where Tony was walking toward. That is the seat of that inexperienced little girl—the general manager of the Stark Group!

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