Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 858

Chapter 858

Alexander put his hand over Lily’s shoulder and said thoughtfully, “If you find it annoying, I’ll block all this nonsense.” He could help her solve these things, but she insisted on settling them herself. Had it not been for her insistence, he would not have known that his wife was this resourceful.

“I have gotten this far and won’t back down!” Lily shook her head and stood straight. “I think it’s time I get another mobile phone number.” She could not tum her phone off as she might have missed important information. However, the constant calls were annoying. Therefore, she should have two numbers instead.

“This is not a problem. I’ll let someone prepare it right away,” Alexander said, walking out of the kitchen with Lily. He looked at the cell phone that had stopped ringing and could not help asking, “There’s something I don’t quite understand.”

“What is it?” Lily responded softly. She poured two cups of warm water and handed him a cup.

“Is it true that Mr. Adler lost his sense of smell?”

To be honest, he was also shocked when he first heard the news. If the one who released the news were not Lily, he would have thought it was nonsense or likely slander. He still could not help but ask, even though he had complete confidence in her.

Lily’s hand holding the cup froze, and she nodded in reply.

“When did you learn about that?” If this matter was factual, Alexander could only praise Lily as she was truly amazing.

Lawrence was one of the top people in the perfume industry and was very respectable. Many current perfumers were his students, which had recruited their own students. Therefore, Lawrence had many students and disciples. Even so, none noticed he had lost his sense of smell.

There was also no news about this in Alexander’s intelligence network. He might not have focused and paid attention to this aspect, but it was still impossible to hide such a significant matter. So, how did Lily know about such a deep-hidden secret?

“I was only feeling skeptical at first.” Lily said casually and sipped her warm water, “I watched many perfume-related videos before, including documentaries, competitions, events, and others. It began with me being curious, but whenever I saw Mr. Adler participating in an event, he was always the last to comment and express his opinion. He only said a few words and didn’t talk much.”

Alexander thought of what Lily said and replied, “It seems so, but I don’t see what’s wrong with that. He’s an authoritative and well-known person, after all. There is nothing wrong with him being the last person to talk.”

“Yes, I thought so too. However, Mr. Adler was not like this in the older videos. Mr. Adler is a rigorous and stubborn person. He would scold the perfumers severely whenever he encountered work he thought was not good.

“He even scolded newcomers until they cried. Mr. Adler’s comments later, to be exact in recent years, became much fewer, and his occasional comments were not as harsh as before. Most of it was repeating the previous person’s comments, with him adding a few words.

‘The activities he participated in have also decreased significantly. He only went to some important ones that he couldn’t reject. However, he no longer expressed any constructive opinions,” Lily said emotionally.

She would not have exposed this matter if the Perfumers’ Society had not forced her into a corner. It was likely that it had been some time since Lawrence had lost his sense of smell.

He should have long retired, as he had lost the most vital thing to a perfumer. He had concealed the truth to stay in an important position.

However, exposing this matter also had its benefits. Lawrence would only mislead the younger generation by irresponsibly instructing them, but why bother?

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