Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 195

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 195

Janet was dumbfounded. What the h*ll? It still requires a password? Why is this so troublesome? I bet it’s because the leader of Black Rain is afraid that people would take revenge because of his cruel methods.

Meanwhile at Lowry’s Family Conglomerate, their hacker received a notification: ‘Someone is trying to hack into the Black Rain system. Please strengthen defense.’ Seeing this, he quickly clicked into the Black Rain system and added a few more layers of firewalls. However, no matter how hard he tried, he kept receiving warning notifications. The hacker immediately put down his work at hand and told Sean about it. As soon as Sean received the news, he hurriedly reported it to Young Master Mason.

Sean pushed the door open, entering the room and said anxiously, “Young Master Mason, someone is trying to hack into Black Rain’s system. There’s only one last password layer left. What should we do?” As the man sitting on the leather chair heard this, he frowned and asked, “We’re being hacked? Can’t our hackers deal with it?” Wiping off the cold sweat on his forehead, Sean replied, “They tried, but the opponent is too strong.”

Hearing this, Mason frowned in frustration. Which b*stard dares to hack into my system? If I find out who it is, I’ll make sure he’ll regret it for the rest of his life. He turned on his computer and entered Black Rain’s firewall system. Surprised, Sean asked, “Young Master Mason, are you going to deal with it personally?” “Yes,” Mason replied coldly. If I don’t do anything, our secrets will be exposed.

At the other end, just as Janet was about to decipher the password, another account entered the system and pushed her ID out. Who is this? I’ve been hacking systems for so many years and this has never happened before. It seems like things are getting interesting.

Looking at the grin on Janet’s face, The Beasts knew that she was about to get serious. However, amateurs like them couldn’t even hope to understand what they were looking at. Luke asked in concern, “Boss, are you dealing with an expert?”

Janet only smirked. “No. My opponent is an expert among experts.”

At that moment in Lowry Family’s Conglomerate, Sean felt dizzy just by staring at the codes on Mason’s computer. People who can understand these things definitely have an IQ over 250. After watching Young Master Mason, I’m positive that his IQ is definitely over 250. In the several years that Sean had been working alongside Mason, he had never seen him look so serious before.

“Young Master Mason, is the opponent an expert?” Sean asked carefully. “No!” Mason smiled deviously and replied, “The opponent is an expert among experts.”

There were very few top hackers in the world and it was the first time he had encountered such a strong opponent. No doubt that this person is definitely shrewd and experienced.

Half an hour later, the battle between the two was still ongoing. Mason kept strengthening the defense system while Janet continued to hack into it. Since her books were detained, she was desperate to find out who the leader of Black Rain was. However, it was at that moment that she realized she had underestimated him.

Janet’s hands were starting to cramp and she thought, Well then, since I can’t hack into the system, I’ll give them a hard blow at the end. If I can’t break through and go through their information, at least I have to set a trap. I simply cannot let all my efforts be in vain. With that, her fingers tapped on the last key and she smiled. “It’s over.”

On the other side, Mason frowned in anger as he looked at the system that the opponent had crashed. It took a lot of time and effort to build a system for Black Rain but it ended up being easily destroyed by his opponent. Gritting his teeth, he saw red and his eyes looked bloodthirsty. If I catch this hacker, I’ll definitely skin this person alive. Looking at the eerie and terrifying look on Mason’s face, Sean asked worriedly, “Young Master Mason, what happened?”

Mason stood up and his expression turned sullen. “The opponent crashed Black Rain’s system.”

The simple sentence managed to make Sean fall to the ground in shock. “T-The opponent crashed the system?”

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