Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 444

Chapter 444

“That‘s right. I‘ll miss you.” Lily was not shy. She boldly put both arms around his neck and said, “What if you miss me?”

“No matter what, there‘s always a solution,” he laughed lightly, then bent forward to peck her on the lips. “Look in your room.”

It was the room she always had at the Lodge family residence. Lily pushed the door open and was instantly touched.

Her room was maintained the way she had left it. The things inside were untouched, but the room was clean. It was obvious that the room was cleaned frequently while the items were undisturbed.

The only difference was that the beddings were new. They seemed to have been dried under the sun and looked very comfortable.

However, there was no heater in the house. Alexander noticed that there was no air–conditioning either. The space felt stuffy.

“There‘s no air–conditioning in the room?” He walked another round to ensure that he had not missed something. True enough, there was no cooling system. When he said this, Lily remembered, “I forgot to tell you that the Lodge home has no air–conditioning or heater. You‘ll have to endure it through the night.”

“There‘s really no air–conditioning?”

He found this hard to believe. It was the age of technology. Even ordinary households had to air–condition, so what more a family like the Lodges? Of course, the reason the Lodge family didn‘t have air–conditioning was not that they couldn‘t afford it but because they were not keen on it.

“You know there‘s a rumor that the Lodge family is an old kickboxing family. Everybody in the family participates in it.” Lily sat on the bed as it was more comfortable.

Alexander nodded. “I‘ve heard that rumor.”

“The rumor is true,” she said faintly as she turned to him,” Since young, I was forced to practice kickboxing. As a child of the Lodge family, practicing it is like eating or sleeping. Whether you like it or not, it‘s something you must do. Grandpa‘s belief that we must suffer, go hungry, and endure the cold may be tied to training. To live up to the expectation, the Lodge family home does not have air–conditioning or heaters.”

“It‘s freezing during the winter and blazing hot during the summer. These are all natural. Grandpa says that we must be able to acclimatize to the weather and not get spoilt.” Her expression looked innocent. “So…”

“That‘s why there is no air–conditioning, and even the interior design is simple?” No wonder when he stepped into the house, he thought that the place was… too basic.

There were basic furniture and electronics but no luxuriously decorated spaces. The Lodge residence was no comparison for even the most minimalist of designs. “Now you understand how I felt the first time I saw your house?” Lily said, half joking.

Although the Lodge family was a big family, they had a different culture. They were the most frugal. Therefore she thought that Alexander‘s mansion was overly luxurious.

The Lodge family covered a large area, but not much was in it. On the other hand, Alexander‘s mansion was renovated to be highly luxurious. The contents were of the latest technology. Although he was the only one living there, there was nothing down–to–earth in the house.

“Correction. It‘s our house,” he said as he placed a finger on her lips. “Right.” Lily smiled and stretched her waist before lying down. In her opinion, it was better now. “At least now, I don‘t have to wake up early every day to run, not risk getting attacked at night.” !

In the past, she had to wake up at dawn every day to run. At night, she might get ambushed by an aggressor. According to her grandfather, practicing martial arts meant always being on guard. Still… what a pain to be on guard even when she was sleeping at home!

Alexander was speechless. That was ridiculous! He laid down next to Lily, looked at the ceiling, and said, “I have a bad feeling about something, though.”

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