Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 700

Chapter 700

Rose, Alexander’s secretary, was growing impatient as she waited.Her boss remained calm, but she could not help asking, “Mr.Russell, why don’t I call Lily and ask about her current location?”

It should be easy for the company to look up the employee’s phone number.She would happily be the villain if her boss were unwilling to urge Lily.

Alexander replied calmly, “No need.Go outside to deal with it first.She’ll be here soon.”

Alexander had already made his point, so there was no use in her rushing.

While her superior seemed calm under pressure, she was anxious despite only being a subordinate.

Rose bit her lip, turned, and left.

Alexander finally pulled out his phone and looked at it, his eyes darkening.

When they parted ways, she claimed she needed time to gather “evidence.”She added that it could take some time and she could be late, but she would be there eventually.

Certainly, she would provide the press and the company with a satisfactory explanation.He trusted her and knew that if he had not heard from her, it must be because she wasn’t ready.

Therefore it was pointless to urge her.

Time passed, and when the clock’s hand pointed to 6.55 p.m., indicating it would start in five minutes, his cell phone finally rang.

“Hello?” He answered the phone immediately.

“Alex, I’m stuck in traffic right now.We’re rushing over but might be late.Could you ask one of the company’s employees to stall for some time? I-I’m sorry!” She apologized.

Lily had allocated sufficient time and rushed to meet it, but she had not considered she would be stuck in the evening rush hour.

The time was approaching 7 p.m., and she was going to be late.

“Don’t worry about the situation here.Don’t rush, and take your time.Where’s the traffic jam? Do you want me to pick you up?”

He asked in a soft voice.

Lily quickly replied, “No need.I’m stuck here, and if you came, we’d be stuck at both ends.Just wait for me there and I’ll be there soon.Don’t you worry.I’m with Liv right now.”

Alexander was relieved when he heard her say someone else was with her.He unclenched his fingers and said, “Okay.The company’s staff will deal with the matters here.Take your time and call if there is anything.”

Lily felt more at ease after the call.She still needed to explain her reason for being late.

Otherwise, the people there would be anxious.

“Wow…” Olivia looked at her with glittering eyes.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Lily moved away from her for fear of being infected by an id*ot.

“Mr.Russell is so gentle! I never thought of it!”

She recalled the rumors others said about him and her biased view of Mr.Russell in the past.It was a big contrast compared to the voice she heard during the phone call earlier.

Is the caller just now Mr.Russell, the president of La Beauté Group and the man who could cause an earthquake at Brown City by simply stomping his legs? That voice was gentle and thoughtful.It could simply melt one’s heart.

He even said, “Don’t worry, don’t rush, and take your time.Do you want me to pick you up?”

Oh no.

It’s so enviable! Lily looked at her, lost for words, and said, “This was not the first day you knew him, right? “It’s not the first day I knew him, but to be precise, I don’t know him well either! Moreover, his gentleness is only for you.It’s not like someone…”

Olivia immediately stopped her words when she realized what she had said.

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