Spoiled by mr. russell chapter 1690 by Luminous Night

Spoiled by mr. russell chapter 1690 – Then Elijah’s tone became harsh as his eyes filled with hatred.

“If we have to blame someone, we’ll blame those who injected Austin with the virus! Who are these people?! What virus did they inject you with?!”

“It’s…the people from the old research institute,”

Austin said softly, “Besides some underground employees, the only one I know is Rhea Moore, and…”

Mike’s face flashed across Austin’s mind.

He thought about it momentarily but did not know why he did not say Mike’s name.

He felt conflicted about Mike.

Austin did not know what kind of person Mike was.

Although Mike had hurt him, he had also saved him.

Austin wanted to know what Mike’s real purpose was.


Elijah urged.

He only wanted to arrest the people who hurt his son and torture them to vent his anger.

“T don’t know.”

Austin shook his head slowly and frowned.

“I suspect a more threatening power behind her, but I’ve never seen that person.

They set up the research institute as a cover.

The real purpose is to study viruses that would harm humankind.

“They’re developing drugs to poison people unknowingly so they can control them! They’re a dangerous group of people.

You must call the police!”

“Don’t worry.

We will call the police and avenge you!”

Elijah was shocked by what he heard.

He did not expect there to be such a lawless organization.

“I knew the people in the research institute weren’t good people.

The last time I went to find you, they pretended not to know about you.

That woman…”

“Rhea Moore!”

Michelle chimed in, remembering clearly.

“Yes, Rhea Moore! That name sounds familiar.”

Elijah paused, feeling as if he had heard it somewhere.

“Did you forget? The vaccine development project got re- tendered a few days ago, and there was a lot of buzz around it.

The daughter of Fabian Moore won the bid, and her name is Rhea Moore,”

Michelle reminded.

Elijah nodded repeatedly.

“Yes, that’s it! How do you know all this? With a snort, she explained, “Mrs.Moore flaunts her precious daughter all day.

I couldn’t avoid hearing about her even if I wanted to.

I didn’t expect her to be the culprit! Austin, you just wait.

I’ll look for her!”

“Come back!”

Elijah pulled his wife, seeing that she had stood up abruptly.

“Won’t this startle the snake?! Why are you so rash with your actions?!”

“So what should we do? I’m going to call the police now and have her arrested!”

Michelle was furious.

All her sadness and sorrow had now turned into rage.

She would tear Rhea apart if she were there right now.

“Of course, we’ll put her behind bars, but we must also ensure she can’t escape! Since Austin has escaped, they must be on high alert.

What if she has already gone into hiding?”

Elijah was surprisingly calm at this time as his mind began to spin.

“T’ll ask someone to keep an eye on the Moore family.

They’re more complex than they seem, especially since Secretary Collins is part of their family.

We shouldn’t act so recklessly! Also, the research institute has been emptied.

“We have no idea where all these people went.

They must be in hiding!”

Elijah stood up and walked outside as he continued, “Dad, I’m going to make a few phone calls.

You should rest here.”


Michelle’s eyes darted back and forth before saying, “Austin, you wait here.

Mom and Dad will help you get your revenge!”

After saying that, she turned around and chased after her husband.

At this moment, only the two older men and a tied-up Austin remained in the room.

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