Son In Law Madness Chapter 109

Son In Law Madness Chapter 109

Land Reclamation

She trusted her deduction. No matter how she looked at it, Southwood E-commerce District covered an area of five hundred and thirty-thousand square meters. How could it become a logistics distribution center? Something big is definitely happening.

Everyone burst out laughing. Nigel’s cousin laughed the loudest, and she was trembling all over in amusement. Even Nigel was smiling and shaking his head.

“This is the biggest joke I’ve heard. When are you going to give up?” Sylvia’s face was filled with mockery. “I promise you that if Pollerton reclaims the land in three years, I’ll personally give you an apology!”

At present, there had not been a public announcement on the official website. That would mean that even if the reclamation would happen, it would only occur three years later after all the standard procedures were carried out.

Sylvia knew that she would win either way.

Jennifer did not say a word. She turned toward the door. However, she suddenly stopped in her tracks.

The man who had gifted her the dress and necklace, Kingsley, had arrived.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Kingsley. Nigel widened his eyes in shock.

Kingsley had changed his attire and was wearing a navy-blue suit. He looked handsome and cold, and he had a tall and slender figure. His demeanor made him unapproachable and intimidating.

The reason Nigel was shocked was that he saw the pattern of the Azure Wyvern embroidered on Kingsley’s suit.

Plus, he was wearing a medallion that was in the shape of a wyvern on his chest.

Nigel recognized it to be the emblem of the Horizon Group.

The calm expression on Sylvia’s face was replaced by utter shock.

“I am Kingsley from Horizon Group,” said Kingsley indifferently. There was a murderous look in his eyes.

Donald had warned him not to let Jennifer suffer the tiniest bit of grievance. However, Jennifer was utterly humiliated when he had only left to handle a minor issue.

If Lord Campbell finds out what happened, I would be killed!

Conner dared not offend him. He stood up from his wheelchair immediately, his face red with excitement. “General Felton, what brings you here?”

Sylvia wore a tense expression and stood to the side, too afraid to speak.

Nigel looked directly at Kingsley. He’s only in his mid-twenties, yet he’s already one of the people in charge of Horizon Group!

Everyone else looked at Kingsley in shock as well.

So he’s the legendary Kingsley Felton from Horizon Group?

Jennifer had heard about the Horizon Group as well. It was a top international conglomerate with such formidable power that no one dared to mess with.

Moreover, rumors stated that the leader of Horizon Group, who was known as “Lord Campbell,” was from Quadfield.

The room was filled with silence as everyone felt fearful.

Kingsley did not even bother to greet the Wilson family. He looked at Conner and said, “I came here on Lord Campbell’s order to inform the Wilson family about an important matter.”

Conner’s hands trembled in excitement.

It’s such an honor to have Lord Campbell’s attention!

“Please do tell us,” Conner replied excitedly.

Kingsley enunciated, “Thirty square kilometers of the Pollerton sea area will be reclaimed soon. We advise the Wilson family not to pull any tricks to disrupt the operation.”

Everyone was flabbergasted as they turned to look at Jennifer in disbelief.

Jennifer’s eyes widened in shock as well.

What’s going on? She was actually right!

Nigel’s heart pounded, and his throat felt dry.

Is this really happening?

“How could this be?” Sylvia’s face immediately turned pale.

Shannon said, “I didn’t hear about this at all.”

Kingsley looked at the two of them disdainfully. “Do you think you have the privilege of knowing what Lord Campbell is planning to do?”

Shannon shuddered and finally came to a realization.

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