Spoiled by mr. russell chapter 1657 by Luminous Night

Spoiled by mr. russell chapter 1657-Waking up from the nightmare, he opened his eyes and looked numbly at the ceiling.He was used to this.

Day and night.

It was the same thing over and over again.He could no longer tell whether he was asleep or awake.

Maybe he was living his nightmare.

After all, if he was asleep and knew that he was dreaming, he still had hopes of waking up.

However, even when he opened his eyes, he was still stuck in an endless loop of torture.He still remembered what Mike had said.

Mike’s words replayed in his head repeatedly, but he still wasn’t sure if he should believe Mike.

After two days, there was no sign of her leaving.

Was he getting played again? However, what good would that do for someone like Mike? Was it another cat-and-mouse game? Just as he was starting to get lost in his thoughts, there was the sound of the door opening.

This time, unlike most others, it was accompanied by the sharp sound of high heels.

Although his face was numb, he could still move his eyes.

This woman’s voice was the most terrifying.


The woman’s voice was clear and melodious, but to Austin, it sounded like a voice from hell.

Austin did not answer.

“What? Did the medicine deafen your ears, or have your nerves been so paralyzed that you can’t even understand human speech?” Rhea asked mockingly as she stared coldly at the motionless man.

Austin remained quiet.

“Tie him up and take him away!”

Rhea ordered the nearby people away and turned away.

His ears twitched.

This was the only sentence that gave him a reaction.

His heart began to race.

‘Take me away? Take me away! Is it what I think it is? Was Mike telling the truth? Are they really transferring me to another location? Does that mean I have a chance?!’

Although he could not stop his beating heart, he tried his best not to let his face betray him.He would rather die than live here.

Regardless of how many times he wished he had died, he still survived.

Seeing that he survived, he must escape.He could not just die like this and would not allow his life to be ruined.His parents must be waiting for him, and he wanted to escape.He wanted to lock these people up and ensure they got what they deserved.He wanted to seek revenge.

Austin felt himself being pulled up like a rag doll.

He remained motionless as he allowed the group of people to bind him, dragging him back and forth.He stared ahead blankly as if he couldn’t see anything.

Rhea watched them before slowly walking to Austin.

“Dr.Fike?” Austin still ignored her.

Suddenly, her lips curled up, and she broke into laughter.

“Actually, you should thank me! After all, I’m giving you a chance to become a real miracle doctor!”

Rhea noticed that his eyelids fluttered even though he did not move or speak.It was obvious he could hear her.

Rhea found this interesting.

Even those who were controlled by drugs could still feel emotions.

Humans were complex.

It was hard to understand spirits and willpower.

Even after so many experiments, each result was different.

The final effects of the medicine were also different for each individual.

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